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Prophecy Child Chapter Two: We few, we (un)happy few

Ring, Ring, Ring

Cordelia looked at Angel. "I can't grab it, I'm feeding Connor."

Angel sighed and walked over to the Hyperion Hotel's front desk to pick up the phone. "Angel Investigations, Angel speaking." Nobody answered. He waited a couple more seconds. "Hello?" There was still no answer. He sighed again and hung up the phone. "No one on the other end Cor." He started walking back to Cordelia and Connor but the phone rang agin. Groaning, he walked back to the desk and grabbed the phone. "What?" he asked angrily.

"How?" A small voice asked through the receiver.

Angel looked confused. "How, what? Who is this?"

The voice got a bit louder, and there waqs a hint of anger in it. "How did you do it?" The voice spat.

"Spike?" Angel asked.

"Yes, now how did you do it?" Spike replied through gritted teeth.

"Do what?" an exasperated Angel asked.

Spike finally lost his cool and yelled so loud that Angel had to remove the receiver from his ear. "Father a child!" Connor started crying and Cordelia started rocking him to calm him down. She looked over at Angel in alarm, having heard what was said.

"Spike calm down. Why do you even want to know?" Angel asked. "Wait, are you crying?" Is Wiliam the Bloody crying?" Angel laughed.

"No," Spike lied.

Angel listened while Spike spoke to someone on the other end of the line.

Dawn crept down the stairs and stared at Spike throught the rails. He wiped at his eyes and said 'No' through the phone. "Spike?" Dawn called from the stairs.

He turned around. "Nibblet. What are you doing up? There's still another half-hour before you need to get ready for school."

She stared at him incredilously. "I heard yelling. Spike? Are you crying?" SHe peered harder throught the rails at his face.

Spike wiped his eyes again and sniffled. "No," he lied again. "And I'm here because I was, uh, walking by your house when the, uh, sun started coming up so your sis let me in," he struggled through the words.

"Oh," Dawn continued down the stairs and walked over to Spike. "Who are you talking to?"

Spike looked down at the phone. "Oh, uh, no one you know. I really need to get back on the phone now. How about you go back to bed and I'll wake you up to get ready for school." HE put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around, lightly nudging her in the direction of the stairs.

"Fine, I get it," Dawn snapped angrily. "Little Dawnie can't hear, she's too young. Well you just wait. ONe day I'll know something you're not allowed to hear."

"Dawn calm down. I'll tell you later today when I've figured some things out, but you can't know until I have all the 'little' facts." He smiled at his use of the word little.

She sighed and went back upstairs. Spike put the phone back up to his ear.

Angel listened but only caught a couple of words. He didn't know who Spike was talking to until he heard someone yelling at him. Angels eyes widened. Dawn he thought. A low growl escaped his throat as he slammed the receiver down. "Cordy, get some clothes packed and hand me Connor."

Cordelia took one look at Angel's livid face and obeyed, quickly handing over the baby and running out the front door to her apartment. "Wesley!" Angel yelled. The British man came running out of his office, glasses askew and hair messy.

Wesley paled when he looked at Angels face. "What is it?"

"Pack some bags, we're going away for a while. Is Gunn with Fred?"

Wesley anxiously looked toward the stairs, worried about how Fred would react upon seeing Angels very angry expression. "Yes," he whispered.

Angel looked toward the stairs. "Good. Now go!" He said to Wes before Wesley ran out of the building much like Cordelia. Angel walked over to the stairs, ignoring Connors cries. "Gunn! Fred! Get down here!" he heard a small 'oof' as someone fell upstairs before hearing two sets of feet thundering down the stairs.

Fred was the first one down the stairs,a little out of breath and a developingbruise on her forehead. "Yeah Angel?" Gunn came to a stop behind Fred, then seeing the look on Angels face he moved Fred behind him.

"Angel, calm down. What is it?" He said cautiously.

"PAck some bags, we're going on a road trip," Angel said before stomping upstairs to his room to get him and Connor packed, who was still cryin.

Fred and Gunn looked at eachother and ran back upstairs, nobody hearing the phone ringing yet again.

Bugger hung up on me. Spike placed the phone back on the cradle andwandered over to the kitchen.I'll just call back in a couple minutes then. He looked in the cupboards until he found something he thought looked relativly easy to make for Dawn and Buffy. He took out all the ingrediants and put then in a pan, tuning on the stove before heading back into the living room to call Angel. No answer. Spike scowled at the phone after he hung up, but he soon remembered breakfast. He walked back into the kitchen and gasped. "Oh bugger," he said before running to the stove and turning it off. He picked up the pan and stared at its contents.

