"Cannon ball!" Jeff shouted as ran and jumped into the pool. It was about two days after the conversation wiht Matt and things had been going okay so far. Matt was at least making an effort to back off, although he did have a tendency to get kind of twitchy when Randy and Adam got too frisky with Jeff in front of him. But overall, Jeff was proud of his older brother. Matt was making a serious attempt to change, and that was a lot more than he used to do.

Adam shrieked as the water that splashed up from Jeff's cannon ball got him. "Jeff!" he whined. "You got me all wet!"

Jeff giggled. "Well that's a sign you should get in already!"

"I can't! I'm sunbathing."

Jeff tilted his head to the side, genuinely confused by that statement. "Addy, I don't know if you've realized this or not, but this is an indoor pool. You can't sunbathe in here."

Adam took off his sunglasses and looked around. "Oh. I didn't realize that."

"How did you not realize that?" Matt said incredulously. He, Evan, Glenn and Phil were in the hot tub nearby. "Are you that much of a ditz Copeland?"

"I am not a ditz!" Adam snapped. He got up to his feet and put his hands on his hips. "I just forgot we weren't outside!"

"How did you forge--" Jeff's words were cut off by someone grabbing his ankle and pulling him under the water. He started kicking at the person as hard as he could until he got his body turned around and he opened his eyes under the water. That's when he saw that it was Randy. He reached out to smack the younger man for scaring the shit out of him, but Randy grabbed his wrist and pulled him into an underwater kiss. Okay, this is kind of weird, but I like it.

Randy and Jeff eventually floated back up to the top, but they were still in each other's embrace when they did so. "Hey!" Adam shouted. "That's not fair!" He jumped into the pool and swam over to them. "I want in too!"

Jeff giggled as he and Randy let Adam join them. "Calm down baby," Randy said. "You know you're always welcome to join." The Legend Killer kissed Adam gently, and Jeff got to work on nibbling on Adam's neck.

"Boo!" James shouted. "That's too mushy! Just fuck each other's brains out already!"

"Lawson!" Mark growled loudly. "Matt's eye is twitching enough as it is."


"So that means don't make it twitch more with comments like that!"

Jeff abandoned Adam's neck so he could look over at the bickering Mark and James. Mark looked exasperated already with his psychopath and James looked ready to egg on Mark all day if he had to. They're like a little old married couple, except there's nothing little about them. Oh and they're scarier than the really old people. Wrinkled people with fake teeth have nothing on these guys.

James put his hands on his hips. "Okay Marky, out of the two of us here, who's in charge of my mouth?"

"I will be when I fuck it raw right here in front of everyone."

"EWWW!" Cooper and Connor said at the same time. They were looking at Mark and James in disgust. "You two keep your sexual practices to yourselves!" Cooper ordered.

Mark glared at him. "Fine. I will. But you have to promise to keep your moaning down when Connor blows you."

Phil looked at Glenn. "If Mark fucks James's mouth raw, does that mean he might actually shut up for once?"

"God I hope so," Glenn muttered. "That would be fantastic."

"Hey!" James snapped. "I heard that!"

"Yeah, so what?" Glenn challenged. "What are you going to do about it?"

Phil turned about as pale as he possibly could get. "Are you insane?" he hissed at his lover. "Don't make him come over here!"

James saw how scared Phil was and immediately tried to go over to the hot tub to start some trouble. But Mark didn't let him get that far. The Deadman tackled his lover, sending them both crashing into the pool. "Holy crap!" Jeff exclaimed after he, Randy and Adam got hit with the splash the larger men had caused. "That's not even fair! They made a bigger splash than I did!"

"Of course they did," Randy replied. "Together they weigh at least six hundred pounds. That's a lot of weight crashing into a pool."

"Are you saying we're fat Orton?" James asked dangerously.

Randy gulped. "No, of course not!"

"Are you sure?" Now Mark was getting in on the action of intimidating the hell out of the Legend Killer.

"Yes, of course," Randy said quickly. "I would never say anything like that to you."

Jeff gulped at the smirks James and Mark exchanged. Even though they both had to know that Randy really hadn't meant that they were fat, they were having too much fun playing with him to acknowledge that. I have to do something to help Randy out...who knows how far Mark and James will take this? Hmmm...drastic times call for drastic measures. "Phil is planning on running over Connor with his car!" he blurted out.

