Prologue - Witch Hunts

The times after the destruction of the Ethos were dark ones. The main threat had been disposed of, but in the light of new information, many were wary. All the theories of RaDosian geneaology, all those who scoffed at the idea of their ancestors being extra-terrestrials, were proven wrong by physical evidence.


Upon seeing his Prime appearance, many of the easier-to-convince citizens immediately took interest in their family trees. Others, more reluctant to believe, demanded more proof - proof that the boy was no hoax. Conclusive tests, conducted by the most credible physician and most advanced scientist in RaDos, caused a majority of those people to revise their beliefs as well.

However, there were still the die-hards, stubborn people who clung dogmatically to their non-belief in the Defenders' new claim. Gradually, they began to fight back against the change. The gullible citizens they ruled through fear. The skeptics, they bombarded with carefully hidden, carefully designed logical fallacies. And finally, after a year and a half of undermining and conniving, they played the ultimate wild card.

They arrested Rion, shutting him away where not even his teammates, his friends, his family could get to him. He didn't go without a fight. He and the others fought hard and well, but were ultimately overwhelmed. They scattered, attempting to throw off pursuit, but the people wanted only Rion. Once they had him, and the dust had settled, the Defenders were left one member short, and divided.

A new government rose to power, praising itself as a democracy. A representative was elected from each province to sit on a council of eight, where decisions would be made. One year later, as election time drew near, the council pulled an about-face, sliding into a dictatorship. They had the support of the nation's law enforcement, which they renamed 'Peacekeepers' and gathered around their House of Government. Just in time.

The mob of citizens, enraged at the betrayal of their leaders, never even made it through the front gates, so strong were the shields of the Peacekeepers. Several of the more adamant protesters were taken prisoner and interrogated by a new group called Questioners: an elite cadre of investigators trained by the Council for the Council, to be used in dealing with insurrection and determining Prime RaDosians from others.

Of course, there was no difference in outward appearance between Prime RaDosians and others. Most Prime - like the Defenders - had completely normal appearances, their true selves revealed only by the effects of the Dark Realm. This was one thing the government knew, as well as the fact that the prejudice against Prime was born of distrust and misunderstanding, and they used it to their advantage. They offered rewards to whoever could bring in suspected Prime and have their suspicions confirmed. Innocents were accused, and falsely confirmed as Prime through methods designed to put the public at ease.

A new movement began to rise to the front - Anti-Prime citizens took to the streets, protesting the contamination of society with these lowest of life-forms, and promoting the imagined glories of a pure heritage. The True Movement had been born.

The families of those accused as Prime were angry, but what could they do? The first attempt at rebellion had been stopped so easily, so completely, that there seemed no sense in trying. The wrath of the Council and their pet enforcers was too much a liability. So the citizens endured.

The separated Defenders began to make their way to Altamor - a common ground for refugees. Seth and Mel met up first, followed a month later by Erik. It was another six months before Adam turned up. They shifted south, gathering information about the actions of the government, gradually forming a plan to take the leaders down, retrieve Rion, and bring a newer, better, and more honest government to RaDos.