"Holy crap!" Dawn coughed. Spike looked at her through the smoke.

He held the an out to her. "I made pancakes."

Dawn took the pan out of his hands and dumped the contents into the garbage. "I see that. Although next time, dont put our leftover cake from last night's takeout into a pan and put it on the stove," she said as she put the pan in the sink and opened the windows to air out the smoke.

Spike looked to the ground, "oh," he said.

"It's okay though. I'll just have cereal," Dawn said while hopping up onto a stool at the island and pulling a bowl to her spot.

Spike watched her mull around the kitchen, getting a bowl, a box of something that smelled like wheat and sugar, and milk. I'll never be able to cook like that for Buffy and the baby he thought.

A car honked outside and Dawn stood up from the island and grabbed her schoolbag and books. "That's Xander, gotta book it. Bye!" She ran out the kitchen and out the door as anothe impatient honk sounded.

"Bye," Spike whispered. He looked around the kitchen before sighing and heading back to the living room.

Willio walked downstairs in her blue cotton Kitty pyjamas, thinking about Miss Kitty Fantastico, her and Tara's late shared kitty. "Poor Miss Kitty." she mumbled. "Just wasn't fast enough to dodge Dawns broken crossbow, were you?" She got to the bottom of the stairs and turned right to head into the living room. "Ahh," she screeched and ran back upstairs directly to Buffy's room. She ran in and shut the door behind her. "Buffy?" Willow called, shaking her friends sleeping orm lightly, not forgetting their conversation from the previous night. "Buffy!" She called a bit louder.

The blonde sat upright in bed. "Kitten Poker!"

Willow raised an eyebrow. "Kitten Poker?"

Buffy looked at her. "Weird drea," she stated, remembering a strange montage involving herself, Spike and the gang playing the game with the song 'Cat Scratch Fever' playing in the background. "Wait, Willow? What are you doing in my room?"

"Why is Spike sleeping on our couch?"

Buffy stared at her friend. "Uh, because we ran into eachother last night just before he would have gone extra crispy. He didn't have time to get back to his crypt so I told him he could sleep on the couch." She told her, wanting to wait until Spike was up before they told Wil and Dawn.

"Oh," she said. "So did you, uh, find out about that, uh, thing we were talking about? Last night?" Willow sat down at the edge of Buffy's bed.

Buffy looked at her hands, which were now tangled up in eachother as she absentmindedly twiddled her thumbs. "Uh yeah. I did. But, uh, Wil? can we talk about it later?" She asked, afrid to lift her head in fear that her friend would see the tears forming in her eyes.

Willows eyes widened. "Oh Buffy! Are you okay?" She felt sympathy for her friend.

Buffy finally looked up, eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Can we please not talk about this right now? I'll talk about it later, not now."

"OKay," Willow said, rising up from teh bed. "Just holler if you need anything."

"Okay, Buffy replied, sinking back under the covers.

Wil shut the door and sighed before turning around and going downstairs.

It was sometime later when Buffy came downstairs in her 'nummy sushi' pyjamas. She hit the bottom stair and turned left, deliberatly not looking into the living room where she knew the slumbering vampire continued into the kitchen... where she stopped in her tracks.

"Mornin' luv."

There, in all his vampire beauty, stood Spike leaning against the stove. Shirtless.

"Hey Buffy," Willow's chirpy voice called from the fridge. The slayer turned toward her red-headed friend. She snapped out of her trance and tried to get the mouth-watering image of shirtless Spike out of her head.

"Hey Wil. Spike. Whatcha guys laughin' about?" She asked, now noticing the chuckle in both their voices.

Spike pushed himsself up into a full standing posistion. "Oh, nothing, I'm jus' tellin' Red here 'bout the time I ate a flower child and how I spent the next hour watching my hand move back and forth." He chuckled and Willow grinned.

"Oh," Buffy looked down feeling out of the loop. "That sounds nice."

Willows grin automatically dropped. "Oh Buffy, don't be sad. We were just talking," she said, putting her hand on the blondes shoulder.

Buffy sniffled and looked up. "I know, it's just that, that, I just love everyone so much," she said while starting to cry.

Spike looked up. "When you say you love everyone..."

Willow cut him off taking Buffy into a hug. "Oh put a cork in it," she said to him.

Spikes face fell. Buffy stayed in Willows arms but lifted her head a bit. She looked at Spike with a look of pain on her tear-stained face.

Buffy pulled away. wiping at her eyes. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Just hormones I guess." She attempted a smile.

Willow looked at Buffy in alarm. "Buff, do you really want to tell Spike?"

