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The story of the Mighty Noob.

Chapter 1: Lumbridge

I opened my eyes slowly to find a sight I would never forget. Probably around ten thousand people were around me. All of them were minding their own business. All the noise made me jump. Some of them were standing and talking, some of them were yelling, some were cutting trees, but most of them were running around. I took it all in. I was very, very confused. Where was I? I had just finished the Tutorial Island. I thought one of the guides said Lumbridge but I wasn't sure. But the funny thing was that no one seemed to take notice of me. Maybe they were to busy with their own business. I was deep in thought when someone bumped into me and ran past. I staggered backwards. I felt really lost. But then I heard a chuckle. Even through all the noise of the talking/yelling people and the falling trees. I turned around to see where the chuckle came from. It was a young man. Standing outside a very small house I didn't notice before. He had some black hair but a few bald spots, he wore a brown shirt and black pants, nothing fancy. He smiled at me in a friendly way, and motioned for me to come over to where he was sitting. I hesitantly walked over to him. I think I heard one of the guides saying that the world I was about to see was going to be dangerous. I didn't know if I could trust the man. I reached him and stood before him.

"Hello there young man!" He exclaimed.

"Hello." I said. Still not sure.

"You must be new, do you know where you are?" He asked me.

"Yes I am new, and where exactly am I?" I asked. "Ruzcape?"

"No," He said laughing, "Not ruzcape, Runescape! You're in Lumbridge.

"Lumbridge." I repeated.

"Do you know the basics?" He asked me.

"Yes, I do," I said, "I just came off the Tutorial Island."

"Well here," He said, giving me a bronze sword, shield, and helmet. "Go experiment," He said to me, "It's a huge world."

I took the armor and realized that I didn't look at the scenery. There were lots of trees off in the distance and it seemed like the road would never end. I saw other houses like the one beside the man I just met. I also saw a shop and a training area. Turning around I saw a short, concrete bridge. It was built over the water and people were walking/running on it to the other side. That's when I noticed the green goblins. They looked short, grumpy and mean. Their faces grimaced in a weird way. Then I saw that someone was attacking one. I suddenly grew angry. What did the goblins do to the people who were attacking them? Nothing, that's what. Without thinking, I put the helmet on, slipped the shield over my arm, held the bronze sword by the handle and quickly crossed the concrete bridge. I didn't care if I had no experience at all in this huge world. I ran over to the boy who was attacking the goblin. He was swinging his sword violently. All the goblin could do was punch his attacker with his little fists. This did nothing as the boy raised a shield every time the goblin tried to punch him. Outraged I raised my sword high over the boy's head and swung hard in a slashing motion.

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