Tell Me Why

Part 4

"Hey, Lor?" Nicholas went up to her as she stared down at her coffee, with a dreadful look. Even though Nicholas was destroyed, he couldn't let anyone be upset over what he did. He still had a heart right?

"I'm sorry Nick if I--" Lorelai started off startled by his entrance.

"Lor, it's my fault." He sighed. "I didn't come here to change my answer."

"Oh." She sunk down in her chair. Nicholas knew it was time. To vent.

"I want to tell you why I said no to you. Cause you're a very nice girl and I hate myself for hurting you."

She shot him a small smile.

"So, will you meet me at my place, tonight around maybe eight?" His palms were sweating, and he was just asking someone to come over as a friend. So imagine the wreck he must be when he really likes a girl.

"Sure, Nick. I'd love to." Nick scribbled down his address for her on a candy wrapper which was laying on the table. Nick turned around, but he decided to warn her.

"Uhh. My mom's going to be home and she might ask you very weird or stupid questions. Just don't lie to her. Or she'll lose her temper." He giggled nervously and walked out.

Lorelai smiled thinking of how long she had crushed on him. "After 2 years of nothing, a meeting doesn't sound too bad." She grimaced. And happily folded the candy wrapper and stuffed it into her bag.

Oh man. How will I possibly tell her all this? Nicholas paced around his office. "Why do I have a good heart?" he mumbled. _____________________________________________________________________ Hope found Maria sitting on the chair by the refrigerator, as if she were bored. "How long do you sleep?!" She started storming off.

I sighed. "Sorry, Maria. I didn't get any sleep for the past two days cause of everything you've been making me do."

"Wow. I think I actually feel sorry for you, peasant."

"Really?" Hope beamed. Maria laughed at the expression on Hope's face.

"No! Now go scrub down the bathroom upstairs. I saw some specs of dust on the floor." Hope knew it was too good to be true.


Nick threw shirts across the room, looking for something to wear. "Blue." he mumbled.

"Ma, how about blue?!" She came to his door.

"Blue would be fine, dear."

"Fine?!" he realized he was yelling at his own mother. "Sorry, Ma. I guess blue would be fine." He slipped the shirt over his body, and left the first three or four buttons open.

"Why are you so paranoid over this, Nicholas? It's as if you're in love with Lorelai or something." She grabbed an aqua blue tie and tightened it around my neck.

"Ma, we're just friends."

"Then why-" The doorbell rang. And Nick's nerves went through the roof.

He ran to the door. "Hello, Lorelai." Nick had never noticed how pretty she was. With her black curly hair, layered by her shoulders. And her brown eyes twinkling.

"Hello, Nick." She couldn't help but stare at how good he looked.

"Come in." His mom stood in the living room, as Nick escorted Lorelai.

"You must be Lorelai. I'm Nick's mother." She wiped her hand on her apron, and shook Lorelai's hand.

"Nice to meet you." She grinned.

"Let's go upstairs to my room." Nick led her to the stairs.

"You two behave now."

"Ma!" Lorelai giggled, as she opened the door to Nick's room.

The walls were covered with pictures of the same girl in over a million poses.

"Nick, who's this girl?" Lorelai trailed her fingers across the picture that was in the center of a certain circle of them. It was of Nick and this girl, leaning their foreheads against each other.

He came behind Lorelai, and whispered into her ear. "That's my Hope."