Buffy and Spike shared a chuckle and exchanged a nervous glance which went unknown to Wilow. "I already know 'bout the lil nipper, Red."

Willow dropped her jaw. "But, but," she pointed her finger at Buffy, "y-you told him but wouldn't tell your best friend?" She continued pointing at Buffy.

The blonde duo sighed and exchanged yet another nervous glance that Willow, yet again, missed. Buffy walked over to her friend and slowly lowered Wil's hand to her side. "I'll tell you all the details later when Dawn get's home from school. The only reason Spike knows is because we ran into eachother last night and everything just sorta came out."

Willow's gaze fell to the floor. "Oh," she said. "I'm sorry for judging you."

Spike made a quick escape from the kitchen when Buffy pulled Willow into a hug and started crying. Again! He could see it was a private moment.

The day for the three of them was mostly silent, while awaiting the return of Dawn. Willow had went shopping for a couple hours, leaving Buffy and Spike in a somewhat awkward silence. After avoiding eachother for a while, they both ended up in the living room to watch tv. They talked for a bit about random things... then got into more serious matters.

Buffy felt eyes on her as she stared at the screen. She pulled her gaze from 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' to look at Spike, who was sitting next to her, his arm slung haphazardly (and purposfully) over the back of the couch. So that's what I was leaning on she mused. "What?" she asked the blonde vampire, who quickly turned his head away from her.

"Nothing," he said rapidly.

Buffy shook her head and looked back at the screen to see a blonde girl get a crown put on her head.

"It's just that --," he started, but stopped when she turned back to listen to him. "Nevermind."

"Spike what is it?" She asked, staring at him. He continued to look at the screen.

"Hey, did you realize that that blonde girl in this movie looks exactly like you did when I first met you?" he asked, attempting to change the subject.

Buffy rolled her eyes, annoyance extremely evident on her face. "Spike!"


"Answer me!"

He sighed. "How are we gonna tell them about me... and the lil nipper... and how me and the lil nipper are connected?"

Buffy looked shocked. She clearly hadn't thought this one through. "Uh, I just sort've thought we could rush through it, you know, like ripping a band-aid off."

He looked at her. "Okay. How about we call Glinda and invite her over. Then tell her before Red and Nibblet get home. She can help us explain that way."

Buffy thought about it for a second. "That's," she started, "a good idea actually." She leaned forward and reached for the phone that was on the coffee table. Spike watched as she punched in a number. "Tara? Hi, um, can you come over to my place? It's sort've an emergency." She paused, listening to Tara'a response. "A Spike emergency," Buffy told the receiver. "NOw please?" OKay, thanks. See you soon. Bye." Buffy hung up the phone. "She'll be here in 10 minutes," she told SPike.

He nodded and settled back into the couch.

The minutes passed quickly then and what felt like seconds later there was a knock on the door.

Buffy looked up from the screen. "Coming," she called, standing up from the couch. She walked a couple of steps then turned back around. "Stay there," she told Spike. He nodded and she continued to the door. Taking a deep, Bufy turned the handel and opened it. However, it wasn't Tara.

"Hello Buffy," Angel said from underneath a blanket. She looked behind him and saw Cordelia with a baby carrier, Wesley and two other people she didn't know.

"Angel?" She asked, surprised to see him at her door.

"Yeah, Can I come in? Getting a little burnt here," Angel replied bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet.

Buffy looked shocked. "Uh, sure." She moved out of the way for all of them to pile in.

Angel shook his blanket onto the floor. "Buffy, we have a problem. Spikes back."

"Yeah," she replied, not understanding what the problem was.

Angel looked at her. "Your not surprised by this?"

Buffy smiled slightly, surpressing a laugh. She finally understook. Angel thought Spike was still evil. "Nope," she replied.

Angel just stared at her. "Your not unnerved by this at all?"

Before she could answer, Wesley stepped in. "Buffy, we have reason to beleive that Spike is holding your sister captive."

Buffy looked at him. "That's impossible. Spike made sure sure she left with Xander this morning.

Just then Cordelia gasped. "Buffy! There's a deranged vampire in your living room!"

Everyone but Buffy started to look in alarm, but the front door opened so everyone turned back to stare there.

"Uh, hi guys," Willow said dropping her bags to the floor. "What's everon doin' here?"

Before anyone could answer the door opened again and Tara walked in. "Buffy, I let myself i- oh. What's going on here?"

The door opened once again and Dawn, Xander and Anya walked in.

"Oh Bloody Hell!" A voice called from behind Buffy.

Everyone turned. "Spike!" They yelled, except for Buffy, Dawn, and Willow. Fred and Gunn just stood there, not knowing who Spike was.

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