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Summary: Buffy's pregnant. What does a prophecy have to do with this? Set mid season 6, after 'Dead Things' and before 'Older and Far Away'.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drug Stores, or anything used in this story. The only thing I own is the plot which has undoubtedly (did I spell that right?) been used before. Joss owns the characters, I just like to play with them =D


The sky was pitch black as an army of demons launched themselves over the horizon. Buffy looks over at her companions, nods at them, and gives the child in her arms to Anya, who teleports out right after. The demons come closer as Buffy shouts a battlecry and launches herself forward.

"AHHHH!" Screamed Buffy as she sat upright in her bed, breathing heavily. She looked over at her alarm clock while moving her hair out of her face. It was 3:36am. She sighed and layed back down, closeing her eyes, then bolted upright and ran out of the room with her hand covering her mouth. Not even bothering to lift her hair out of her face, she puked into the toilet bowl in the bathroom across the hall.

Dawn sleepily walked into the room, rubbing her eyes. "Buffy, whats wrong?" She yawned, then seeing her sister on the floor beside the toilet, she woke up a bit more. "Buffy?" Dawn ran over to her sister and kneeled in front of her. Looking at Buffy's face and hair (and a peek in the toilet bowl to make sure), she walked to the tub and put the plug in, turning on the water. After adjusting the water she turned back to her sister. "Buffy, please tell me whats wrong."

Buffy looked up at Dawn for the first time and started standing up. "I'm fine. I guess it's just a stomach bug," she said, going to the sink to rinse out her mouth.

Dawn looked at her suspiciously. "I thought slayers didn't get sick. That an extra strong immune system came with the slayer package."

"They do. I do. That doesn't mean we can't get sick. Remember that time I had to go to the hospital with that flu thing and almost died trying to save those sick kids? BUffy replied, tuning back aound to face her sister.

Dawn turned around and shut off the water before replying. "Yeah, I guess. Anyway, your bath is ready. You should probably get in it to help you feel better."

"Yeah, thanks," Buffy said absentmindedly.

Dawn walked out and shut the door. She knew something was up with her sister, but she didn't know what. She shook her head and started walking back to her room, passing Willow on the way. She had been making her way to the bathroom to see what all the comotion was about.

"Dawn, what's going on?" She asked, taking a look at the closed door and yawning slightly.

"Oh, it's nothing. Buffy just has the flu or something," she replied walking to her door.

"Is she okay?" Willow asked, worried for her best friend. She started walking toward the bathroom, only to be stop by Dawns hand on her shoulder.

"Don't. She's taking a bath." Then as an afterthought, added, "And hopefully washing her hair." Off of Willows confused look she stated simply, "Vomit chunks."

"Oh, well, goodnight. Ill stay up and check on her when she gets out." Dawn nodded and walked to her bed, leaving Willow to shut her door for her.

Buffy sat down in the bath and laid her head oin the side, closeing her eyes. Flashes from her dream came back to her and she abruptly opened them again with a gasp. "What the hell?" she breathed. "Okay, calm down. It's only a slayer dream. I can deal with an army of demons," she reassured herself.

Then what's with the kid?

Buffy thought about this for a moment. It could just be a kid she was babysitting, or Anya's and Xanders kid because who knew with those two.

It had your blonde hair.

Her eyes grew wide as she tried to contradict this but found she couldn't. "Stupid inner voice," she whispered. Then the meaning of what the voice said sunk in. I can't be pregnant, she thought. I mean, the only person I've been with lately is dead. Sterile.

Didn't Cordelia call you recently to say Angel had a kid?

That's true, that did happen. Oh god. I need to take a pregnancy test.

She hurriedly finished washing and drained he tub, pulling on her bathrobe. She ran out the door and almost collided with Willow who was standing in the hall.

"Hey Wil!" She called rushing past her to her room.

"Buffy! Wait up! Are you alright?" Willow followed, calling after her. She found Buffy in her closet, looking for clothes.

"Buffy? Where are you going?" She asked, sitting down on Buffys bed.

"No where," Buffy said coming out with jeans and a t-shirt in hand.

"No where? 'Cause it sure looks like somewhere to me," Willow countered eyeing the clothes.

Buffy started changingwhile saying, "I'll only be gone 20 minutes tops. Hey, do you know of any 24 hour drug stores in town?"

