Sirius Black lay on his stomach head at the end of the bed hovering over his potions book that he was writing an essay from. He looked over to the piece of parchment that he had been working on for at least an hour and found that he only had his name smudged into the top left corner. He sighed and lay his head on his arms, Remus had been supposed to help him on the paper but last night was a full moon and Mooney was passed out on the bed next to him. Sirius looked up as the door opened quietly to reveal James they smiled at each other and James sat next to him on the bed. James looked down at the parchment.

"I don't think Slughorn is going to except that as your essay." He said through a quiet chuckle and Sirius glared up at him.

"And is yours finished?" Sirius asked, James smirk quickly vanished.

"Touché…" He said. "How long has Mooney been asleep?" James continued looking over at the sleeping figure of the extremely exhausted Remus Lupin.

"A while…" Sirius replied "…he asked Madam Pomfree to let him recover up here."

"Why?" James asked Sirius shrugged.

"I dunno, but he stole my pillow." Sirius said in an irritated but good-natured tone, James smiled.

"I guess he likes yours better." James said.

"hmmm…" came from the bed next to them. Sirius and James both went over to Remus' bed assuming that he was waking up, but instead of waking up he continued to make noises in his sleep.

"hhh…nnnn…" He continued James smiled.

"I wonder what he's dreaming about?" This was answered in the next noise.

"No…hunn…not now I'm try…mmm…to study…mmhm…" Sirius raised an eyebrow and they both looked at each other.

"No way not Mooney, who would Mooney be doing instead of doing his school work?" Sirius began to answer when Remus made another sound.

"No…not here what if Madam Pince comes…around or anyone…else…hnnn…not th-there." Sirius snorted and James tried to control his laughter so as not to wake Remus' which would be very awkward.

"n-no I d-don't like it…" Remus said. "…nnnn…fine…" His voice trailed off obviously the person he was talking to was winning him over in the library.

"This guy is quick to seduce our Mooney, eh." He whispered.

"Yah no kidding, But who?" This was answered in the next string of speech.

"n-no Pads not…there…nnnnhn…" James' mouth fell open.

"No way." He said, he looked up at Sirius whose face was in a state of shock.

"It…no he means Padsley…Alex…that Ravenclaw boy." This theory was shot down instantly.

"Padf-f-foot…no slow…d-downnnnn." James snorted again, Sirius continued to stand there in his state of shock Remus was dreaming about him, him he was doing things with Remus in Remus' dream. He stopped thinking when Remus said.

"Oh for the love of Merlin…do that again…" This left off with a stream of obscenities that left the boys mouth as whatever he had asked Sirius to do he had obviously obliged. Sirius was now holding himself up with his bedpost and James was loosing control of his laughter. He walked over to Sirius nodding at the door so they could leave before James lost it completely. Sirius followed him, they closed the door and headed down the stairs and about halfway down they heard Remus yell "Sirius" at the top of his voice and then go silent, Sirius nearly fell down the stairs. Sirius was glad that they had left before Remus had yelled his name cause he was already being supported by James to get down the stairs, he didn't know what would have happened if he had watched Remus hit climax while dreaming about him and he really didn't want to find out (well at least not with James there to see.)