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Emmett 'The Beast' McCarty- 23, Bella's Coach

Isabella 'Pinks' Swan-fighter, 21, women's champ

Jasper 'The General' Whitlock- fighter and the men's champ, 23

Edward Mason- Bella's friend Alice's boyfriend, 22

Carlisle 'The Father' Cullen-Jasper's coach, 29

Esme Cullen-Jasper's Stylist and Carlisle's wife, 28

Alice Brandon-Bella's friend, stylist and Edward's girlfriend

Jacob Black-fight promoter, 23, wants Bella

Rosalie McCarty-Emmett's wife, Ring girl, 21, friends with Bella

Tanya Delani-Bella's friend and the fighter Bella won the Championship title from, 27, title holder for 5 years.

Songs used in story:

Bella's-"Rock Yo Hips", "Lip Gloss", Get Low", "Pull My Hair"

Jasper's-"Wait", "Please excuse My Hands", "Lollipop", Figured You Out"


Bella 'Pinks' Swan is a professional fighter. While she's doing an interview about winning the women's championship, she's asked about the men's champ. What happens when she challenges him to a fight?? Ja/B


Chapter One

"Jasper!!" I hear my coach Carlisle yell my name from his office.

I stop hitting the heavy bag and walked into his office. Carlisle has been my coach and close friend for the past 8 years. He used to be a fighter but when he got married his wife Esme told him he had to quit. He fought the same weight class as me the 175-180. I'm the current Men's Middleweight Champion and I have held the title for the past two years. I love fighting; I've been doing it my whole life so I figured I might as well get paid for it.

"What? I was training." I say, not really bothered by the interruption.

"Your never gonna believe what's happened! Do you remember that girl that came in here about 2 years ago, asking me to train her? Her name was Isabella. But I said no because you had just won the title and I knew you needed all of my focus on you. So she went to McCarty instead, well I wish I would taken her on. She just beat Tanya Delani. She's the new Women's Middleweight Champ." Carlisle said running a hand through his light blonde hair.

I was shocked. I did remember her, mostly because I thought she was to small and cute to be a fighter. There was just something so soft and delicate. She had this innocence about her that was just so different then most women I knew. But I was so shocked because Tanya is a great fighter. She's ruthless and hard, hell she held the women's title for almost 5 years.

"You're kidding me." That's all I could say.

"No and that's not all! Look at what she said about us in her latest interview. I don't know how I missed her. This is gonna be great for us!" Carlisle sounded excited so she must have said something good.

I was wrong.

I turned to the TV just as he was hitting the play button, and I saw the most beautiful brown haired and green eyed women I'd ever seen in my life. I couldn't see her body but I could tell with a face like that it was probably just as perfect as the rest of her.

"Is it true you first went to Carlisle Cullen, who trained the Men's Champ Jasper Whitlock, to train you but he turned you down?"A pretty young reporter asked her.

"Actually that is true. I almost made that careless mistake but thank gosh I found Emmett McCarty. He's done well by me, and if I had went to Carlisle nobody would even know my name. Look at the Men's champ. He hasn't had a real fight since he won the title, I mean Jasper's a great fighter but I could probably take him by now." That beautiful voice. Wow. Wait a minute.

"What the hell! Did that little...GIRL just call me out?" I yelled. I heard a few muffled laughs and turned around to see half the gym watching. I slammed the office door closed.

"What the hell we gonna do?" I all but screamed at coach. "What do you mean 'this is gonna be great for us'?" Carlisle was way too excited.

"This is not good us at all!" Was I the only one pissed off?

"Yes, it is. Now everyone is going to be talking about us!" Carlisle ran a hand through his blonde hair.

"Yeah saying bad shit!" I was yelling again "She's not gonna get away with that! If she thinks she can beat me let's find out."

"WHAT!" now Carlisle was yelling. "You can't ask her for a fight."

"Why the hell not. She's so confident!" I yell back

"She's a woman!"

"She's a fighter!" We're both shouting at each other almost in each other's faces.

"YES! A female fighter and she weighs 127 pounds Jasper are you crazy! You'll kill her. She's 5'4 for God's sakes, your 6'3 and 180 pounds. You got a foot and 60 pounds on her! She'll never agree." That was true but he didn't know what I was thinking yet.

"Exactly." That was the idea." You start making phone calls get everything set up. I'm The General no little girl is gonna ruin my rep." I said with a smile" Also I'm going to need to have you call Esme I need to look good for the press conferences and reporters."

"Whatever you say Jazz." Carlisle says picking up the phone.