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Hot n Cold

Summary: Sequel to Hot or Not. How much self-control does a boy have? Not much. So when everyone is officially together, the girls make a bet. While staying at a vacation house, the guys can look, but cannot grab, touch, or kiss them for ten days. And the girls? Can do whatever they want. Mostly Amuto.

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Ikuto: Amu is my strawberry. No one is taking her away from me. *Hugs a blushing Amu.

Shelly: I never said anyone was. And, Oh yeah! If your all wondering, in the summary it says 'officially together', I mean pretty much everyone is a couple and are dating.

Ikuto and Amu, Rima and Nagihiko, Kukai and Utau. Yaya, Tadase, and Nadeshiko are still single, so the bet does not apply to them. They are the judges!

So, here we go! ^-^


Ikuto = 18

Amu = 14

Nadeshiko = 15

Yaya = 12

Rima = 14

Tadase = 14

Nagihiko = 15

Utau = 16

Kukai = 16

Chapter One:

Christmas Break Begins

Amu's POV

"Amu-chan is excited, right?" Ran cheered, floating around and doing flips in mid air. I stood in front of the mirror, fixing the x clip in my hair.

"Of course she is, Desu! It's been a while," Su stated to the excited Ran.

Miki and Dia flew over.

"Amu's going to end up all flustered again. How long do you think it will take her to blush?" Miki whispered to the others. Diamond simply smiled.

I, however, paid no attention to their mindless babbling about me. I'd usual shout something out to them in my defense, but I was way too happy to do anything.

That's because after Ikuto's victory win, and three months of hell and drama finally ended to my relief, he had to leave to America and play violin with his father. This fact made me sad and even a little depressed, but I showed no sign of that to Ikuto. I was too stubborn to admit that I'd actually miss him a lot!

But everything was fine now. It was the weekend, and starting Monday it would officially be Christmas break for two entire weeks! And today Ikuto was coming back from the airport where all my friends and I would meet him.

So maybe I was a little anxious to meet him, but who wouldn't be happy to see their boyfriend after three and a half months? And Miki had even helped me make the perfect outfit.

It was a white short sleeve, with a little v-neck and a ribbon was set right under my breasts. It was in to show off how thin I really was and the rest flowed out. I also wore some dark boot cut jeans and a pair of brown boots to complete the outfit. And, for Miki's own little fun, she made me a bag that crisscrossed to the left side, a tiny blue cat on it.

I really thought it was cute to wear for the winter and, as always, was impressed by Miki's artistic ability.

There was a knock on my door before it burst open, revealing a headstrong, confident Utau. She stood in the doorway, wearing her usual white coat and black boots, along with gray skinny jeans and furry mittens matching her coat. She smirked at me - curse that trademark Tsukiyomi smirk!- and entered the room.

"You ready to go?" She asked as I nodded, taking another look at my ponytail in the mirror.

Utau gasped, catching me off guard. She whirled me around to face her again. The action had my head spinning for a moment, before realizing what she was staring at.

My chest.

"Where did those come from?" She asked, pointing to the…er, area. She had no shame in asking me about "them" or even embarrassed by the question at all.

I flushed and looked down.

"N-No where," I stated, trying to cover them up with my arms, but it only seemed to make them look bigger.

Utau laughed. "And to think, just a few months ago you were practically flat!" She continued to have her moment as I looked away, giving my usual sour look.

It was true. Just as Ikuto had left, I had been nothing more than an AA cup. Now, after the months away from him, I had magically grown to a B cup. And it was very noticeable, might I add. Mama had to buy a bunch of new tops for me just so I could close my button down shirts.

"Ikuto hasn't seen that yet, has he?" Utau asked, gesturing to them and raising an eyebrow. I shook my head, refusing to talk. She shook her head as well, but snickered.

"Boy, is he in for it. I wouldn't be surprised if he attacked you right there in the airport," she teased as I turned ten shades darker. God, what if Ikuto DID attack me there? He had no trouble giving me a kiss in front of a bunch of strangers when he left the airport. What would stop him now?

