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Chapter I

"Can what be true Rhett?" Scarlett said, looking up at him through her thick, black lashes.

"You've grown a heart, a real woman's heart." Rhett said as he walked over to her.

"I have Rhett, I know I have."

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that." Rhett lifted her hands in his and kissed the tops of them before turning them over and kissing small aria a skin showing on the inside of her wrist that was showing between the button and the rest of the soft, tan, kid skin leather of her gloves.

Scarlett was glad that she had decided to borrow Aunt Pitty Pat's gloves; If Rhett were to see the condition her hands were in right now he would surly know that she were lying. Then she would never get the money to save Tara. And that was something she would never even consider happening.

"Too long." Scarlett said as she looked up into his face with an open expression on her face.

"It was worth it if you really mean what your saying. Do you really care or me Scarlett? Have you truly given up on the wooden headed Mr. Wilkes?"

Scarlett wanted to defend her precious Ashley but she knew that now was not the time; not if she wanted the three hundred dollars to save her home.

"Who, Ashley? Oh, he was just a passing fancy, I don't know what I was thinking when I said I loved him. It was just some childish crush really." Scarlett said looking from Rhett's face, to her hands in his, and back to his face again.

"Oh Scarlett," Rhett whispered into her ear. He gently kissed her on the crown of her head, then her forehead, her cheek, and finally her mouth. The kiss was gentle and soft; before she knew what she was doing Scarlett had wrapped her arms around his neck. His arms where around her tiny waist, pulling her closer to him as the kiss deepened.

Then Rhett pulled back, ending the kiss. "I promise you Scarlett, I'll get out of here. I won't let them hang me. Not now, when I have something to live for. Someone waiting for me to get out. You will wait for me to escape this "horse jail" as you call it, won't you?" Rhett said, lifting her chin from his chest with his finger.

"Of course I will Rhett. You don't think they will hold you much longer do you?" Scarlett said, bringing her mind off the kiss that he had just ended. The kiss that had evoked emotions in here that she didn't know existed. Charles had never made her feel that way before. But then she had never loved Charles. Never even thought about loving him. But Ashley didn't make her feel this way either. No one had for that matter. What was it about Rhett's kiss that had been different from the others?

"I doubt they will hold me more than a couple weeks at the most. But I might be able to let me out a bit sooner if I had a reason to. I don't suppose you would like to be that reason would you, Scarlett?"

"Why Rhett, I don't know what you mean."

"I mean will you marry me? Once I'm out of the confines of this cell anyway."

"I thought you said you weren't a marrying man, Rhett?" Scarlett said coyly.

"I did say that didn't I? But since then I find that I have changed my mind. For the right woman anyway. You see Scarlett, I love you."

"You love me?! Since when have you loved me. You never said anything about it before."

"That's not true my pet, I told you that night on the road to Tara that I loved you, but I guess you were too mad at me for leaving you there to hear that part. All you heard was that I was leaving you to join the Army."

"You did say that didn't you? Silly me, I guess I forgot." Giggled Scarlett.

"So, what do you say Scarlett? Will you marry me?"

"Why, yes Rhett, I will. Only,"

"Only? You mean there is a condition to you marrying me Scarlett?"

"No, not really. I was just going to ask if you might could get out of jail soon. I don't want to wait too long for us to get married."

"Eager for marriage again my dear?" Rhett chuckled.

"Oh, Rhett." Scarlett blushed to the roots of her dark brown hair at what he was insinuating.

"No fear love, I will be out of here soon." Rhett laughed at her blush. "Then you will have my name, my millions, and me, in no time at all. We can be married immediately after I'm released if you so wish."

"Oh Rhett, how wonderful." Scarlett exclaimed. "I'll go home right away and tell Melly, she will want to be there you know. She says that she can never repay her for what you did for her and Beau the night Sherman burned Atlanta."

"You tell her that if she gives us her blessing it will be enough payment for me and then some."

"She won't except that as payment, but I will tell her anyway. I have to go now if I want to catch the afternoon train back to Jonesburo so that I can be home tonight."

"Good bye Scarlett. I will send you a telegram as soon as they let me out." He gently kissed her on the forehead and then on the lips before escorting her to the door. "Goodbye Scarlett. I will see you in a few weeks time at the longest."

"Goodbye Rhett, let me know the moment they let you out." she said, forcing tears to form in her emerald green eyes.

Could it be true? Could Scarlett really love him? Rhett thought to himself after she had left. If that were the case than he would have to get out of here; and preferably without a rope around his neck; soon. It was almost unthinkable that she cared about him. What had made her change her mind about Ashley? Was it his kiss on the road to Rough and Ready almost a year ago? Whatever it was, it sure and changed things for him. He would finally have her. After almost six years of loving her, she would be his in just a few short weeks. He could hardly wait.

Scarlett thought about what had just happened. Had Rhett really asked her to marry him? Surely she was dreaming. That just couldn't be possible. He had told her years ago that he wasn't a marrying man. But hadn't he just admitted to her that he had changed his mind? Maybe he had, it didn't matter to her, she was going to get her money and then she could save Tara for good. There would be no white trash living on her land. Not as long as she had a breath left in her body.

Oh, her body! What would she do about that? Rhett would surly notice that she had lost a great deal of weight once they were married. And here hands, you could always tell a lady by her hands. Scarlett's hands were those of a field hand. Calloused and freckled. Her nails were cracked and broken, her palms covered in small cuts and scars from the manual work that she had been doing in the last year to save her home and her family. Oh, how glad she was that she had worn those gloves, had Rhett seen her hands today at the jail all would have been lost. Her land, her home, everything. No, she wouldn't think about that. It made no difference now, she had worn the gloves and all had gone well. There was nothing to worry about. She would go home and tell Melly that she was going to marry Rhett as soon as he was out of that stupid jail.

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