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You all asked for more Emmett/Jasper so who am I to deny you?? This takes place in Chapter 26 when they are on the bus to East High. Since it was in BPOV we missed what happened during the ride up there since she was asleep…


"Hey now, you're an all-star get your game on, go playyyy!" Emmett sang as we boarded the bus. For being up so early in the morning, Emmett was annoyingly energetic.

"Why hello there kind sir! Where will you be escorting us to this fine morning?" He addressed the bus driver with a cheesy British accent.

The old man just stared at him and grunted. That didn't phase Emmett though, he hopped in the middle isle of the bus and greeted everyone, "GOOD MORNING ALL!!"

"Shut up Emmett!" I heard a very cute, very agitated voice growl from the back of the bus.

"Aww, Bella! Don't be a grump!" he called back to her cheerily.

"Be quiet, let me get some sleep and I won't be grumpy." she snapped back.

Emmett turned around to face me with a 'can-you-believe-how-cranky-she-is?' look, "Okay, sheesh. Edward, enjoy your bottle of sunshine."

Well of course she's not going to be all flowers and rainbows when you yell at her at five freakin' a.m.

I smiled when I saw her curled up on the small bus seat, placed my lips right above her ear and whispered, "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

Her brown eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at me, "Hi."

"Good morning." I leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead. "So, can I sit with you?"

"Of course." She scooted out and offered me the window seat.

I threw my gym bag underneath my feet and positioned myself in the corner of the wall and backrest. Bella crawled back in and immediately laid her head on my shoulder. Not even a minute later, I could hear her even breaths signaling she was sound asleep.

We waited a few more minutes before both teams were present and then headed off. Ben carefully turned around in his seat and gave me a knowing look. I snickered as I glanced beside him and saw Angela quietly snoring in his ear.

"Why is everyone so dead?!" Emmett asked in disbelief. "Come on guys, aren't you pumped?!"

The entire bus just groaned back sleepily.

"You're pumped right Jazz? Eddie?" He looked hopeful.

"Give me a chance to wake up first, then I'll feel a little more excited…" I mumbled and rested my head against Bella's.

"Well I for one am ready to kick some basketball butt!" Jasper cheered from beside Emmett.

"Right on, brother!!"

To help them 'get in the zone,' Emmett pulled out his iPod and stuck the right ear bud in Jasper's ear, and the left one in his own.

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog, DUH-NUH-NUH, he was a good friend of mine, DUNUNULALOOOOO, I never understood a single word her said, but I helped him a-drink his wine!" Emmett belted out.

"He always had some mighty fine wine!" Jasper praised, raising his hands in the air.

Emmett followed his lead, and together they swayed back and forth as they sang. "Sing it! Joy to the world…all the boys and girls now, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea ans joy to you and me!"

Coach Clapp whipped her head around and narrowed in on Jasper and Emmett, "Well aren't you boys just a little musical this morning."

"Yes ma'am." Jasper grinned widely.

"Just keep your tunes PG-13." She warned with an accusing finger before facing the front again.

Of course, now having been given permission to aggravate the entire bus the whole ride there, Emmett and Jasper scrolled through their play list.

They must have decided on a song because both of my brothers started to stomp their foot to the beat and clap their hands.

Jasper cleared his throat, and drawled the lyrics in a southern twang, "If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I'd been married long time ago, Where did you come from, Where did you go, Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe?"

He repeated this five more times and each new chorus, Emmett would try one of the dance moves in his seat.

He attempted this one kick-step-step-kick move that landed him in the floor. It was also at the same time we drove over a pothole, so as Emmett made contact with the ground, he bounced back up and hit his funny bone on the corner of a seat.

The people around him burst into laughter and I tried to stifle mine in fears of waking up a grumpy-when-she-doesn't-get-enough-sleep Bella.

By the time Emmett had recovered from his injury, Jasper had picked out another song. This time they started snapping and shaking their heads and hips as they waited for the lyrics to start. Jasper started singing softly, "Jitterbug." -snap,snap-"Jitterbug." –snap, snap- "Jitterbug." –snap, snap- "Jitterbug." –snap, snap- Then Emmett chimed in, "You put your boom boom into my heaarrtt, You send my sould sky high when your lovin' starts. Jitterbug into my brain,"

Jasper interrupted in a girlish voice, "Yeah, Yeah!"

"Goes a bang, bang, bang 'til my feet do the same. But something's bugging you, something ain't right, my best friend told me what you did last night! Left me sleepin' in my bed. I was dreaming, but I should have been with you insteaaddd!"

Then to my surprise, Ben, Tyler, a few girls, Coach Clapp, and even the bus driver joined in, "Wake me up before you go-go, Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo. Wake me up before you go-go I don't wanna miss it when you hit that highhhhhhhhhhh!!"

The bus erupted into giggles and people called over to Jasper and Emmett to pick another song.

"Alright Eddie, you have to sing this one with us." Emmett cleared his throat and addressed everyone on the bus, "I dedicate this song on behalf of Bella, since she is currently unconscious, to our dear Eddie!"

Jasper clicked play and I waited to hear what they had chosen. "Oh Eddie, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Eddie!" –clap,clap- "Hey Eddie!"