Utau stared at my expression, which had changed into a horrified, twitching, gasping, blushing, mess of chaos. She grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

"I was kidding." She reassured me. "My brother isn't THAT indecent. Well, then again, how would I know? You are the first girl to actually catch his attention."

I gave her a look telling her she wasn't helping at all.

She shrugged in response and sat on my bed, crossing her legs.

"Well, moving on, what are you doing for Christmas break?" She asked, only a little curious by this topic. I thought for a moment. I was planning on spending some time with Ikuto. But maybe Utau wanted that time with him. After all, Christmas was about being with family, right?

"You were going to do something with Ikuto, weren't you?" Utau asked, clearing guessing right.

I flushed. "H-How'd you know that?" Why am I so easy to read when not in my cool and spicy character?

Utau waved her hand. "It's written across your face. You need a better poker face when your guard is down," Utau stated, repositioning herself so her legs were right next to each other. She looked…bored.

"Uh, so, do you have plans with Kukai?" I questioned as a smile formed on her face. She seemed to brighten up at the mention of her boyfriend.

"We haven't exactly spoken about it…" She replied, letting her question linger. "…But I think he's trying to be creative. Planning something totally unexpected and fun. And when this happens, I'll surely beat him to it," Utau exclaimed, excitement overwhelming her. She began swinging her legs and giggling at the thought.

Utau and Kukai had been begun dating when the new school year started. Kukai is technically a year younger than Utau, but was bumped up a grade level because of his status as guardian. How he pulled it off was a mystery to me.

Utau didn't mind the age difference at all though, and the two were pretty competitive despite their love for each other. They like to challenge one another whenever given the chance. And, when one loses, the other just demands for a rematch. It's like a never ending game of who's better.

It was pretty entertaining to watch them though, even Rima was smiling at how funny the two were together. Everyone seemed more energized when around the couple and you'd never get bored.

Utau broke out of her lucky-go-happy mood and checked her wristwatch. "We better leave now. So you can see your boyfriend." Utau hopped off the bed and proceeded pulling me to the car. We sat in the back seat, where the Tsukiyomi's driver escorted us to the airport.

At the end of a very silent and nerve racking ride, we finally stepped foot at the entrance of the airport. There were tons of people waiting, some carrying luggage and others hugging their family members. I had forgotten how busy airports. I could only hope Ikuto didn't notice my…development.

We waited outside in the crisp morning air. Utau waiting with her arms crossed and a disapproving glare on her face. I stood, checking my cell phone for any messages.

"Uh…when does Ikuto get here?" I asked, quickly glancing up at her. She shrugged.

"How should I know?"

"But you said were were already late-" My voice was muffled by a giant tackle. I practically fell from the impact and turned to the person.

"Yaya?" I asked, out of breath.

The girl winked, giving me a sparkly eyed look. "Yaya hasn't seen you in forever! We'd Amu-chi go?" She cried, on the brink of tears.

I sweat dropped.

"Y-Yaya. It's only been about a week," I stated to the bronze-headed girl. Nadeshiko appeared beside her now, laughing at the scene. She pulled the pouting Yaya back.

"Sorry about that, Amu. It's a little early in the morning for Yaya here," Nadeshiko explained. I nodded and anxiously checked the time.

Eight A.M.

Utau squealed, practically shattering my ear drums. I jumped, turning around and facing her. Utau laughed and gave Kukai a hug big enough to strangle him in one squeeze.

"H-Hey, H-Hinamori." He tried to say around the tight hold. We all laughed.

"We miss anything?" Nagihiko wondered, coming into the crowd we began to form. Rima was next to him, her usual glazed look perfected. Only…her face seemed to almost glow, sunshine radiating off her.

"Not much." Nadeshiko informed him, and they shared a secret glance between one another. I never understood how twins did that.

"How is everyone?" Tadase-kun approached us as Yaya pounced on the princely boy.

"You haven't visited Yaya for candy!" She whined as Tadase blushed.

He gave a nervous laugh. "S-Sorry, Yaya." He apologized once Nadeshiko and Rima pulled her off the boy.

