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Light stood before the entire investigation team, wearing nothing but a pair of thin boxer briefs. As he kept his head bowed low, allowing perfect auburn hair to fall out of place and into his eyes, he grit his teeth and stuggled against the cuffs keeping his hands bound behind him. L, who stood before him in all his winning glory, reached under Light's chin, forcing him to look up at the man who had brought him to his destruction.

"I'm sorry Light-kun. I can honestly say I did not desire for my first ever friend to be Kira. But the evidence speaks for it's self." His voice was cold, but collected. Light's skin crawled with irritation at how this man could keep so calm. Damn him.

Light jerked his head away trying to steal a glance at his father. Soichiro had been quiet ever since he had taken off Light's wrist watch. At first, Light was confident that L would find nothing in the strip search, and gladly removed his socks, shoes, coat, shirt and pants. The boy had gladly held his arms out wide, reminding L of Jesus in the Christian bible. But L felt no sympathy for him. He even smiled slyly, taking a bite of his cake and asked to see Light's watch.

"I have already stripped to my boxers for you L. Now you want to take away a precious gift my father has given to me? I may be intelligent and bold enough that people around me believe I am much older than I really am, but I assure you L, I am still only seventeen. You're in your twenties. This move is highly illegal and although I did comply, here is where I draw the line."

Matsuda stepped beside Light. "He's right L. What more does Light have to do to prove to you he's innocent? You have gone too far this time."

Aizawa agreed. "He has been confined and had his room bugged with cameras. You chained him to yourself, and now you have asked him to strip in front of all of us. What is the point?"

Light smiled. They were all right where he wanted them. "Maybe you really are a pervert L."

L had sighed, obviously very annoyed. "Please, you may be a handsome young man, but I am much to old for you Light-kun. Besides, pretty boys aren't my type. Now please, simply hand me the watch." L stood, holding his palm open.


Soichiro moved beside his teenage son and took his hand. "Light, remove it at once."

"What? Father what are you saying?"

"I am saying to remove this watch. If you have nothing to hide son, then you can allow him to look at it."

Light's eyes had gone wide in utter shock. Did his father know something he didn't? Surely he had no idea of the secret compartment. Or did he? He did buy the watch after all.

Light snatched his arm away. "No. This isn't justice. I am still a minor. Have I no rights at all?"

No one answered. No one wanted to go against the chief of police. L nodded towards Soichiro, who grabbed Light's arm back forcefully and ripped off the watch slinging it towards L. "This is for your own good son."

No! Light began to scream in his head. No no no no no. This can't be happening! The teen struggled to get the watch back, but L was quick on his feet.

"Soichiro, Aizawa, hold him." The two men practically tackled Light to the floor, who was by then frantically trying to get his watch back as fear began seeping through his body causing his heart to beat so fast it almost bounced right out of his chest.

"Let me go! How is this going to solve anything? I did everything you asked L! We need to be catching Kira! This is ridiculous." He struggled against the two men's hold but suddenly, a click was heard, and Soichiro let Light go completely.

"No" He whispered. "No…"

Light eyes snapped over to L who had found his compartment. NO!!

"Light-kun…how very clever. I almost would have never found this. Aizawa, arrest him."

"No. No. L, I- I- I Must have been framed! That's it. He did this! He put the paper there to frame me! It's all a set up!"

The cuffs had come down hard. Light winced in pain. Matsuda shook his head. "Light? After all this time, it really was you?"

"No! Matsuda, you of all people have to believe me. Dad! I didn't do it."

L stood in front of Light. "You can stop pretending now Light-kun. Once I pass this scrap of paper around, everyone will be able to see your shinigami."

Light's head bowed. It was all true. It was then that L lifted his chin, and spoke words Light knew to be lies. He was never L's friend. L only wanted one thing and now he had it.

Light's eyes fell onto his father, who's own eyes began to water and shoulders shake. "Why…my son… Why Light?"

WHY?! The man actually had to ask? Come on, he was a man of justice and he to ask Light why he chose to rid the world of all the rotten people? Of all the criminals stealing from the innocent?

"Because I was the one who found the notebook. Someone had to take action. Someone had to protect the people. You weren't doing it!"

"Light! The police-" L raised his hand to quiet Matsuda.

"All of you, there is no point in arguing with him. He clearly is set on his beliefs." L pressed the button on his intercom. "Watari, Light-kun needs to be locked up and placed in our holding cell while I inform Interpol."

As Watari entered the room with chains and a blind fold for the prisoner, Light began whispering to himself.

"I had come so far. After everything… I had come so far and this is how it ends? So far…"

L smirked. "Light-kun, your hands are cuffed behind you as you stand in your boxer briefs. Watari is now going to chain your feet and place a blind fold over your eyes. Your head is bowed as if almost bowing before me. Before you found the notebook you were at the top of your class with a bright and ideal future ahead of you. Yes, I agree Light-kun. You have come very, very far."

L stood in silence as Light began to shake with pure fear when the blind fold came down, and the chains all snapped into place.

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