The Butcher's Mind

The conclusion of part one. Where are Reid and Julianne? Please continue on reading part 2. The action takes off in that part and we have more dealings with the unsub. If you are following the story and doing a re read or this is your first time anything with a header like this has been updated I will start on Part two tomorrow.

This was the first full story I ever wrote, fan fiction or otherwise. Although it has been up for quite a while and many of you have read this before I am making changes to it. I feel this is a complete story and sets the tone for the rest of the series. But it was lacking in the detail I would have liked. I have always loved this story, maybe because it was the first. But I do feel it has the potential to be a great one. The suspense and drama that unfolds is chilling. I do hope you enjoy it and feed back is always welcome.

As always I do not own any part of ABC, CBS, or Criminal Minds. For entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to person's living, dead or fictional is purely coincidental.



Chapter 10

Dinner was wonderful. And Spencer felt he couldn't keep his eyes off this beautiful and intelligent woman. When she looked at him his heart melted. So many times this night he wanted to kiss her. He thought how he usually felt uneasy around women, but not here, and not with this remarkable one. They were preoccupied with each other as they walked back to the car. Spencer opened the car door for Julianne. Before she got into the car she leaned in and kissed Spencer. He was so shocked by it, that he didn't kiss her back. She pulled away and touched her lips saying; "Oh" She thought, maybe he didn't want her to kiss him. She started to get into the car and Spencer said, "No wait!" he pulled Julie back to him and he looked down at her mouth. This time when he kissed her she didn't pull away. They stood there with Julie's back to the open door blissfully unaware when a man came up to them.

He hit Spencer in his side with a stun gun. Spencer fell to the pavement. He ordered Julianne to remove her gun and then he took Spencer's out of his holder. The man told Julianne to get into the car, then he drug Spencer to his feet. As he pushed Reid into the back seat he hit him at the base of his neck, with the butt of the gun. Julianne gasped as Spencer slumped onto the seat. The man grabbed the car keys off the ground and ordered Julianne to slide over to the driver's side, all the while pointing the gun at her. "Drive" he ordered. He spit tobacco on the ground outside the car.

Two days later when Reid and Julianne failed to show up at the BAU Hotch called Strauss into his office.


JJ walked the trash out to the curb. Will and Henry were sleeping on the couch. She noticed a bag perched on a low branch of the tree planted in their front lawn. It was a large black garbage bag. Thinking it might be a childhood prank; she walked up to it and tugged the handles to get it down. It didn't move at first, so she pulled on it harder. The bag gave way, but tore on a branch. Blood poured out on to JJ. She screamed. Will, with Henry still in his arms, ran to the door.

Seeing JJ covered in blood, he put Henry down on the couch, "Oh my God JJ! Are you hurt?" He ran down the steps to her.

"Don't touch me! This isn't my blood. Please Will go inside and get me something to change into, a sheet, a plastic bag, and my camera."

"JJ, come inside" he urged. "No I don't want this in my house!" She began to scan the street.

Will ran back up the steps into the house He was back a few minutes later, with his T-shirt and an old pair of sweat pants. He held the sheet up to block anyone's view of JJ. She began to strip off her clothing, placing each piece of it in the bag.

JJ called Hotch. He assured her he would be right over. She went to her bathroom and got into the shower. Standing under the hottest water she could tolerate, she began to cry. A thought kept going through her mind "Could this be Spencer's blood"

JJ finished her shower and was standing in her family room. The computer was on and she was uploading the pictures she had Will take. What was I thinking, pulling that bag down? I should have realized it wasn't there by accident. She thoughtWhen Hotch had told her that Reid was missing, she wasn't positive he was in danger. Maybe he had taken the time off to get away somewhere with Julie. Now she didn't ignore that little feeling in her gut that something was wrong. Spencer didn't just blow them off and his phone has been going straight to voice mail.

"Come on Hotch, where are you?" JJ spoke out loud.

"I'm here." he said as he walked through her door, Rossi on his heals. JJ told them what happened. Hotch opened the bag and looked at her clothing. Rossi went to the computer and started going through the photos. Struggling with his sling he yanked it over his head, "Damn it, I don't need this thing right now!"

Hotch replied, without taking his eyes off the contents of the bag, "David, what did the doctor tell you."

"I don't give a damn!" he barked. Hotch looked at Rossi, who had resumed looking through the photos. Hotch spotted one shot of JJ covered in blood, "That's a lot" He said.