I buried my face in my hands as people started to join in, "Oh Eddie, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Eddie!" –clap,clap- "Hey Eddie!"

"Oh Eddie, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Eddie!" –clap,clap- "Hey Eddie!"

I finally lifted my head from my hands, only to find all awakened passengers of the bus staring at me expectantly to join them in the new verse.

Oh, what the hell!

I waited for Emmett and Jasper to start singing again and belted out the lyrics with them, "Hey Eddie, you've been around all night and that's a little long, you think you've got it right, but I think you've got it wrong. Why can't we say goodnight? So you can take me home, Eddie."

"Cause when you say you will, it always means you won't. You're givin' me the chills, baby, please baby don't. Every night you still leave me all alone, Eddie!"

At this point, Emmett had positioned himself in front of Bella and placed his thumb on her chin so when he moved it up and down it looked like Bella was singing too.

"Oh Eddie, what a pity you don't understand. You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand. Oh Eddie, you're so pretty can't you understand? It's guys like you Eddie. Ooh what you do Eddie, do Eddie. Don't break my heart, Eddie! Hey Eddie!"

Then all of the sudden Bella moved her head and mumbled something. Emmett froze in his place and carefully removed his fingers from Bella's face. The bus got eerily quiet as we waited to see what she was going to do next.

"Emmett…jerk…pain…in my rear end." Bella grumbled and buried her head in between my shoulder and the bus seat.

We all stayed silent for another moment before Jasper couldn't hold his laughter in any longer. "Pthfffffftt!!" he wheezed out and then doubled over as Emmett held his sides.

Angela popped her head up then and looked around warily, "What'd I miss?" she yawned.

"The most kick ass sing-a-long ever!" Emmett reprimanded her.

"Language!" Coach Clapp hollered.

We settled back into our seats and realized the fun, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs mood was a lost cause now. Emmett wrapped his head phones around the small device and tucked it away in his bag.

We still had a good twenty minutes of the ride left, so Jasper decided to hold a ridiculous conversation with an oblivious Bella.

"Hey Bella…" he called softly.

"Hmmm Jazz?" she mumbled.

"I have a question."

"Hmmm Jazz?" she repeated.

"Are eyebrows considered facial hair?"

"Mmm…no." she answered simply.

"Why? Eyebrows are on your face." Emmett added.

She replied with some garbled words and then forcefully said, "They're not!"

"Calm down Bella, it was just a question." Jasper explained in his best calm voice while trying not to laugh.

I had never realized how alike Jasper and Emmett were, but now that I look at them, as they both harassed my girlfriend in her sleep, I could tell the family resemblance.

Oh my god, I hope I'm not like that…

"Jasper…Alice. I need a left shoe." Bella sighed, completely forgetting about her previous train of thought.

"Okay, here you go." Emmett said as he offered her an invisible left shoe, I'm guessing.

"Oh, thank you Emmett. Rose?"

"Yes Bella?" Emmett answered her again, but this time in a high squeaky voice.

"Imposter!!" Bella raised her voice and sat up.

That did it for Jasper and Emmett who leaned on each other for support in their fit of giggles.

"Ugh…!" Bella growled before she laid back down.

"Okay guys, you've had your fun. Leave Bella alone." I said seriously.

"Come on Eddie, she won't even remember anything. We're just having fun, don't be so grumpy, you look like Bella." He snickered.

I just rolled my eyes and tried to relax the rest of the way there.

Ten minutes later we arrived in front of East High School and the team started to file off the bus. I gently shook Bella and whispered in her ear, "Bella, we're here. Time to get up."

"No." she groaned.

I chuckled at the expression on her face. Her brows were furrowed together and she kept pulling the hood of her sweatshirt further over her eyes.

"Having a little trouble awaking the sleeping beauty?" Jasper smirked.

"Of course." I joked back.

"Well I can help you with that!" Emmett said proudly.

"Emmett…I don't think you should do that…" Jasper warned.

"Oh puh-leeze! Like I'm going to pass up an opportunity to annoy Bella!"

Before I could stop him, he grabbed each of Bella's shoulders and jiggled her around, "WAKEY, WAKEY TIME TO SHAKEY!!"

"Emmett! Stop!" she squealed.

"I told you she'd get mad." Jasper snickered while shaking his head.

"Well tell Edward that, it was his idea!" Emmett defended.

I opened my mouth to object but was cut off by Bella's bothered voice.

"How about you all just leave me alone." She snapped and hid her face in the crook of my neck.

I shot Emmett a 'haha-she's-not-even-mad-at-me' look and at the same time noticed we were the only ones left on the bus.

"Bella, we really do have to get off the bus now…" I whispered again.

"Fine!" she huffed dramatically and slung her bag over her shoulder. I watched her stumble off the bus and catch up with Angela.

"Dude, your girlfriend is not a morning person." Jasper laughed.

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Songs used in this outtake in order they appeared:
All Star – Smash Mouth
Joy to the World – Three Dog Night
Cotton-Eye Joe – Rednex
Jitterbug (Wake me up before you go-go) – Wham!
Hey Mickey – Toni Basil



"Yes Bella?" Emmett answered her again, but this time in a high squeaky voice
"Imposter!!" Bella raised her voice and sat up.


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