Willow looked confused but answered anyways. "Uh, yeah. On Kingsley. Um, are you feeling any better? 'Cause I don't think you should be going out if your s---" She cut herself off as why Buffy would need a drugstore when she was sick crossed her mind. "Buffy, your not, are you?"

A flash of guilt flitted over Buffys features. "I don't know. That's why I'm going to the drugstore."

Willow looked shocked and disbelieving as she tried to understand how Buffy could be pregnant. "Wait, I didn't evenknow you had a boyfriend, how can you be pregnant?"

"Uh," Buffy started. Spike definatly isn't my boyfriend. But I can't tell Will I've been sleeping with him, she thought. Although instead of saying that, she said, "Well, I've been keeping him a secret because, well, I think I deservea secret or two, don't you?" Her voice rised with each word. "I mean, you didn't tell anyone about Tara for a while, Xander and Anya didn't tell anyone they were engaged until months after it happened. I NEED SECRETS TOO YOU KNOW!"

"Willow looked at her in shock. "Buffy, I-I didn't mean anything by it. I-It's just," she sighed, looking down. "It's just I don't know what to think."

"Just leave me be for a little while," Buffy replied, lowering her voice to an almost pleading tone. "I'll tell you when I'm ready."

Willow nodded her head and started out the door. She stopped and turned back around to add, "Good luck," then went back to her room.

Buffy stared after her for a second before heading downstairs and grabbing her purse from the table. Just in case, she also grabbed a stake from her weapons chest in the living room before walking out the door.

The night was chilly as Buffy made her way throught the streets of Sunnydale. The wind changed direction and she got a tingle on the back of her neck, signaling that a vampire was nearby. Buffy reached into the inside of her jacket and produced a stake. She walked a few more steps before spinning around on one foot and lifting her stake, only to lower it again when she saw who it was. "What are you doing here Spike?" She asked the bleached blonde who smirked and walked towards her seductively in return.

"Just out for a evening stroll, luv. I could ask you the same question," he replied, pulling her into the bushes and kissing her.

Buffy sighed and pushed him away. "Not now Spike. Also, evening are considered evenings from 6-8 pm. Anytime after is just night." Spike looked at her funny and pulled her back when she started to walk away.

"Slayer? What's wrong? He asked.

She looked him in the eyes, ready to answer, when she remembered the predicament she was in. She blushed and looked away, responding with a murmurred, "nothing".

He looked down at her. "It's something Buffy. I can tell."

Tears started falling from her eyes. "It's nothing. I just need to get something and I'll be fine." She started crying harder now as she tried to deny what was happening. "I'll just go get it and everything'll be fine. It will just be a fluke, and I will not be pregnant!" She was openly crying now and collapsed to the ground. Spike looked down at her in shock, then sunk to the ground and hesitantly wrapped his arms around her.

"Buffy, calm down. Shh. Talk to me," he soothed. "Buffy, you have to talk to me."

"I can't," she sobbed, "I can't"

"You can, Buffy. You can," Spike told her rubbing her back. "Calm down." He held her until she stopped crying. When she stopped, he tilted her chin up and looked her in the eyes. "Can you talk to me now?"

She nodded and stood up, wiping her eyes. "Where do you want me to start?"

"The beginning."

Okay," she took a breath and recalled all the events of the last hour to Spike, who just sat and listened the whole time. "And then I started walking to the store and you know the rest," she finished.

Spike looked at her, then pushed himself up from the tree hehad been leaning on, and walked past her. He turned around after a few seconds and stared at her. "So, you cheated on me." It wassn't a question.

She looked at him in shock. "No, yor the only one I've been with since I've been back. Besides, we aere never dating so I couldn't have cheated on you," she told him, appalled he would think she would do something like that.

"It's not possible. I can't have kids," Spike told her.

"Angel did," she stated simply.

He just looked at her dumbly and she grabbed his arm, pulling him back towards the street. "C'mon. We don't even know if I'm pregneant for sure yet." Spike just let her pull him through the streets, thinking about the notion of becoming a father. He didn't even know where he was until Buffy startd piling pregnancy tests into his arms.

"Uh, Buffy?" He called.

"Yeah?" She asked while searching the shelves to make sure she didn't forget a brand.

"Don't you only need one?" He motioned to the mountian in his arms.

"I need to be sure. I mean, It's not everyday a vampire knocks a slayer up. Besides, I'm only taking one tonight, the others I'm gonna take home so I can take one everyday until their gone. Once I'm positive that I am pregnant I'll make an appointment with a doctor," she tells him, looking at him as if he should've known that already.

