Control, that's what he wanted for once. He hadn't ever had any control. Children didn't have the privilege of control, marriage was a joint effort, and his wife Jocelyn had taken custody of Joanna. Never in his life had Leonard Bones McCoy have actual control of anything. Even in the Academy on his own, he couldn't steer fate in his direction. All he could do was push and prod it into the general direction of where he wanted his life to go. He hated the lack of supremacy in his life. There was nothing he hated more than people bossing him around, that's why he became a doctor. Then came along James T. Kirk, the cocky bastard. From the day they met, Jim had dominated every waking second. Plus all of the seconds Bones was asleep. The only temporary consolation was that Bones had convinced himself that he could've walked away on that first day on the shuttle to Starfleet Academy. Even that decision turned to dust when he found himself bound to the blond frat boy.

Jim dragged him everywhere and usually Bones dragged Jim away from wherever they had gone. All during the Academy, Jim would infringe upon his studying and haul his ass to God knew what club or bar so that Jim could find a pretty little slut to get laid with. Bones had gotten used to that, not having to make conscious decisions for himself. It was a lifestyle. Let everybody else take the wheel and go with the flow, no worries. Not a care in the universe as long as he got things done. Soon that changed with being assigned to the USS Enterprise. Suddenly, he was managing a Sickbay and an arsenal of nurses. Though, Jim was still bossing him around. He didn't mind that. It was probably because he liked the familiarity of the situation. Maybe he actually liked Jim. Well, that would make sense since the kid was the only family or friend that Bones had. He actually did care about Jim deeply, though he would never admit it aloud. Being around Jim was always interesting and gave Bones something to do. Grumbling at Jim became one of his favorite hobbies. So was stabbing him in the neck with a hypospray.

Then one day Jim changed and along with him changed Bones' life. Bones finally had an opportunity to be in control and for the better.

"Jim, you've got to eat something," Bones reminded the Captain of the USS Enterprise.

"I am eating," Jim glared at him once he looked up from pushing his food around his plate with his fork.

"No, you're not," Bones shook his head, "You're pushing your food around like you are eating. I haven't seen you take one bite of your chicken. You love chicken."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'm not hungry," Jim set down his fork with a moody frown.

"You didn't eat breakfast or lunch either. Did you even eat yesterday? I don't think you did," Bones pointed out, "Are you okay, Jim?"



"I'm fine. Really."

"As your physician and friend, I'm worried about you," Bones continued, noticing how prissy he sounded at the moment and steeled his voice, "Dammit Jim, you're losing weight and you were already skinny!"

"Bones, just drop it, okay? That's an order," Jim grew icy with his "I'm the Captain" voice. Bones paused only to come back stronger.

"I'm your doctor," he stated for the obvious, just in case Jim forgot that particular fact, "And I'm telling you to eat."

"And I'm telling you, Doctor, to shove it," Jim growled as he stood up from the table almost shakily. Bones matched him and shot up from the table and grabbed Jim's arm as the Captain attempted escape.

"Bones--" Jim was cut off by a wince of pain and suddenly his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Bones, with superhuman speed, caught the younger man before he hit the ground.

Then he commed Sickbay, "This is Doctor McCoy, medical emergency in the Mess Hall. The Captain is down."