I stared at everyone. We all seemed content, happy for Ikuto's new arrival. I was growing a bit impatient and excited every minute, hoping the need to puke never came.

The whole group began talking to one another. Christmas break was probably the best break of the school year. I listened, smiling and agreeing, but Ikuto kept me pre-occupied the entire time. Where was he?

Nine twenty. I watched the clock nervously as it ticked. Ikuto was supposed to arrive here about an hour ago, and there was no announcement about delays. I was beginning to freak out.

What if the plane crashed? Or he fell out the window and their looking for the body? Or…what if he found someone else and decided to run away with her?

I mentally smacked myself. Ikuto wouldn't do that! He wasn't like that at all. The plane's just…stuck in weather? But I knew the answer to that. The airport would have said it was running late.

I sighed, now that we were inside. I sat in one of the airport chairs, leaning forward and looking at my boots.

What if he never came?

"Hey, we're all going to get a bite and come back. There's a food court just a block away. You want to come?" Utau asked as I shook my head.

"Suit it yourself." She sighed and left, along with all my friends. I stared at them, longing to go, but I refused to leave without knowing if Ikuto was okay or not.

A half-hour passed and my stomach began to growl. I looked around and was thankful no one noticed. I tried to calm myself, but then a crazy idea involving Ikuto would pop into my head and I would begin to worry all over again. This wasn't fun.

My phone vibrated and I checked it, revealing a message from Ikuto. My eyes widened in anticipation and fear.


Hey. That was the message. A single, freaken word! Does he not know how worried and crazy I am right now! I'm literally ready to pull my hair out and all he has to say is HEY?

I replied to the message, angry and happy at the same time. I was able to get in a text along the lines of, 'Where the HELL are you?' just before someone hugged me from behind.

"Yaya…" I called, trying to push her away.

But it wasn't Yaya. I was more than relived to see blue eyes and an anticipated face. A funny, bubbling feeling gathered in my stomach.

And then my stomach growled.

I blushed, embarrassed and humiliated. After I see him for the first time in three months, my stomach growls. Nice…

Ikuto smirked though, patting my head and leaning forward. "Looks like my strawberry is hungry." He spoke lowly, the voice I missed so much. He tilted my head up and gave me a kiss.

To think I'd be used to his kisses and calm down around them…I didn't. In fact, I was sure this one was even more amazing than the last, even if I couldn't recall it at the moment.

I wound my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

There was a coughing sound as I pulled away, realizing the audience that gathered. Nagihiko was the one who had made the sound, while everyone else seemed to give me a goofy grin. I flushed and dropped my hands.

"Welcome back, Ikuto." Utau was the first to speak again. I relaxed. The embarrassment was gone. Just as everyone said there hellos, we returned outside to the cars.

"We should celebrate or something…" Kukai suggested.

"We could come to my house," Nadeshiko offered, but we all shook our heads. Her mother and house scared me to death.

"What about Yaya's house?" Yaya exclaimed, jumping into the center.

I sweat dropped.

"We're doing it at my house," Utau declared, authority ringing through her voice. We all agreed except the crushed Yaya.

"NO, NO! We never go to Yaya's!" She complained, Nadeshiko dragging her away.

I walked towards Utau's car when a hand pulled me back. I gave Ikuto a questionable look.

"You're riding with me," he said, as if I had no other choice.

"Aren't we all riding together?" I hoped, but he shook his head. He guided me to another car.

Ikuto pushed me into the back seat and I almost tripped over the roughness of his touch. I came onto the soft and comfortable chair as Ikuto came in next to me, closing the door rather quickly.

This was odd.

"Drive." He ordered to the person in front. The car started and we began to enter the highway.

"That's a little harsh." I gave Ikuto a disapproving look of my own, but he was closer than I expected.

"Amu." He purred into my ear, grabbing my waist and pulling me to him. My cheeks grew immensely hot as I struggled out of the grip.

He sniffed my hair. "Ah, I've really missed you, Amu." He said in a very low voice. He sounded…strange. The way he was speaking was a little…needy?

