A/N: Im Back

Cassi pov

The man calling himself Captain Jack Harkness leaned against the cell door, looking at me closely.

"You are here simply because we need to know if you are a threat. If not we will let you go. If you are..." He shrugged

I was still mad.

"Threat! What kind of threat can two 19 year old girls cause."

"You seem to have some remarkable powers that humans are not meant to have for at least another 150 years, yet have no trace of alien or time travel about you. So we need to know how you came about these abilities."

"Aliens or time travel? I hate to say this mate, but you're barking mad. There is no such…"

I was cut off by Amber jerking in my arms. Her lips were turning blue, and a gasped choking noise was coming from her throat.


The man who was originally upsetting Amber rushed in and placed his fingers on her neck, as I started to shake.

"Put her on the floor. DO IT NOW. I'm a doctor."

I placed her on the floor and stepped back, shaking harder, as a dark hole started to open in my mind. I watched as the man started to breath for Amber, pressing her chest, but all I could focus on was her blue lips, and a faint thought that filtered thought to me before I passed out.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye."