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Chapter 53

The Invasion, Part 1

"Come on! We have to hurry!" Temari shouted to several of the leaders of the groups that were going to start the invasion, and that now had a very different order.

"You've heard the lady! Half of you will go and alert the people of Konoha, the other half is going to contact the rest of the groups!" The captain of the ambush parties gave orders.

"I'm worried about the outside groups, they need to be warned too, so there is less chance of them being caught in the crossfire." The one disguised as Baki said, earning Temari attention.

"You are right, but we'll have to move with caution, for they are mixed with Otto nins." Temari replied, and the situation began to become more complex.

Outside the walls of Konoha, several groups of either Suna or Otto nins were gathering at different spots, all of them were waiting for the signal to start their assault on an unprepared Konoha… If only they knew what was waiting them inside…

One particular group was preparing a summoning circle, not knowing what was going to be the sacrifice…

"So, what are we supposed to summon here?" one of the suna nins asked to his companion, who just happened to be as clueless as him.

"I'm not sure, I know it's related to that Orochimaru's summoning contract. This size could be for the boss, but I have no idea what is he going to use to summon such thing." The nin replied, but if they had been more attentive, they would have suspected that there was something wrong with the order to wait for the signal INSIDE the summoning circle…

Back at the stadium…

"Participants Reiko Zombolt and, cough! Hinata Uzumaki, please come down to the arena." Hayate called, and both girls were fast to reach the arena.

"Fight fair and, cough! Begin!" Hayate said, and then jumped away, well aware of the terrible battle ahead

"So, Hinata. I've heard that you surrendered Masamune to get married with your beloved one." Reiko stated, looking intently at Hinata, who seemed uncaring about the event. Reiko could have been infuriated by that, but she knew better, Hinata was dangerous for being herself, and not for the sword she used to wield.

"You've heard right. A fair trade I'd say, a simple weapon for a life of happiness." Hinata replied, and that truly angered the new goddess of light.

"A simple wapon?! That was a masterpiece! I understand that true love has no price, but you should have fought to keep such a wonderful weapon!" Reiko shouted, a little incensed, nut still in control, although said control was slipping away due to Hinata's smile…

"Meh, it's gone now, no use to cry over it. Anyway, I believe the battle has already started." Hinata replied, placing her hands on her hips, looking sexy while using an innocent smile.

"Hn. Such a shame you have no weapon, how are you going to stop my new sword? MY NEW ZANKANTOU!" Reiko shouted while unsheathing her katana, it looked less traditional, with a mechanized hilt and pommel, and she was already pointing the blade at Hinata, whose smile quickly turned into a sadistic smirk.

"Who said something about me having no weapon?" Hinata asked, while slightly moving her coat, just to show a belt with something like the hilt of a sword, but without a blade, suddenly the hilt flew to Hinata's open right hand, and a blade of pure light formed from the hilt.

=Start song "The Gate of Magus" by Aquastyle=

Reiko didn't look scared, not at all, in fact, she was happy, for this meant that she was allowed to go all out… She demonstrated this by changing her stance to a samurai-like pose…

"My name is Reiko… Reiko Zombolt, the goddess of light. And there is nothing my sword can't cut!" Reiko presented herself, while the hilt of her katana extended, lightning danced on the blade, and then, suddenly, the sword began to grow, quickly, and formed a gigantic straight sword, so big that it should have been impossible to move…

But Hinata only grinned like a madwoman, and copied Reiko's stance…

"My name is Hinata… Hinata Uzumaki, the Aurora Angel. And there is nothing that I can't overcome!" Hinata more or less copied Reiko's presentation, and the hilt on her hands grew too, and the blade of light became a massive crystal like sword…

'Oh shit!' was the unified thought of those who knew the sword users… while the public was still trying to digest the impossible size of the swords, and how strong the girls required to be to wield them…

"ORA!" Both girls shouted at the same time, and just like that, the gigantic blades collided, so much was the strength of their clash, that both girls were sent back a feet or two, leaving tracks on the ground… and more than half the spectators on the ground due the shockwave.

"Nice, for an amateur." Reiko said to Hinata, who merely chuckled a little.

"Sorry, did you say something? I was kinda distracted by watching my husband smile for me." Hinata said to a now incensed Reiko, who didn't lose time to launch an attack, trying to cleave Hinata in two. But Hinata's sword held true, keeping the powerful Zankantou at bay.

"I'm a Zombolt! I'm a sword master! You just can't expect to win against me in a sword fight!" Reiko shouted, while applying more pressure against Hinata, but Hinata just smiled wickedly at her.

"In a pure sword fight, no. But where you are a swordsmaster, I am a spellsword!" Hinata said while rearing her left fist back, then she formed a drill made of ice, and launched it at grat speed, and spinning with murderous intentions, and Reiko barely had chance to avoid it, giving enough space for Hinata to perform a savage kick, sending Reiko several feet away. Then she tried to use her light sword to strike Reiko, but she was able to block with her Zankantou.

"You may have a wider arsenal, but it means nothing!" Reiko shouted back, while repelling Hinata's sword, then she slashed again, just for Hinata to keep blocking.

With the other participants…

"Hehehehe, it seems our wives are taking this a little too seriously, don't you think?" Naruto asked to Lee, who merely gave a boisterous laugh.

"Damn, both of them are dangerous…" Gaara muttered, not knowing if he could deal with any of them.

"Troublesome… I should forfeit now…" Shikamaru said with a depressed tone.

"I doubt that anyone here would allow you to forfeit… You can pray to not fight with Lee though." Shino said in his usual monotone voice, but the mockery carried in the message was more than clear, and Shikamaru could only groan in despair.

And while in the Zonbolt balcony there were only cheers and shouts of joy, in the Hyuga balcony the elders had their eyes about to come out of their sockets, because this was a fight far beyond anything believable…

Honor balcony…

"Sarutobi… can you explain the level of power displayed in this fight?" The fake Kazekage asked, scared out of his mind.

"I… I honestly don't know…" Answered the fake Hokage, no less surprised than the rest of the people. He was aware of Hinata's power, he just forgotten to take a look in the power carried by that weapon… The Ultima Weapon.

"This reinforce my theory, here, the ancient gods are being reborn. Invitations to Shibusen are in order." Kidd suddenly stated, surprising the Kages, while the Thompson sisters only nodded, agreeing with their meister.

Back in the arena…

Hinata and Reiko were struggling in a weapon lock, none of them giving even an inch, both of them empowered by the heat of the battle, on impulse by magic, the other by divine strength, and the ground beneath them was quickly shattering due to the inhuman force.

"ORA!" Both girls shouted as they kicked each other in the abdomen, both sailed far away from the other, leaving deep tracks on the ground. Both sword users were now in opposite sides of the arena, but even after the brutal fight, none of them showed signs of being tired, at all…

=End of the Song=

"Fantastic! Your skill level is as majestic as your name!" Reiko shouted in delight, although she may have sounded a little mad for some…

"Thank you! And you are clearly fit for your title!" Hinata replied with a cute smile, which only made her more scary due the situation.

"So, Hinata. Would you like if we start using our most powerful techniques?" Reiko asked, loud and clear, most would have lived happily without the idea of seeing the special techniques of the sword users…

"Yay! Special techniques of mass destruction!" Hinata shouted in reply… Things were going to go to hell fast and son…

"And so, with one definitive strike…" Reiko began to say, while reading her Zankantou, charging it with a massive amount of chakra.

"The battle, and our lives, will be decided…" Hinata completed the sentence, the Ultima weapon was sparkling with a colossal amount of energy.

Their battle was one to be written into the legends of the generations to come, and this definitive strike would no doubt end in the records as the most destructive ever witnessed… However, this will be interrupted, because Orochimaru thought that this was the best moment to begin his revenge on Konoha, and with a simple nod to one of the Otto nins, the attack began.

From somewhere among the public, a chakra flare was thrown to the sky, signaling the start of the invasion, and a wide are genjutsu was thrown into the stadium, sending the civilians to sleep… but not the shinobi.

"Not as planned, but still usable." The Kazekage said to Sarutobi, as he took off his clothes, revealing himself as Orochimaru.

"Surprised to see me, sensei?" Orochimaru asked now, smiling evilly toward the Hokage, who merely stared at him with a bored expression.

"Actually, I was wondering when you'll drop the disguise. You still have the bad habit of hissing when you are pondering on something." Sarutobi commented offhandedly, much to Orochimaru displeasure.

"Damn, and I thought I had that under control… Anyway, I think you already know what are this all about, eh?" Orochimaru replied, not scared of the turn of events, for he still believed he had the upper hand.

"You haven't changed a bit, Orochimaru… If you had come to ask forgiveness, if you had shown that you still retained some humanity…" Sarutobi started to ramble, but Orochimaru decided to interrupt.

"Same old Sarutobi… And yet, is good to see you haven't succumbed to whatever happened to this village… I was about to let it exist!" Orochimaru stated with more than a simple glint of mockery.

"You'll have to kill me first, for I won't allow you to hurt the good people of Konoha!" Sarutobi replied, giving a show of the will of fire, much to Orochimaru's amusement.

"That's exactly what I was going to do anyway, so… DIE!" Orochimaru shouted, and then spat at Sarutobi some dark and sticky substance. Sarutobi managed to roll below the ooze, not that it truly surprised Orochimaru, for he knew this wasn't going to be that easy.

"If we have to fight to death, it won't be where you can hurt innocent bystanders!" Sarutobi shouted, and then began to leap out of the stadium.

"It changes nothing, old man Sarutobi, but have it your way!" Orochimaru shouted while giving chase to the aged Hokage.

Meanwhile with the spectators…

"That's him! Soul!" Maka shouted, taking Soul's hand, and immediately transforming him in a deadly looking scythe, much to the amazement of the shinobi present.

"If that is our target, I'll bring you to him, Maka!" Crona said, while making his black wings to appear, and then grabbed Maka and took to the air, to give chase to the one that the Shingami deemed as target.

"HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Blackstar shouted while grabbing Tsubaki in her double kama form, and then began to leap to follow his companions.

"Ha! A surprise attack! Naraku, are you ready to kick some ass?" Matsukaze asked to his eternal friend, who merely shook his head with a smile on his face.

"I'm still injured, so, I may be able to handle only a few dozens of enemies… How about you and your missing eye?" Naraku asked back while standing up, much to the displeasure of Ino, who still had to declare him her boyfriend.

"I'm not blind, so I'm ok! MWAHAHAHAHA!" Matsukaze replied, and Ino barely contained her desire to hit him, for the bad joke, mostly for Naraku being the one to keep with the joke.

"Then let's see who take down more enemies!" Naraku shouted, and while Naraku began to run aimless in search of enemies, Naraku just laughed and followed him at a more comfortable speed.

"Boys…" Ino muttered in annoyance.

"Well, I think we'll have to make sure they don't hurt themselves… I have the first aid kit." Okuni said, while showing the small box with tools to treat minor wounds. Ino only rolled her eyes, but went after the troublesome duo, closely followed by the seemingly harmless priestess.

"These kids, always rushing to get hurt… Well, let's get you to safety, Sakura-chan." Doc said to Sakura, who merely chuckled, for she actually wished to go with Matsukaze and Naraku, doubting that the young priestess was as useful as her.

"Yes, let's go, we have to check on all of our patients too, they will need someone to protect them." Sakura said, allowing Doc to take her away, not that she could show any resistance from her wheel chair.

"Don't worry, we'll protect them all." Doc said with a mysterious voice, while pushing Sakura's chair…

As the rest of the shinobi left or took defensive stances guarding the sleeping civilians, the girls at the arena were currently eyetwitching, because nobody was paying attention to them and their awesome battle.

"This is humiliating…" Reiko muttered, anger pouring out of her at startling levels.

"This is pointless… Hey! Referee! Declare a winner already!" Hinata shouted to Hayate, who immediately wished to have gone to help stop the invasion instead of stay behind with the psycho girls.

"Errrr…" Hayate barely managed to make a sound, when the eyes of both Hinata and Reiko were upon him, and he immediately understood that siding with one of them, will earn the wrath of the other, not a good way to die… Fortunately, he thought on a third answer.

"The battle is not over, it will be resumed once the crisis is overcome!" Hayate replied, and then he darted away, leaving a pair of girls still pondering on the decision.

"What a coward!" Reiko finally shouted, although her rage was gone.

"I think it was a smart move, too bad we'll have our revenge once this charade is over." Hinata added, much to the amusement of the goddess of light.

"Aye! Reiko, come with me, we'll take our frustrations on the invaders!" Lee shouted as he approached the girls, while being followed by Naruto and the rest of the participants.

"Ok, now the real fun begins!" Naruto called, and Hinata started to giggle, which was creepy to everyone else.

