Setting: Iria's apartment

Iria and Kei have finally gotten a chance to rest. With Zeiram dead there's nothing to worry about. Suddenly the com-link goes berserk. A strange message is sent.

Kei: Iria, what are you going to do now that Zeiram is dead?

Iria: I'm not sure, I've thought about a lot of things. Like I said I'm not quite sure.

Kei: Iria I have to tell you something.

Iria: What is it?

Kei: I'm not really a girl; I pretended to be one so Fujicouro wouldn't get mad or anything.

Iria: I knew that.

Kei: you did?

Iria: I just wanted to play around with your head.

Bob: Iria check the com-link! It's on the fritz!

Iria: Huh? But we just got it!

Bob: Somebody is either in a lot of trouble or it's a prank.

Iria: Here it is.

Ariie: Iria help lp, Iri Iria, I'm in n trobl le Its aarr arii arrie ie Iria ria ia Im in th he...

Iria: Damn It! Bob fix it! I have to find out where she is.

Kei: Iria, what was that? Who is she?

Iria: It's my sister. She lives on Lerin.

Bob: My scanners detect Zeiram signals from there Iria. But not the same Zeiram signals of the old Zeiram you killed.

Iria: Bob I'm going. You can't stop me!

Kei: Wait Iria I want to go to.

Bob: Iria it's not safe! The signal is stronger then the Zeiram that killed your brother.

Iria: What are you saying Bob.

Kei: You mean this one is worse?

Bob: Exactly.

Iria: I'm still going, with or without your approval.

Setting: In the creeper.

Bob: Iria, are you sure you know what your doing?

Iria: Yes, bob, I've never been so sure in my life.

Kei: Iria, how old is your sister?

Iria: She's fourteen just like you.

Bob: Were going to gate seven west Iria.

Setting: Fujicuros dempidon. Fujicuro, following Iria, is curious as to what she's up to. For he to got the same strange message.

Fujicuero: I've got to know what Iria's up to.

Setting: The creeper in space.

Iria: I hope were not too late.

Bob: If we are it was meant to be.

Kei: Iria, there's something I have to tell y...

Iria: Bob what is that?

Bob: We've entered an asteroid field.

Iria: Kei hold your ground!

Kei: But Iria!

Iria: Kei shut up and sit down, understand?

Bob: Iria you did it your on Lerin! But you have to remember Lerin is an asteroid not a planet. It has no gravity.

Kei: What dose that mean Bob?

Iria: It means we have to wear special footwear before we go on to the asteroid.

Bob: He was asking me Iria!

Iria: Sorry. Put these on Kei.

Kei: O.K.

Setting: A small hut in the rock field on Lerin.

Ariie: Iria, Why aren't you coming for me?

Setting: Walking though the lerin city.

Kei: Iria I have to tell you something.

Iria: What is it Kei.

Kei: I know where your sister is and I know who she is. I used to live on Lerin before I was sent to Dowajon

Your sister and I were friends. Very good friends. So if there's tension between your sister and me that's why.

Iria: Did you date?

Kei: Well, yeah.

Iria: So you were the one she always talked about.

Bob: Kei, where is she?

Kei: she's in the rock field. In a small shack or something.

Iria: C'mon Kei lets go!

Setting: Walking though the rock field, approaching the hut.

Kei: there it is!

Iria: Kei look out behind you! Run to the hut!

Kei: But Iria what about you?

Iria: GO!!!

Setting: As Kei runs to the hut Iria battles a bigger and much worse Zeiram.

She fights for her life and the lives of the ones she loves.

New Setting: The Hut.

Kei: Ariie, Ariie where are you?

Ariie: Who's there? Who are you? Iria?

Kei sees Ariie huddled in a corner.

Kei: Ariie it's me Kei!

Ariie: Kei? You came back; I knew you'd come back!

Kei: I'm here with Iria; we've come to get you.

Ariie: iria? How did you find her? How did you get to Myce?

Kei: It's a long story, I'll explain later. We've got to get out of here quick, lets go.

Setting: The battle with Zeiram 2.

Kei: Iria, I've got her!

Iria: Go to the creeper and get as far as you can!

Kei: But what about you?

Iria: Do as I say! Bob will help you. I can't do this alone get Fujikuro!

Ariie: Iria!

Kei: C'mon! We've got to go.

Setting: In the roads of Lerin. Fujikuro has lost track of Iria and the creeper.

Fujikuro: Damn, where could they be?

Setting: Running to the creeper.

Kei: come on Ariie we have to go!

Ariie: Kei wait I can't run anymore! My side hurts!

Kei: We can't stop!

Ariie: Kei we have to! I can't go any further!

Kei: Fine, lets rest in that building.

Ariie: Kei, what is that thing that Iria is fighting?

Kei: It's some kind of organic creature. It's claimed to be un-killable. Iria proved that wrong th e

First time she fought with one.

Ariie: Why didn't you say that before we just can wait around for it to get us lets go!

Kei: But you just...

Ariie: Come on!

Setting: At the creeper.

Ariie: Kei, you know how to drive this right?

Kei: Of course, but first we have to get a hold of Bob. Get in!

Ariie: How do we contact bob?

Kei: Like this. Bob?

Bob: Kei, the transmission will start in thirty seconds.

