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The pale face and cold skin of Jim Kirk bothered Bones McCoy beyond what it should for a doctor with his patient. For one, Jim was going to be perfectly fine (if Bones didn't kill him first) and there was nothing to worry about for long-term effects if Jim did exactly what Bones told him to do. If Bones didn't kill him first, that is. He was furious beyond belief. If this had been anybody else but James T. Kirk, he would have prescribed some good old-fashioned counseling. Unfortunately, this was James T. Kirk, his best friend in the entire universe and Bones couldn't just push him off onto a therapist. Jim meant too much to him and seeing him laying motionless on the biobed was painful for the doctor.

Bones had his head down on his desk after staring at a PADD for several hours. His mind had been abuzz with possible causes and solutions to Jim's problem. What had been Jim's problem in the first place was that he hadn't been eating in several days. Why, Bones had no clue. Jim had been unconscious since he collapsed in the Mess Hall. That was a few hours ago. Since then, Bones had assessed to what seemed to be the cause of Jim's fainting spell.

One, Jim's bloodwork showed an elevation of alcohol in his system that was abnormal for the Captain since he became the CO of the Enterprise. Jim had been drinking less and Bones knew that, but what had made Jim backtrack to an unhealthy level? How did Jim keep the smell of alcohol off his breath either? Bones hadn't detected a trace of it in the Mess Hall earlier. Jim Kirk worked in mysterious ways, Bones knew, but not to this extent.

Two, Jim seemed as if he hadn't eaten in days which was entirely possible since Bones had been too busy to keep track of the Captain's diet. Jim looked like he had lost weight and muscle mass. He had always been a skinny kid, but this was ridiculous. Jim's ribs were sticking out!

Three, from what little information he had gotten from Spock, he ascertained that Jim had been acting withdrawn and quiet which was a definite change from his outgoing self.

Bones sighed and lifted his head. What was he going to do about Jim? Obviously something was bothering him.

Then Bones heard a groan followed by, "Bones?"

Bones leapt up from his seat and rushed over to Jim's bedside, forgetting his dignity for a moment. Jim had raised his head, but it soon fell back to the pillow and the young Captain closed his eyes again. He squeezed them tightly shut and then opened them more tentatively and blinked at Bones. His vibrant blue eyes were slightly dulled and that worried Bones, but the doctor was just glad to see his friend conscious.

"How are you feeling, kid?"

"Uggh," was Jim's immediate response before he added, "Awful. What happened?"

"You fainted in the Mess Hall a few hours ago. Want to tell me why?" once Bones was satisfied with seeing Jim awake, his irritation compounded and the interrogation would begin.

"I don't know," Jim gave Bones a weak innocent look that would have been a lot better in success if Bones hadn't have been glaring or Jim was feeling completely there.

"Bullshit. You fainted. Your bloodwork came back with alcohol in your system and you haven't been eating. What the Hell is going on with you, Jim?"

"I didn't faint," Jim pouted, "I passed out in a very manly way."

"Whatever," Bones snorted, "Call it what you will, but you lost consciousness and your body isn't doing well."

"I don't know," Jim repeated with his innocent look growing desperate as if he didn't want to tell his mother a secret. Bones fantasized killing his best friend at the moment, but held those dangerous thoughts back for a moment and called upon his best weapon. From one of the trays, Bones took the pre-loaded hypospray and held it to where Jim could see it.

"Start talking or you're going to get a very painful injection," Bones hefted the weapon toward Jim, making the younger man cringe.