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Just in case if you forgot, I'll give a short summary. Bubba was captured and taken to the territory of the army he fears. After waking up, he has a brief little, chat with a man named Lithius. Somehow, our one and only Bubba manages to enrage the already angry Lithius. But luckily, he meets a man that he suspects is the leader of the mysterious group. Now they're walking in corridors. (The man and Bubba.)

Chapter 9 of the Mighty Noob

I don't know for how long we had been walking in these halls. I looked closer at my surroundings, I hadn't met anyone after my awakening except for Lithius and this man. If that army was so big, then how come I couldn't see any of them?

A few minutes later, we reached a locked door. The man reached into a back pocket and took out a small key, and then he slowly started to unlock it. I examined the room as we entered it.

It was a big room with a great throne at the end of it. It was decorated with pictures of black horses and armor.

"Please, sit." He said, pointing to the ground like a kind person inviting a friend in for a visit.

I looked at him with a glare in my eyes, and he laughed a cold laugh.

"I'll help you a little." He said, gesturing for two guards in the corner to come. They got the message, because soon I felt my arms being tied. They sat me vigorously on the floor.

"Well give him a chair! I didn't actually mean to make him sit on the ground."

They gave me a chair and sat me down again.

"You may leave now." He said to the guards. They hurriedly left the room, closing the door behind them.

"Now let's talk." He said.

"What do you want from me?" I asked. "Do you want to make me a prisoner forever?"

"What do you want!?" I finally yelled at him. He sat down on his dark throne.

"Not much." He said calmly. "There will be a festival in Lumbridge tomorrow. My army will invade the area and you will be with us."

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked him.

"You will come before me, in front of all the crowds, and bow down." He said, his lips forming an evil smile.

I glared at him and he glared back.

"Never." I said.

"You will," He said, "and it'll show all those fools the noob that has made such a story. So I suggest you take some rest, because tomorrow's going to be a big day for our little noob, isn't it? Isn't it?"

I felt my fists tighten, but I knew there was nothing I could do as long as my hands were tied. Well, good night Bubba." He said as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

After his departure, I was left alone with my thoughts. But I knew one thing for sure, no matter what happened I wouldn't bow to that man.

After a while, I began to feel so hopeless, any way I looked at it, I knew I'd be their prisoner forever.

Suddenly, the door opened and I quickly looked back to see who had opened it. It was the cloaked man. A guard was forcing him into the room. Then he closed the door and locked us in.

As soon as the guard was out of sight, he ripped the ropes that were tied around him. So he could have done that all along… But of course there was no way for either of us to escape.

"So they got you to, huh?" I said under my breath.

"They want me to bow down before the leader." He said. But I guess I was so preoccupied with the day's events that I had forgotten to be amazed at him. I didn't care that much if he talked or not.

"Me to." I said. "Umm, by the way, about that tantrum in the forest."

"That's okay. We need to come up with a plan."


The next day came, and when I awoke, I remembered yesterday's events. The time came closer and closer. And soon, I was at the lumbridge festival, right in front of the castle. The cloaked man was right beside me, who was right beside a guard, who yelled and pointed at me as he recognized me. But before he could even pull out his sword, the army came pouring in the streets. We had came here and waited, just like they had told us to.

(We couldn't have escaped because they weren't that far away from us.) As they rode in on their big horses, I slowly backed away to do something.

Everyone in the streets knew of them, I guessed, because they all kept their distance and started whispering to each other.

They came in through the gates and stopped at the castle.

The leader came forward on his horse, with his head held up high, his eyes looking for the ones he seeked.

The cloaked man stepped forward and stood straight in front of the leader's horse. The guards just watched, they were outnumbered by the army. And even if they weren't, they would have still stood with the others that were fearful.

The leader's lips formed a smile like the one they had at the army's base. He seemed like a kind man, but deep inside, he was the opposite.

"And where is your,(he snorted), partner?"

Everyone around laughed, along with the army.

"Never mind that, bow to me." He ordered coldly, taking out his sword, letting the sound of it scraping against its sheath break the silence that had now formed.

And the cloaked man slowly put one leg forward, and bent both of his legs slowly, finishing this motion into a bow.

The leader's body began to shake; he was shaking with a soft chuckle, which slowly turned into a loud laugh. But before he could say anything, a horse appeared out of nowhere and leaped clean high over the cloaked man.

The leader's laughs drifted off in silence and his face's expression changed as he saw Bubba on a horse over him, sword held up high. And before he could register this the cloaked man's knees bent further before flexing out into one great leap into the air towards the now surprised and confused leader. The crowds, the guards and everyone else's jaw had dropped in awe.

I knew that the cloaked man would never bow down before anyone, he was a bold, fearless individual who would keep pushing his own way, ignoring those would tried to turn him around, he was a man I'd never forget.

As he leaped into the air, huge flames burst out from his copper-like boots with his hands clutching his dangerous monster-faced bombs. No matter what happened, it didn't matter because I had thought those fools a lesson. And I had had the partner who had thought me more than I thought I would ever know.

And right then and there, time froze. Everything froze. Both of us high in the air.


With a racing heart and a jolt, Mohammed's eyes opened. He quickly straitened up from the bed he was sleeping on, holding his chest.

What a dream! He thought as he tried to calm down his breathing and return it to normal. He wiped sweat off his brow unconsciously with the back of his hand. That was the strangest of the strangest dreams he had ever had in his 12 years of existence. He looked at his bed, he must've have been tossing and turning, because his sheets were all entangled around him and some of it was on the floor.

As his breathing returned to normal, he looked sideways at his computer. A smile came on the boy's face, he had spent so many nights using it, claiming he had been doing homework when he had actually been playing none other than the MMORPG of Runescape; chatting with friends, upgrading levels...

He often found himself thinking about it in his classes at school, when he let his mind wander, which was, come to think of it, quite often.

Slowly, Mohammed got himself free of the twisted sheet's hold on him. He did this quietly, not wanting to break the eerie silence of the morning, but mostly because he didn't want to wake up his mother.

She'd threatened him countless times that she'd either take his computer away, or just block the website of runescape. He didn't want her to suspect that he'd been playing the game the past few weeks. As he got out of his bed, he stretched his arms and yawned. That was probably the longest dream he had ever had.

He tip-toed his way across his cluttered room to the other side, where his computer layed, almost buried with junk.

He had forgotten to shut it off again. It was humming as usual, (which was a good sign) and it was displaying the screensaver Mohammed had set up for the computer. As he moved the mouse, the desktop appeared, revealing the icon he had clicked the most out of all of them:

Internet Explorer

Like he had done so many times before, he opened it up and went to the most visited page of his browser; .

The End

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