Kei: Bob, how's Iria doing?

Bob: I don't know. Her life band has been broken. The com link is still at the apartment.

Kei: That cant be good. I hope she's OK.

Ariie: Oh you know Iria she's probably killing that thing as we speak.

Bob: Transmission taking place.

Ariie: Whoa!!

Kei: Pretty weird huh? Bob, try to contact Fujicouro!

Bob: recording message.

Kei: Fujicouro, Iria needs your help! Go to the Lerin rock field immediately!

Setting: Fujicouro has just gotten the message and is on his way.

Fujicouro: Iria, needs ME?!? That's a first.

Setting in space on the way back to Myce.

Kei lets ask Fujicouro how things are going.

Ariie: I'll talk to him this time!

Bob: Connecting to com link services. Go on its done.

Ariie: Fujicouro, how do things look?

Fujicouro: Is that Ariie?

Ariie: Yup

Fujicouro: I'm sorry Ariie. When I got here Zeiram was gone. Iria, she was...

Kei: she was what Fujicouro!

Fujicouro: She was on the ground.

Ariie: NO! She's not dead is she? Tell me I have to know! Fujicouro!

Fujicouro: I'm sorry Ariie. I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner.

End of episode.


Setting: In Iria and Kei's apartment.

Ariie: I'll kill it with my bare hands! It won't be even be partially alive after I'm though with it!

Kei: Ariie be reasonable. The first one defeated your brother Gren. The second one is worse! Iria couldn't hold it!

Bob: Ariie the chance of loosing you too is too high. We can't take a chance at losing you too.

Ariie: I don't care it killed my whole family, why would it matter if it killed me too? I want revenge!

Kei: You don't know what you're talking about, you're delusional!

Ariie: Crazy or not he cant get away with it! Do you think I'm just going to sit here and let him kill innocent people?

Bob: You may be just as rebellious as Iria. But you couldn't handle him alone!

Ariie: How do you know Bob? You haven't seen me in five years. I could have changed a lot in that time.

Fujicouro: I went to my dempidon to answer your call. After I went back. Iria was gone.

Ariie: Is she alive?

Fujicouro: Something could have gotten her while I was gone, how do I know. All's I know is that she wasn't anywhere in sight.

Kei: What is that suppose to mean?

Fujicouro: Aren't you people listening? I said I don't know!

Bob: I can't detect a strong enough signal for her. But it dose have a weak one.

Ariie: Is it moving?

Bob: Fast, very fast!

Ariie: On Lerin the age of becoming a bounty hunter is fourteen. I'll be fourteen Monday. That's when I will be confirmed a bounty hunter.

Bob: You were in training? Who was your instructor?

Ariie: Kuroudo; Kode he was killed by Zeiram.

Bob: Fujicouro, plain to take Iria's creeper to Lerin on Saturday.

Fujicouro: Why do I have to?

Bob: because no one else will know about this but us!

Setting: the creeper

Fujicouro: Why do I have to do this! I don't want anything to do with Iria and her problems!

Kei: Just do it Fujicouro!

Ariie: I can't wait till I can kill that thing!

Kei: You'll get yourself killed!

Ariie: You don't know me, I'm not the same as the old me!

Kei: Yea right!

Fujicouro: Will you two be quiet!

Bob: Fujicouro hold your temper!

Fujicouro: shut up computer.

Kei: there it is!

Bob: Turn left at the next moon.

Setting: Lerin.

Ariie: What happened?

Bob: It looks like it has been traced!

Kei: Its gone!

Ariie: I'm gonna kill him! Where is he first my brother, than my sister now my home!

Bob: You need to keep your temper if you want to be a hunter.

They hear a faint noise near by.

Ariie: Iria!

Kei: What?

Ariie: I think its Iria!

Bob: It can't be, she's dead!

Ariie: It is, I know it is.

Ariie walks over to where the noises are behind a rock.

Kei: Be careful!

Ariie: Don't worry! I'll be fine.

Fujicouro: I wouldn't do that if I were you!

Ariie: DONT WORRY! Iria, is that you?

Iria: Ar..iie.

Ariie: She's hurt! Come quick she's hurt!

Kei: Iria! Are you O.K., Iria!

Bob: Ariie, let me see her.

Fujicouro: She looks bad!

Bob: Real bad.

Ariie: Lets get her home.

Setting: Iria's apartment.

Ariie: Iria, how are you? Are you feeling better?

Iria: Ariie! Kei get Ariie!

Ariie: Iria I'm here!

Iria: What? where am I?

Bob: your home Iria, don't move. You aren't stable enough yet.

Ariie: you hit your head hard from what we can tell.

Iria: Is it dead?

Ariie: We found no trace of that thing on Lerin, he must have somehow gotten off of the planet.


Iria: Bob that wasn't Zeiram it was something else. It wasn't human like Zeiram but it was defiantly killable.

Bob: But we got Zeiram signals from it!

Iria: It might be related to Zeiram in some way but it was not Zeiram, that's what I said before, listen to me!

Fujicouro: Iria did you hit your head? That had to be Zeiram. If it wasn't what was it?

Iria: I don't know.

Narrator: What was the mysterious creature? What is wrong with Iria? Find out in siege!

End of episode 8. End of volume 4.