"Uh, okay," he replied. They walked up to the counter and payed for the rest of the tests before Buffy asked the clerk if she could use their bathroom. They were pointed in the right direction and walked to the back right corner of the store where there were two bathroom marked 'Men' and 'Women'.

Buffy grabbed a test out of his arms. "Wait here," she said.

He waited outside the door for a few minutes before getting nervousand knocking on the door. "Come in Spike," Buffy called throught the door. He opened the door and found her pacing back and forth with the unopened box in her hand.

He sighed and came into the room, shutting the door behind him and setting the shopping bag on the counter. "Buffy, luv, you have to take the test," he told her, grabbing her shoulder and effectively stopping her.

"I-I can't. What if it says yes? O-Or worse, no, and we were just getting worked up over nothing? she said, shaking her head.

"You have to take it. Please," he pleaded.

Buffy looked at him for a minutes, then nodded and opened the box, pulling out the stick. Spike respectivly turned around and waited while she took the test.

"You can turn around now," she called out to him. He did what she said, and found her standing awkwardly by the sink. She mumbled something so low even his enhanced vampire hearing couldn't pick up what she said.

"Pardon?" He asked, coming closer to her.

She raised her voice a bit. "I said, thank you," she paused. "For doing this. You didn't have to and it was awfully sweet of you."

He smiled a bit. "Your welcome." They stood there for a minute in a comfortable if not awkward silence before Spike finally spoke up. "Um, luv? I think it's time to look now."

She looked up at him nervously. "I can't."

Spike sighed and held out his hand, knowing she would never let him look first. "Fine. Give it here."

"NO! I will look at it first," she glared at him. Spike just smirked.

Buffy lifted the stick up to eye-level. Her eyes grew wide and she dropped the test to the ground with a gasp.

Spike ran up to her and grabbed her shoulders. "Buffy, what's wrong?" He asked. When she didn't respond he shook her shoulders. "Buffy!?" When she still didn't respond, he bent down nd picked up the test. Postitive. Okay, now I know why Buffy's freaked he thought. He walked over to the counter and picked up the bag of tests, then went back to Buffy, we're gonna get you home now."

Buffy nodded slightly and allowed Spike to steer her out of the store. He held onto her as he led her through the streets to her house.

"Buffy, we're here," Spike told her, leading her over to the doorstop. She looked up at the lightening sky.

"Suns almost up," she noted.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Spike said, also looking up.

She b;ushed slightly and looked down at her feet in an attempt to hide it. "Um, your never gonna make it to your crypt in time. You can have the couch if you want."

Spike looked at her in shock for the upteenth time that night. "Are you serious?"

"Uh-huh," she looked back up at him with a hint of her blush still on her face.

"But what about Red and Niblet? Aren't they gonna wonder why the Big Bad is crashing on their couch?" He asked, still in shock (although secretly ecstatic).

Buffy rolled her eyes and unlocked the door, motion for him to come in. "Technically," she said once they were both in the house, "it's my couch, and we'll tell them about us later on today." She looked up at his dumfounded face. "What?" She asked.

Spike scrambled around for words for a few seconds before saying (or asking as is more accurrate), "You're seriously gonna tell your friends about us?"

She laughed hysterically for a couple seconds before calming down enough to talk. "I'm not telling Xander, and I'm definatly not calling Giles up in England to tell him that we've been sleeping together and are now going to have a miracle child. Are you nuts?" She burst into laughter again at the thought but quickly calmed herself down when she saw Spikes hurt look. She calmed herself down once more and added, "But I will tell them someday before the baby is born. As for my other friends, Dawn will be thrilled, Wilow will be hurt that I didn't tell her but she'll be fine with it, I have a sneaking suspicion that Anya has been on to us, and Tara already knows."

Spikes jaw dropped. "Glinda knows? How did she find out?"

Buffy looked a bit guilty as she smiled softly. Um, remember a couple days ago when I thought I killed Katrina? Well, I sort've had a mental breakdown and she was witness to it. Us sort've slipped out during said breakdown." She looked at his shocked face once more before moving into the living room to close the drapes. " You can sleep on the couch. Dawn will be up in about an hour to get ready for school, just to warn you. If she asks why your sleeping on the couch, just say that I let you stay here because you couldn't get to your crypt in time before the sun came up or something. if you need anything, I'll be in my room." She started walking up the stairs.

It was then that Spike decided to come out of his trance. "Do you mind if I use your phone?"

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