Hello readers,

It's been a while eh? I feel really guilty right now, for what I'm about to say...

After it's been 3 years since I have updated this story, and even now it's still not even real update, but more like an apology update. I don't know how many people will be reading this, since well you know lol, but I just want a closure for this story, and now has been the only time I got to write this.

I just want to clarify however; by closure, I don't mean finishing the story, but more like closure for the readers so they don't have to wonder all the time if this story will be updated. I know at very beginning I promised to someone special that I would stay committed to this story, but that someone has left me right now to a place that can't visit anytime soon (not at least I hope); because of that my passion for writing has swindled down to a point where it is now non-existent (I don't even take A-Level English anymore).

To conclude, I just wish this story will still continue, just not with me. If one of my readers will be willing to adopt my story, then I'm all for it.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my story!


Your crappy author: mushroom-snsd

P.S I changed my pen name if you haven't noticed. Those inlove with K-Pop and SNSD(in English, it means Girls' Generation) will know the reasoning behind it.

P.P.S If you have the time, please listen to Girls' Generation's music, they are a famous Korean group (one of the best!) and they might be releasing their first English album next year. Please give them lots of love!

If they don't fit your style of music, please listen to other korean groups, such as 2ne1 or BigBang.