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Summary: Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen have baby Bella! What happens when the Volturi kidnaps Bella? The Cullens & Hales think that the Volturi have killed Bella as they view her as a threat. The Volturi planned to kill baby Bella but they didn't plan on loving Bella as family... She is adopted by Aro and Sulpicia, and Isabella Marie Lillian McCarty Cullen becomes Isabella Marie Lilian Volturi! The Volturi host a Ball to welcome Bella into the family and every coven is invited to join the celebration. Will the Cullens & Hales recognize Bella? Will Bella ever know who her true family is or will she be oblivious to the lie the Volturi has put her in?

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Rosalie's POV

Isabella Marie Lillian McCarty Cullen- my light, my happiness, my forever along with Emmett. I remember the time Bella was born, everyone was fighting over who would get to hold her next. Even Carlisle and Esme were fighting on who would get to hold her.


"She's perfect, Rose!" Alice exclaimed happily, looking down at her first niece, who I was holding.

"Yea... She is." Emmett said, proud to be Bella's father.

"Can I hold her?" Jasper asked.

"No way! I want to hold her first." Edward announced.

"I think the grandparents should be able to her first, after the parents, of course." Carlisle declared.

"That's right! So, I get to hold her first." Esme said.

"That's no fair!" And after that, they all started bickering with each other. And loudly, I might add. I would have found it amusing, if it didn't make Bella start crying.

"Shh, baby. It's alright. Mommy is here." I rocked Bella back and forth as Emmett took care of our bickering family.

"If you want to argue, go outside or anywhere else, for the matter. I don't really care but I swear if you make my daughter cry once again... I will personally make sure that you don't get to hold her or go anywhere near her!" Emmett yelled in vampire speed, so Bella wouldn't be surprised at the loud volume.

"Sorry." They said in unison.

End of Flashback

I was lost in my thought when Emmett can through the door, holding our 2 month old daughter. "Rosie? Someone wants to see you."

Bella squealed and laughed as she saw me. God, her laugh was music to my ears.

"Hey, baby! Did you have fun with Daddy?" She smiled brightly and I took that as a yes.

"Rose, Carlisle wants us in the living room." Emmett said.

We both raced downstairs, in vampire speed, with Bella still in Emmett's arms. Bella loves going in vampire speed... It's thrill for her. I swear, by the time she grows up, she will be faster than Edward, our fastest runner.

Everyone smiled as they saw Bella. She is the glue that holds everyone together now. She's our life and happiness. Without her we would be nothing. We all have different special bonds with her, that no one can ever replace.

Bella stretched out her arms for Esme, who's eyes lit up as she saw this gesture. Esme took Bella in her arms.

"Now that everyone is here, we can start." Carlisle said, as he stood up, " Alice had a vision-"

"So? She gets vision all the time." I said as I rudely interrupted Carlisle. I'm trying so hard to grow out of my rude and bitchy ways because I would not like Bella acting like the old me.

"A vision of the Volturi." Carlisle continued. "We would pack up and leave but we have no time. We have to stay and try to explain, but if worst comes to worst, we must fight, for the safety of Bella!" My eyes widen as my daughter's name was mentioned, as did Emmett.

"WHAT?! They're coming after Bella?!" Emmett shouted, causing Bella to cry. Emmett cringed at the sound of his daughter's cries. Esme soon comforts her. "Carlisle! Are you just going to let them take her?!"

"Emmett, that's is the last thing I want to happen and you know that! Like I said we will fight if we have to." Carlisle was hurt as Emmett accused him of not caring about his beloved granddaughter.

Out of no where, an unfamiliar voice rung through the Cullen mansion, "I guess we are just in time, seeing as you were just talking about us!"

"Aro! Marcus! Cauis!" Carlisle shouted, shocked, "How? In Alice's vision you weren't suppose to arrive until tomorrow."

"Well as royalty, we have the best and most gifted vampires. So we sent our dearest Alice, a false vision." Aro answered. "As I mentioned, the Volturi have the best and most gifted. They cannot be defeated, well until now, because she will destroy them!" Aro pointed at Bella.

"Alice, Jasper and I can join your guard! Please we'll do anything, just don't take Bella!" Edward bargained.

"Tempting, but she is still a threat to us!" Aro answered.

Emmett tried to reason with them, "Aro please! Don't do this, she is my daughter! Bella belongs with this family, not the Volturi...."

"Belong with the Volturi? What are you talking about? We aren't going to keep her. She must be eliminated while she is still young and powerless!" The other Cullens and I were horrified. They were going to kill my daughter!

"You cannot! Please, my old friend! Please reconsider.... She is my granddaughter!" Carlisle pleaded.

"I'm sorry, my friend!" Sorry?! They are going to kill my daughter and all they can say is 'sorry'! That 'sorry' can't prevent what happening right now, can it?

"Attack!" Cauis shouted, and vampires came out, all over the place- the ceiling, window, door, some even came through the ground!

"Rosalie, take Bella!" Emmett shouted. I took Bella in my arms and tried to get out of the mansion. As I ran I noticed that there was a shield around Bella and I. I was amazed at my daughter! The Volturi guard couldn't get a hold of us.

"Very good, baby!" I was proud of Bella, even at a young stage she could do these things. All of a sudden, Bella fell limp in my arms.... She drained to much energy, protecting her and I. I kept running and dodging the lunging vampires. "Bella! Baby girl, please wake up." I said to Bella. I was to busy focusing on Bella that I didn't see Jane using her power on me. I fell to the floor, in pain, Bella still in my arms.

"Give her up now and I will spare your pathetic life!" Jane said. "You know, I wasn't really giving you an option." She glided over and took Bella from me!

"Give me back my daughter!" I roared as I soon found my energy.

"We got the child! Retreat!" Jane shouted.

"No!! Bella!" I cried. The Volturi guard left, with Bella! "Please, give her back!" I sobbed.

"Rose, don't worry! We will get her back somehow!" Alice tried to assure me.

"They are going to kill her Alice!" I sobbed. "They are going to kill my baby!"

"Rosalie! We will get her back, even if it's the last thing we do!" Edward growled.

"How are we going to get her back, huh?" I looked at Emmett, his face held no emotion. "Do you even care Emmett? Your daughter was taken! How can you just stand there and say nothing?!" Lots of emotion ran through his face in under a few seconds- pain, agony, frustration, distress and anger. The last emotion settled on his usually happy face.

He rushed over to me and gripped my arms tightly. Emmett growled, "How can you say I don't care? You're not the only one who cares and loves Bella! I love her too. So much that it hurts to know she might be gone! So don't you ever say that I don't care about her! I will do everything in my power to find her and have her back in our arms again...."

"Emmett, Rosalie, I suggest that we check the surroundings. They couldn't have gone far." Carlisle suggested.

"Why are we still standing her for? Let's go!" I responded.

Emmett and I checked North and East. Carlisle and Esme checked South. And Alice, Jasper and Edward checked West.

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