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Chapter 21: The End of the Saga

"Where are they!" shouted Ron. "What happened here!"

Draco remained silent. He seemed to be in shock and was kneeling over Lucius's dead form. They may have been on opposing sides but it was still a shock to see your own father dead.

Ron continued looking for any signs of Harry and Hermione. Just when he was about to check out the throne, however, he felt a sudden pull of magic. With a shriek, he disappeared down the secret path leading down to the Chamber of Secrets. Draco, still in shock, didn't even notice he was missing.

Outside, Sirius and Wormtail were still engaged in mortal combat. Sirius's superior skills were definitely showing their toil and Wormtail was barely able to hold his own.

"This is for James!" yelled Sirius as he pummeled Pettigrew in the midsection with his hilt! "For Lily!" He placed a swift kick on Wormtail's chin! "For Remus!" Sirius slammed Pettigrew's head on the blunt side of his blade! He then lifted Wormtail by his collar. "And this is for me," he whispered as he pummeled his fist into Wormtail's cheek. Pettigrew crumbled on the ground.

Sirius was just about to run him through when Wormtail started weeping uncontrollably. Treacherous and deceitful as Pettigrew was, Sirius still hesitated in front of the pitiful and pathetic creature in front of him. The moments hesitation was all Wormtail needed as he suddenly sprang and tackled Sirius. Taken by surprise, Sirius was knocked off of his feet.

"Nothing to fear, Padfoot," whispered Wormtail. His tears were replaced with a malevolent grin as he placed his blade on Sirius's neck. "You'll soon be joining Prongs and Lily!"

Wormtail drew back his blade so as to decapitate Sirius and swung. Suddenly, Sirius turned into a dog. In the process, Sirius's head had gone down to a lower position and the blade swished over his head. Wormtail was caught off balance as Sirius turned back into human form.

"And this is for Harry!" he whispered as he ran Wormtail through. Pettigrew fell down dead, disbelief written all over his face.

Ron found himself in a chamber that was held up by large pillars decorated with snakes. He found out that he was lying right behind Harry and Hermione and quickly scrambled to his feet.

"Hello, Ron," said Hermione without even looking at him. Harry remained quiet. He was glaring at a figure standing at the other end of the chamber.

"Riddle?" said Ron as he recognized the figure.

"Try Voldemort," said Harry.

Voldemort was grinning like a madman. "Well, Harry. Now that I've summoned your friend here, that brings us to three against one. I do believe that the odds are in your favor, are they not?" Voldemort drew his sword. Hermione raised her staff as Harry and Ron drew their swords. The trio remained still for a few minutes. Voldemort crouched down. "What are you waiting for? If you're not going to start, than I will!"

Avada Kedavra! Harry, Hermione, and Ron scattered three ways as the green light of the killing curse struck the floor where they had been standing. Voldemort suddenly leaped up in the air with a high pitched laugh. "You'll be first, Mudblood!" he screeched as came down toward Hermione.

Before Hermione could move, Harry sprang in front of her. The sound metal hitting metal rang through the corridor as Harry's sword and Voldemort's sword connected. Harry swiftly placed a kick on Riddle's midsection. He was just about to slash his sword when Voldemort shouted Crucio! Harry writhed in pain as he was hit with the curse. With a roar of anger, Ron slashed at Voldemort. Voldemort broke the curse on Harry so that he could defend himself from Ron's attacks. He knocked Ron off of his feet by ramming his blade into Ron's face. Fortunately for Ron, it was a blunt part of the blade.

Hermione shouted Stupefy! Voldemort deflected Hermione's stunner and shouted Crucio! Hermione dodged the Cruciatus curse and closed in on Riddle. She swung her staff down at him as hard as she could! Voldemort caught the staff on his blade, but just as he was about to place a curse on Hermione, Ron yelled Reducto!

The blast flung Voldemort back some fifteen meters, but he managed to land on his feet. He was still grinning as Ron and Hermione closed in on him. With a quick roll forward, Riddle placed himself behind Ron and Hermione. Before they could turn around, Voldemort had placed them on the Cruciatus Curse. Their screams echoed throughout the Chamber of Secrets as they writhed on the ground in sheer agony. Voldemort looked over them with his malevolent grin!

Expelliarmus! The curse was broken as Voldemort was flung backwards by the recovered Harry's disarming spell. Ron and Hermione quickly scrambled to their feet and made it to Harry's side. Voldemort had just stood up when Hermione shouted, Incendio! Voldemort sprang back as he was engulfed in flames. Before he could move, Harry and Ron came forward and swung their swords down at him. Voldemort was barely able to block their blows. Then, before he could brace himself for another attack, Harry, Hermione, and Ron shouted, Expelliarmus! The combined force of the disarming spells blasted Voldemort through the wall on the other side of the chamber. The trio fell down to their knees, exhausted.

"Well, that was something!" grinned Ron between breaths. "Sure took a lot out of me. But looks like the light side always wins!"

