Jeff made a high pitched whining noise as he was knocked off his ladder. "Glenn stop that!" he complained. "I can't get the title when you keep doing that!"

"Well duh, that's the point of me doing that!" Glenn replied. "What am I supposed to do, let you win?"

"Yes," Jeff pouted. He and Glenn were in the catering area, playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 on the Playstation 2 that had been hooked up there by Shelton Benjamin. The Gold Standard was kind of upset that his game had been hijacked, but he wasn't saying anything because the Big Red Machine had already threatened to choke slam him through a wall if he opened his mouth.

Glenn snorted. "That's pretty dumb thinking Jeff."

"It is not! Letting me in is what everyone is supposed to do. Phil let me win when we were playing Guitar Hero the other day."

"He did not let you win. You hit him with your guitar and then restarted the game without his knowledge when he went into the other room to get his face an icepack." Glenn paused the game. "Oh, and while we're on the subject, Phil wanted me to give you this." He punched Jeff on the side of the head.

"OW!" Jeff yelled. He rubbed the side of his head while glaring at the bald man. "Do you always do your lover's dirty work?"

"Only when I need to," Glenn replied.

"Well give him a message back for me then." Jeff lunged at Glenn and started hitting at him wildly. The two of them started rolling around on the ground, not seriously fighting but doing more damage than usual when they were play fighting. And even though Jeff was a lot smaller than Glenn was, he liked to fight dirty by biting and hitting people in the groin, so he usually managed to do pretty well for himself.

"Wow, look at the two of them go. I hope Phil doesn't see this. He's going to get so jealous."

"Oh forget about Phil. Jeff is much prettier than he is."

"Yeah, but Glenn's going to kick his ass eventually. Then I don't know how pretty he'll be."

Jeff and Glenn looked up to see that Randy and Adam were watching them in amusement. Randy had his arm wrapped around Adam's shoulders and it appeared that Adam was either blatantly touching Randy's ass, or he had his hand down Randy's back pocket so he could do it discreetly. Jeff gulped. Randy and Adam were so hot together that it was so beyond unfair. They were always all over each other and while it annoyed the majority of the locker room, Jeff found himself feeling insanely jealous about being left out of the action. He had always lusted after the both of them, but either they were always in a relationship or Matt always ruined things whenever he had thought he had a shot at them. It was so unfair. Matt kept him on a short leash and he never got to have any fun.

Adam smiled at Randy. "You'll never get into a fight with Glenn and stop being pretty, right?"

Randy smirked. "Glenn couldn't beat me up if he tried. I'd RKO him into the next century."

"You know, I'm right here and I can hear you," Glenn said. He pushed Jeff off of him and got up to his feet. "And I would like to test that theory."

The two love birds ignored him and began making out and groping each other right then and there. Jeff just sat on the ground and watched the two of them. He wanted to look away because it gave him needs and he didn't want to have to jerk off in the shower of his locker room again. Evan had come in without his knowledge to get his I-pod back and had overheard him. The two of them hadn't made direct eye contact with each other since.

"Jeff stop drooling," Glenn said irritably. "That only encourages them."

Jeff blushed and immediately bailed to the other side of the room so he could go stand by the catering table. He looked at all the food set out on it, not really hungry but wanting to eat so he could do something that might possibly distract him from making an ass out of himself.

Just about a minute later, Randy walked over to him. "So where is your dear older brother at?" the Legend Killer asked. "Isn't he usually following you around and trying to make sure you aren't getting into trouble?"

"Today is his and Evan's anniversary," Jeff explained. "Vince gave them the day off and they are spending some quality bedroom time together."

Randy smirked. "So you have nobody to keep you on a leash then?" He took a step towards Jeff and pretty much invaded his personal space. "Well that is just lovely."

Jeff swallowed heavily. What the hell was Randy doing? Adam was standing right in the room with them. Sure he appeared to be distracted by Glenn talking to him, but Jeff didn't want to be the cause of an argument (although he did have to admit, part of him did hope this was Randy hitting on him.

Randy took a piece of paper and put it in the pocket of Jeff's shirt. "You know, Adam and I are going to be looking for some company after the show tonight. You should come over and hang out." He said the last two words very deliberately and gave Jeff a knowing grin before walking back over to Adam.

Jeff reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper Randy had given him. It had a hotel name and room number on it. Feeling completely floored by this, he looked up towards Randy. The younger man had his arms around Adam and the two of them were making a very hasty exit. On their way out, they both caught his eye and they gave him little grins before leaving. Feeling even more confused than ever, he leaned against the table. Was this really happening? Did they really want him to come to their hotel room later on? It sure seemed that way. Matt's going to go ballistic if he finds out.

No, Jeff wouldn't let Matt find out. And even if Matt somehow magically did, why did it matter? They weren't kids anymore. Jeff knew he didn't need constant protection. If he wanted to go to Randy and Adam's room, then he damn well would. And boy, did he ever want to go to that fucking room. Sorry Matty, but I'm doing this for my own good. I'm going to go have me some fun tonight.


Adam grinned as he and Randy entered their dressing room. "Did you give him the note?" he asked eagerly.

Randy nodded. "Yup. I think he'll come to us."

Adam's grin got even bigger. He was very pleased with the way things were working out so far. He had always had a crush on Jeff, but he had always feared doing anything about it, partly because he didn't want to get rejected by Jeff but mostly in fear of what Matt would do. Matt was insanely protective of Jeff and anyone who made a move on the Rainbow Haired Warrior risked castration for their efforts. But after Randy had admitted he had been having dreams about a threesome between them and Jeff, Adam finally told Randy that he wanted Jeff too. They decided to just act on them and hope they didn't get shot by Matt. The thought of having Jeff in bed with them was too much for them to resist. "That's awesome baby."

"I know it is," Randy agreed. He grabbed Adam by the hips and rubbed their groins together. "But I think you and I should have some fun before then. I don't think I can hold out until tonight."

"Yeah, I don't think you can," Adam said with a smirk. "I bet if I really wanted to, I could make you cum in your pants right now like a horny teenager."

"Oh yeah? I bet I can last longer than you can," Randy challenged.

"You want to test that theory?"

"Oh fuck yeah." Randy kissed Adam passionately, and the two of them backed up until they hit the wall. Adam ran his hands underneath Randy's shirt while his jeans were roughly yanked off. They weren't too concerned about getting caught. Almost everyone on the roster had saw them doing it at some point or another, so it wasn't like they had anything to hide really. Besides, Adam fully believed they were all just jealous because they weren't in on the action.

Randy lifted Adam up so the blonde's legs could be wrapped around his waist before thrusting in very quickly. Adam moaned and threw his head back. He loved it when Randy fucked him hard like this. It drove him absolutely wild.

"Damn baby," Randy grunted. He held on to Adam with one hand while stroking his dick with the other. "You're so fucking tight."

Adam groaned and ran his nails down Randy's backs. "Baby…fuck…so big…fuck, fuck me harder."

Randy did just that, kissing and sucking at Adam's neck hard enough to leave hickeys. They were moving so fast that neither of them were going to last long. Adam came first, having to bite down on Randy's shoulder to keep himself from screaming at the top of his lungs. The pain of the bite triggered Randy's orgasm, and he let out a groan as he filled Adam completely.

Adam sighed happily and kissed Randy on the cheek. "Love you baby."

Randy grinned. "Love you too. Now I just can't wait for tonight."

"Me neither." Adam let his mind wonder into the question he had been asking himself for years. I wonder if Jeff is a screamer?