"By now, Temari has to have reversed the ambushes that were set by my people. The people of Suna should help you all, and if not, then they are free to die for that traitor of Orochimaru." Gaara said, knowing that there had to be a few suna nins that weren't loyal to the village.

"Sounds like a plan, but, who is going to stay and protect the sleeping civilians?" Shikamaru said, showing his brains before the muscle, and the answer came by new arrivals.

"We'll take care of that, so the killing is for you." Ed said as he arrived along his brother and a few alchemy students.

"Oh Really? I thought you wanted to go with them, you know, with all the bloodshed we partake in the past…" Al began to say, trying to set off his brother, and succeeding in doing so…

"AL! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET!" Ed shouted, while trying to bonk Al in the head.

"Well, let's go out in teams!" Naruto proposed, and before anyone could propose a team, Lee made his choice.

"I call dibs on the wolf." Lee said with a malevolent voice, while placing his left hand on Shikamaru's shoulder, who gave an involuntary shiver…

"Then I and Hinata will be another team. These fools dared to interrupt our duel, and they shall pay with blood!" Reiko shouted, standing next to Hinata

"That leaves us, brother. It will be nice to hunt for souls together." Gaara said, while standing next to Naruto.

"Then let the fun begin." Naruto said with a wicked smile, and soon, both his coat and Gaara's began to sway in a nonexistent wind.

"This is going to be sooo troublesome…" Shikamaru said with a melancholic sigh…

At the same time…

Temari knew she had little time, but she didn't believe it was so little. There were still two groups of suna nins to contact outside the walls, and she decided that the ones on the summoning circle, it was a good idea, but it was too late, with the signal launched, her compatriots activated the circle, sealing their fates in that very moment…

"Oh no!" Temari shouted in despair, for the shape of a gigantic black snake was now visible.

"Finally! And with unwilling sacrifices! Orochimaru must want some big favors today!" Manda spoke, filling the hearts of the suna nins with horror, which was short-lived, for they were immediately devoured by Manda.

"What do we do now?" Temari asked to her companion, who she believed was a veteran hunter nin.

"It's of no use to hide now…" The fake Baki said, and then, in a puff of smoke, a small child, dressed on white hooded robes, was standing on his place.

"Go for the other team, I'll take care of this." The child in white continued, with all the seriousness of the world.

"Who are you?" Temari suddenly asked, for the kid had no hitai-ate, and she was sure she'd never seen him before. The fact that he was a little more than a toddler was overlooked, after all, if her little brother was so scary, who was she to judge another little kid?

"If you may have to have a name, then call me Sparrow. Now go, time is against you." Sparrow replied, and Temari darted to intercept the last team.

"That was quite a show off, Sparrow." An emotionless voice called, and the shape of a man dressed like the kid fell to his side, not scaring the kid at all.

"I felt like it. What do we do now, Altair?" Sparrow replied, and the question seemed more like he knew what was coming.

"Now? Now we put to practice all we know about our art. It's time to show the world that the assassins have not died, that the shinobi can't replace us." Altair replied in a very cold voice, and then, both darted to make a kill on Manda.


Orochimaru kept following Sarutobi without losing track of him, he could have tried to strike, but he had his perfect plan, and he wasn't going to let his eagerness ruin it, for he knew that his sound four were following closely from the shadows, ready to carry his new evil plan, one that was foolproof. Suddenly, Sarutobi stopped in a large roof, and turned around, just to see Orochimaru land in front of him.

"This is as far as you go, sensei. NOW!" Orochimaru shouted, and then four mysterious figures appeared at the corners of the roof, and with some synchronized hand seals, they formed a barrier made of chakra, in the shape of a box, but it was transparent, as if designed to allow everyone to see the battle that was going to take place.

"And this trick? Are you afraid of me running away?" Sarutobi asked, amused by the idea.

"Oh no, sensei. I know very well that you will not flee from our fight, either by honor, or by remorse, you'll see this battle to its bitter end. Your ANBU operatives though, seems to be stupid enough to try to come between us." Orochimaru explained, while a group of ANBU nins tried to hit the barrier to aid their dear leader.

"So, no one can come in or out? Just perfect." Sarutobi said, while watching how Orochimaru began a series of handseals.

"And now, sensei, you'll see the results of my research, and feel true horror!" Orochimaru said, while three coffins began to rise from the ground, but Sarutobi didn't stop him, in fact, he was smiling, and when the third coffin was now fully out of the ground, he began to chuckle, in a very startling way…

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