What if this is what Utau meant by him pouncing on me? What if he attacks me in a car?

I was thrashing my arms and legs around now, trying with a great effort to escape the boy's clutches. He only held me tighter.

"Your hair is longer," He commented randomly as I froze. Ikuto's being really weird right now.

"I-Ikuto…you're acting…strange," I said, trying to avoid any eye contact with him. My blush was enough embarrassment.

"And you've really developed." He added and I snapped. He didn't exactly look or touch there, but it was enough to make me squirm out of his embrace.

"P-Pervert!" I yelled, shooing him away. He pouted, that unfair kitty look appearing on his features.

"Don't be mean, Amu. It's been too long..."

Before I was able to talk back his head fell into my lap.

I froze.

"Ikuto! Don't be all w-weird!" I demanded, but he sighed.

"I'm tired. That plane ride was long," he answered, still lying there. I rolled my eyes and began to comb my fingers through his soft hair. He's such a cat.

He turned his head over, now facing my stomach and pulled on the bottom hem of my shirt. I lifted my hand from his hair.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't I get a coming back present?" He asked, tugging more roughly on the shirt. It took me a few seconds to understand what he meant as he pulled the shirt more anxiously...

I pushed him off, causing him to fall onto the floor of the car.

"PERVERT!" I shouted, crossing my arms. Only, this moment reminded me a time during the prize of the bet. When I was his slave…


"Amu…" Ikuto whined, while I tried to clean up his room. Under his command, of course.

"What?" I asked, harshly. What does he want now?

"Take off my pants." Ikuto mumbled into the bed sheets.

"E-Excuse ME?" I said, my whole face redder than a rose. He can't be serious!

"Come on, Amu. I'm too tired to do it." He complained and I glared, my face still red. I climbed onto the bed, eying his zipper.

"N-No! I can't do it!" I yelled, looking away.

"You have to, Amu. I won the bet, and you have to do whatever I say," he recited the rule, smirking. I hate this sly cat. HATE HIM!

"Don't you dare moan or anything," I threatened, reaching out for his pants button.

I turned my head away and shut my eyes, praying for this moment to just end.

"Amu," Ikuto stated.

"Huh?" I asked, not looking up. My hand was trembling, moving so slowly to his pants, just hovering above the button.

I heard him chuckle.

I turned to face him, bewildered, to see a smirk on his face.

"Were you really going to do it?" He asked and I was beat red from my hairline to the base of my neck.


End Flashback

"Ow…" Ikuto's moaning in pain shook me out of the memory. I looked down at him, not feeling much pity after that comment he had made.

"It's your fault. I don't care if you're tired or what, you're still a pervert." I crossed my arms and glared at him. Only, he wasn't looking at my face anymore. Rather, he was staring a little lower…

The car took a sharp turn and, forgetting to put my seat belt on, I fell forward, onto Ikuto's lap.

"Sorry, sir. Is everything okay back there?" The driver asked, guilty for the bumpy ride.

"Perfect." Ikuto smirked.


We arrived at Utau and Ikuto's house after everyone. Kukai was the first to see us, stretching his arms by the wall.

"Finally. You guys took a while. What were you doing?" He questioned.

"Trying not to get harassed," I muttered under my breath. Hopefully the blushing had subsided.

"We need you in the kitchen, Amu," Utau called. I sighed and went in, leaving the pervert behind.

Ikuto's POV

Amu really had grown. And I don't mean that by height.

The strawberry headed girl sighed and walked into the kitchen, sulking while I stayed in the living room with the guys. Rima and Yaya were in the kitchen as well, so I decided to start up an interesting conversation.

"Hey, Kukai. Does Utau ever make you dinner?" I was casually leaning against the wall, arms crossed and mind wondering off.

Kukai was sitting on a chair, the back facing us while he sat in the opposite direction.

"I…guess not. But, Utau's not really a cook." He tried to defend his girlfriend, just as any good boyfriend would.

I turned to the twin. "And what about you, Nagihiko? Rima make any meals lately?" He sat on the blue couch, hunched over with his elbows resting on his legs in a laid back manner.

"Not…really. No. What are you getting at, Tsukiyomi?" He asked, raising one of his eyebrows. Tadase was a few feet away from him, the exact same look plastered on his innocent face.

I chuckled. "You see? These girls never make us food or stuff. They're making us hold their purses and shopping bags. We are men, now, but we seemed to have lost our pride," I answered.

The guys were silent.

"Yeah!" Kukai was suddenly cheering, agreeing with my observation. "We haven't had much respect, have we? Its pathetic." He shook his head in disgust.

"Well…maybe it's a little annoying…" Nagihiko responded and I smirked. They were coming around. We all turned to Tadase now, who was nervously expecting this.

"I-I don't really think its bad," he whispered to us.

I rolled my eyes, before using the secret weapon. "Tadase. Are you a king? Or a prince?"

Tadase stood up, a large smirk on his face as he shot a fist into the air.

"I'm the King, Damnit! And I say we let go of this foolish girl stuff!" He declared and we all yelled 'Yeah'.

"Girls really need to learn their place," Kukai stated.

"What was that?" A voice threatened behind us.

I knew exactly who it was.

Amu's POV

"So, do you want to do it Amu?" Utau squealed in whispers.

I sighed.

"I don't know. I mean, what would my parents say?" I asked her.

Utau waved her hand lazily. "It's a vacation house you can stay at with all your friends. You can even spend Christmas with Ikuto, and we'll come back Christmas day," she explained.

I just shrugged while Yaya and Rima looked hopeful.

"All right, all right. I'll ask." I sighed, defeated.

Utau gave me a squeezed hug.

"Great! Now all we have to do is tell the boy's," she exclaimed, walking out the kitchen door.

"Girls really need to learn their place," Kukai stated.

We all turned to him, outraged. He…just…said…

"What was that?" Utau threatened, flames in her violet eyes.

Kukai jumped. "N-Nothing…" He answered, looking a lot like bambi.

"Don't back down, Kukai! You have the King on your side!" Tadase announced, releasing an wicked laugh. Great, his character came out.

"We were just saying how girls should learn where they stand. That the men take charge," Ikuto replied. I glared darkly at him. He smirked at my reaction, expecting no less.

"EXCUSE ME?" Utau barked at her brother now, jabbing a finger towards his face.

"NO, NO! Girls are in charge!" Yaya yelled and attacked Tadase while he yelled a charming, "Release me, peasant!" statement.

Rima stomped up to Nagihiko and slapped him across the face.

"Ow! What did I do?" He asked, holding the throbbing cheek in his hand.

"Do you think this is funny?" She hissed, her voice low and vicious.

Everyone was screaming and yelling. This truly was a mad house. Someone needed to get this under control.

I peered at the still stunned Kukai, noticing the whistle hanging around his neck. I grabbed the whistle before I blew into it.

"AH!" Everyone shouted all at once, immediately stopping and covering their ears.

I sighed. "Now…what is this all about?" I questioned, staring at everyone's faces at once.

Ikuto was the one smirking.

"We don't want to be pushed around anymore. We're men, damnit!" Tadase yelled, the King in full power now.

I blinked, insulted. "What? And you think us girls haven't had it with guys?" I shouted, my hands forming into fists.

"Yeah! With all the stupid, Wait till the game is over!" Utau mocked in her deepest voice.

"Or the fact that you'd leave us all hanging for a car," Rima screeched, eying Nagihiko with a murderous glare. He avoided her eyes.

"And because boys seem to have no self control, what-so-ever?" I asked, crossing my arms.

Kukai revived himself. "Hey, wait a minute. We so do have self control!" He finally came back to his senses after Utau's wrath.

"You have as much control as a Donkey's ASS!" Utau fought back to him, stomping over to where he stood. Kukai was quiet again.

There was a loud clap as the lights turned off. Then they flicked back on. We all turned to the kitchen.

Nadeshiko stood there, a pleasant smile on her face. She was up to something, all right.

"Well then its settled…" She said in her sweetest, most innocent voice. "We have a bet…on the boy's self-control."

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