Hermione also grinned but stopped when she saw that Harry was still glaring at the other side of the chamber. Hermione looked toward the way Harry was glaring and gasped. Voldemort was standing with barely a scratch on his body: his red eyes gleaming and a grin on his face!

"Impressive!" he said. "Definitely worth my attention but not enough, I'm afraid, to defeat the Dark Lord!" He laughed his high pitch laugh!

"I don't believe it!" yelled Ron. "We blasted him with enough power to level Hogwarts, Azkaban, and Diagon Alley combined and he just stands there grinning!"

"He must be immortal or something," said Hermione with a defeated voice. "We can't win! It's just not possible…"

Harry had remained quiet during this entire time. He suddenly looked up and whispered, "Hermione, the rings! Use the rings!" Hermione's eyes went wide as she understood. The rings were what could shut down the key to the Death Eaters' power. In other words, they were what was needed to defeat Voldemort. Hermione closed her eyes and started to concentrate on the rings on her hand.

Voldemort's grin was replaced with an ugly look. "Oh no you don't! Avada Kedavra!" Hermione was forced to break her concentration as she and the Mage Knights dodged the killing curse. She tried to concentrate again but was forced to dodge another killing curse shot her way. This went on another number of times! Voldemort was now placing so much of his power in the Avada Kedavra curse that the green light was actually taking the shape of a green and silver basilisk.

"I can't keep this up!" shouted Hermione as she dodged another basilisk shaped curse. Exhaustion overwhelming her, she tripped on a loose stone and fell to the ground. Hermione whimpered in pain: she had twisted her ankle.

Voldemort flashed a triumphant grin! "I have you now, Mudblood," he said. He was just about to place the killing curse on Hermione when suddenly, Ron sprang up from behind him. Ron jumped on Voldemort's back and wrapped his arms and legs around him, pinning Voldemort to himself. "Harry! Hermione! Do it now!" he shouted as Voldemort tried to fling Ron off.

"Come on, Hermione!" said Harry as he helped Hermione to her feet. "This is our last chance!" Hermione nodded and lifted her arms in front of her, her fingers entwined. Harry stood behind her as his arms came around Hermione; his hands cupped the two rings on Hermione's fingers. As they concentrated on the rings, a single spell entered their minds.

Voldemort finally managed to fling Ron off his back. Just as he shouted Avada Kedavra!, Harry and Hermione shouted Expecto Patronum!

Instead of a silver stag, a golden lion and a scarlet phoenix shot out of the two rings! Then, before their very eyes, the lion and the phoenix combined and became a single patronus: a red and gold griffin! The red and gold griffin and the green and silver basilisk charged at each other.

A blast of sound echoed through the chamber as the griffin and the basilisk collided into each other. At first, the patronus charm and the Avada Kedavra curse rammed at each other with equal power. Eventually, however, the basilisk gave way. Voldemort stared horror struck as his body was engulfed by the red and gold griffin. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shouted. He body suddenly started crumbling and within seconds, he had crumbled into dust. Thus perished Lord Voldemort.

With Voldemort's death, the Death Eaters suddenly lost their powers, and before they could figure out what had happened, the Alliance had won the battle.

Hermione looked down at her hands. She noticed that the Ring of the Lion had transported onto Harry's left ring finger. She looked into his eyes. "Is…is it over?" she asked.

Harry smiled and said, "I think it is."

Hermione smiled and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too." They kissed.

Peace was restored to Magiterran and life returned to the way it was before the coming of Voldemort and the Death Eaters: if not, even better. Sir Draco Malfoy was crowned the new king of the Kingdom of Slytherin. His first act as ruler was to purge all Death Eater influences from his kingdom as well as work to regain the trust that the Slytherins had lost because of the Death Eaters.

Hogwarts once again became the training center of the Mage Knights who continued to wander Magiterran, protecting its peace and prosperity. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, and even Snape are all trainers there, even to this day.

Soon after, the end of the war, Harry Potter was crowned king of Gryffindor and the Kingdom of Gryffindor was reestablished. Many of the Gryffindor nobility had their honors and privileges restored, among those, the houses of Weasley, Lupin, and Black. Sirius and Remus both retired and spent the rest of their days on their lands.

After Sirius and Remus's retirement, Ron became the new commander of the Gryffindor military, a job he did very well.

The most joyous day of Magiterran came about a year after the defeat of Voldemort. The rebuilt Gryffindor capitol city of Godric's Hollow was filled with guests from all four kingdoms who had come to witness the marriage of King Harry Potter to young Hermione Granger.

The streets were crowded that day as Gryffindor citizens waited to see their new queen who had once been a farm girl, just like her predecessor, Queen Lily. They fell in love with the new Queen Hermione immediately for she never forgot her muggle origins and was always a champion of their rights. Harry and Hermione loved each other dearly and Hermione bore Harry two daughters and a son whom was his heir. The two lived in the Kingdom of Gryffindor happily for the rest of their lives.

The End