"WHAT?" James and Mark roared at the same time.

"Jeff!" Glenn yelled.

"Meanie!" Connor whined, glaring at Phil.

"I am not planning that!" Phil exclaimed, looking scared for his life. "I would never do that!"

The Lawsons didn't believe him for a second. The three psychos (and Mark of course) began heading towards the hot tub. Phil screamed in fright, jumped out and began running for his life. Glenn got out too and he tried his best to stop the people coming to get his honey, but he was hopelessly outnumbered. They ran right through him and knocked him on his ass.

"Jeff!" Matt scolded. "That was mean!"

"But it was funny!" Evan said as he gasped for breath.

"Yeah Matty," Jeff insisted. "It was funny!"

Matt rolled his eyes. "And what exactly are you going to do or say if Phil really gets killed over that little stunt?"

Jeff shrugged. "Nothing. It would be up to Mark to explain it away. He's the Lawson family keeper."

Adam nodded. "Yeah Matt, leave it all to Mark. He'll take care of everything." Smirking he nibbled on Jeff's lower lip. "You know, the way you saved Randy there, I thought that was pretty hot. Don't you think that was hot Randy?"

"I thought it was so hot," Randy agreed. He groped Jeff through his swim trunks. "In fact, it was so hot that there's only one way that I can properly thank you."

Jeff grinned. "And what way would that be Mr. Orton?"

Randy smirked and reached down Jeff's trunks, making the older man gasp loudly. "I think you already know what way I'm talking about Mr. Hardy."

"No! No way! Just because I can't see it doesn't mean I don't know where that hand is Orton! You get that out of there right now before I cut it off!"

"Matt! You promised to stop that!" Evan scolded.

"Damn it Evan, I want to swim in that pool later and I won't be able to do that if my brother gets a handjob in it!"

Jeff giggled as Randy and Adam glared at Matt. "Do you have to spoil everything?" Adam asked.

Matt nodded. "It's my duty as an older brother."

Jeff shook his head and tapped both Randy's and Adam's shoulder. "Come on," he said quietly. "Let's go take this party upstairs."

"Okay," Adam and Randy followed Jeff out of the pool. Evan made a few catcalls while Matt fought his urges to cut off Randy and Adam's dicks and feed them to them. Jeff shivered as he was literally dragged upstairs to the room he and his two lovers were staying in. "Damn it it's cold!" he complained. "Who told these people to turn the air conditioning up this high?"

"Phil," Adam replied as Randy got the door to the room unlocked. The Rated R Superstar quickly pulled Jeff into a passionate kiss right there in the middle of the hallway.

"Yeah, put on a show for anyone who happens to come out," Randy said, not being sarcastic at all in his encouragement. "Show them what they are missing out on."

"No," Adam said stubbornly. "He's our Jeffey. They don't get to see him." He all but shoved Jeff into the room once the door was open.

Jeff squeaked as he and Adam fell on the bed. "You don't wanna show me off Addy?" he asked in between kisses.

Adam's only response was to kiss Jeff even harder.

Randy shut the door and came up to Adam so he could whisper in his ear. Adam apparently liked what he said because he got off of Jeff and slapped Randy's ass. "Have fun big boy."

Jeff didn't have a chance to ask what kind of fun Adam was encouraging. Randy quickly removed his trunks and wrapped took his semi-erect cock into his mouth. "Oh God!" Jeff gasped, immediately trying to thrust his hips up. Randy didn't allow him to do that though, which was frustrating. "Randy!" He grabbed the younger man by the back of the head and tried to force him downards.

"Nuh uh uh!" Adam said with a shake of his head. He had already taken off his swimming attire. "You're not setting the pace here Jeff. We are." He got on the bed, grabbed Jeff's wrists and pinned his hands down above his head.

Jeff whined and tried to get his hands free. "This isn't fair!" he informed them. He meant to say that with authority, but that was impossible with the way Randy's mouth was working him over. He wiggled around on the bed, quickly becoming a writhing mess. Randy was sucking him in just the way he loved to be sucked, and the fact that one of Orton's hands was cupping his balls and the fingers on the other hand were now being used to prep him. "Oh God....Randy please...mmmm....more...."

