Wow, a new story... well kinda, it's just a bunch of oneshots which may or may not be related to coffee and is rated T for overall safety. The person (or maybe people... no person) to thank for getting these ideas in my head is... Ianto Jones from Torchwood cause i've been watching far too much Torchwood and Ianto is the coffee boy... yeah lame reason. But you have to love Ianto...and Jack... yeah, Torchwood has turned my brain into a Jack/Ianto mush (it is a canon pairing tho so unlike puppyshipping i don't have to imagine it XD).

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I'm kinda proud of this oneshot, it's based on a true story... except it was tea and I was in the middle of a train station and had to spend teh whole journey to London with my hand in a glass of water.

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Warnings: fluff, talk of sex, maybe swearing, can't remember XD


A cry cut through the sleepy silence filling the hallways of the Kaiba mansion. It wasn't unusual for the silence to be penetrated, but it tended to be from someone shrieking happily after being caught in whatever game Mokuba had forced his brother and whoever else was visiting to play.

This cry, however, was one of pain.

Seto Kaiba, who had been working from home that day, looked at the closed door of his office wondering what had happened. Quickly he got up from his seat and walked swiftly to the door. He hadn't been able to identify who the scream of pain was from, but that didn't really matter. Despite what the press believed Seto made sure all of his small group of staff who looked after his home and grounds were well looked after. It made sense to do this, a well looked after staff were loyal.

"Hello?" He called not knowing where the person in pain was. A whimper replied from the staircase and Seto dashed towards it.

Sitting halfway down the stairs was a blond his age, clasping his left hand and cringing in pain. Seto's eyes swept down the stairs and rested on an empty coffee mug at the bottom of the stairs, the stairs just below the blond were covered in a liquid that had obviously came out of the mug.

"Katsuya!" Seto said, rushing down to the blond who was Katsuya Jounouchi, his lovely boyfriend, "are you okay? What happened?"

"I was bringin' you some coffee and I spilt it all over my hand," Katsuya explained, wincing as Seto look his hand to examine it and touched the sore area.

"Come on, kitchen. Now," Seto helped Katsuya to his feet and lead him to the kitchen where he turned on the cold tap and forced the burnt hand under the gushing water.

Katsuya almost moaned as the prickling burning sensation was relieved, "That's better."

"Stay there," Seto ordered before leaving the room to find one of his maids to clean up the coffee.

Katsuya sighed, Seto must be thinking how utterly clumsy and useless he was. Who couldn't take a coffee up some stairs? But he'd been concentrating so hard on not spilling the coffee he'd misjudged the step, tripped and spilt the scolding hot drink over his hand.

"I'm a pathetic, useless, stupid, clumsy mutt," he muttered to himself, repeating the insults Seto used to throw at him. His hand was becoming numb with the cold but when he took it from under the gushing water it began to tingle with pain again so he had to shove it back under. A pair of arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him close to a body behind him, Seto had returned.

"You're not," Seto told him gently, placing a kiss in the mass of messy golden hair, "I never truly meant any of those things when I said them... well maybe I did at the time but now all I see is a gorgeous, kind, funny, sexy puppy." He gave Katsuya a squeeze, "how's your hand?"

"Cold," Katsuya replied and Seto chuckled, "Seto, I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault," Seto waived away the apology, "besides now I get to take care of you instead of reading the latest dull financial report." Letting go of his boyfriend he walked to the cupboard above the sink and, after some searching (in which many packets of medicine were knocked over) found a tube of some crème. He took Katsuya's hand out of the water and examined it again, "it should be okay," he said giving the blond a smile which made Katsuya's heart flutter, Seto didn't smile often and this particular loving and adoring smile was reserved only for him.

"I feel like an idiot," Katsuya muttered as Seto gently dried his hand and applied some of the crème to the burns.

"Puppy do me a favour and stop wallowing in self pity, it was an accident," Seto said firmly, "now smile. Show me one of your beautiful smiles that brighten my day."

Katsuya laughed and showed Seto his biggest brightest smile, "you always make me feel better Seto."

"I know," Seto replied placing a kiss on the blond's forehead, "thank you for trying to bring me coffee, I would have enjoyed it immensely if it wasn't currently being cleaned off my stair case."

"Do you have to tease me?"

"Of course, it's how I show affection," Seto smirked before taking Katsuya's un-burnt hand and kissing the back of it.

"I can think of far better ways for you to show how much you love me," Katsuya said suggestively.

"And what could those be my dear, sweet, innocent Katsuya?" Seto asked tugging his puppy closer.

"I'm hardly innocent anymore," Katsuya snorted.

"Well, let's go upstairs and you can show me how un-innocent you are," Seto said before giving Katsuya a very deep, very passionate kiss.

"But what about my hand?" Katsuya asked when they pulled apart; he was panting slightly and had an adorable flush across his cheeks.

"Hmmm, that'll make things difficult," Seto placed his mouth next to the blonde's ear and whispered in his most seductive voice, "but not impossible."

"Bedroom. Now!" Katsuya growled and pulled Seto out of the kitchen.

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