"You heard the man Randy," Adam said, watching the scene before him with lustful eyes. "He wants more."

Randy looked up at Jeff while continuing his task, deep throating the writhing man while probing his prostate constantly. Jeff's breathing became ragged and he started writhing around more. "Oh fuck...Randy...Randy....Randy!" Jeff's body trembled as he shot his load right down Randy's throat.

"Now that is hot," Adam said as Randy swallowed it hard. As soon as Randy moved his head back up, Adam grabbed him and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. Jeff watched as the kissing turned to biting and attacking and the removal of Randy's clothes and the pulling of Adam's hair. Despite the fact that he had just came barely thirty seconds ago, Jeff already felt his cock twitching back to life.

Adam and Randy soon noticed how worked up Jeff was getting again. "Look at Addy," Randy said huskily. "Look at how hot he's getting watching us."

"Of course he's getting hot by watching us," Adam said cockily. "I would get hot too if I was watching us."

Jeff whimpered as Adam reached out and began stroking his cock. "Oooohhhh," he whined, thrusting up into Adam's hand as hard as he could. "Fuck me. Please fuck me."

"Now how can we resist a plea like that?" Randy said to nobody in particular.

Jeff gasped as Adam and Randy practically jumped on him. The three of them were a tangled mess of bodies but even with the skin on skin contact they needed more. Jeff gasped a whole bunch of fingers were shoved inside of him, twisting and moving to stretch him. "Addddddyyyyy," he groaned. "Rannnnndddddyyyyy. Don't tease meeeeeee."

Adam laughed. "It's kind of hard to stop the teasing when you moan like that." He sucked on Jeff's neck hard enough to leave a bruise.

"But fucking me will be more fun than teasing me!" Jeff pointed out. He was starting to get desperate now.

"He's got a good point," Randy admitted. He removed his fingers and Adam followed his lead. Jeff wrapped his legs around Randy's waist as he felt the heads of both dicks poke at his entrance. He did his best to realax his body, but it did still hurt a quite a bit when both of his lovers slammed into him at the same time.

"Oh shit," Adam groaned. He rested his forehead against the back of Jeff's neck. "How in the hell do you stay so tight Jeff?"

Jeff shook his head. He honestly had no idea. He took a couple deep breaths, quickly adjusting to the cocks inside him. "Go," he ordered. "Now."

"Damn, you're a little bossy bitch," Randy said tauntingly. He nodded at Adam before the both of them nearly pulled all the way out and slammed back in. All three of them groaned loudly. There was little time of rest after that though. Randy and Adam got lost in their lust and began thrusting inside of Jeff as hard and fast as they could. Jeff moaned wildly, digging his nails into Randy's back so deeply that he drew blood. He felt Randy's fingers pressing tightly on his hips and he could feel Adam's hands roaming just about everywhere they could go. "Stroke me," he whimpered helplessly. He knew that he wasn't going to last too much longer. Not after having one orgasm already. "Please Addy, make me cum."

Adam quickly grabbed Jeff's dick and stroked it. Jeff mewled helplessly as he came yet again, this second orgasm being even more powerful than the first one he had. Randy and Adam came at pretty much the same time next. A bunch of incoherent yells and moans filled the room, and all three of them collapsed on top of each other.

"Holy shit," Jeff said as he panted for breath.

"Yeah," Adam said, wiping his sweaty hair out of his face. "That about sums it up."

Randy made a little noise of agreement as he nuzzled Jeff's neck.

Jeff grinned and made himself as comfortable as possible. Words could not express how right this felt. Being with both Adam and Randy was exactly where he needed to be.

"So do you think we should go save Punk or not?" Adam asked suddenly.

Both Randy and Jeff looked at Adam like he had gone completely and totally insane. "Why in the world would we do a thing like that?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah," Randy added. "I think the mind blowing orgasm has caused you to go temporarily insane."

Adam nodded. "Yeah, you're probably right." He wrapped his arms around Jeff and Randy. "So what should we do now?"

"We sleep now," Randy replied. "That's the plan. Any objections?"

Jeff shook his head. Sleep definitely sounded good at the moment. He needed to get some energy for another round with his lovers anyway. Yup, he thought as he closed his eyes. This is definitely where I'm supposed to be.