Summer of Smut Contest

Title: Eternal Summer

Pen name: confessions-of-twilight-lovers

Smut Category: E/B Smut


This has to be the worst summer of all freaking time! I Bella Swan, seventeen year old, in Cancun of all places and I can't even get a damn rum and watermelon popsicle. I get that I am not technically legal yet, but come on this is Cancun! I can get into any night club I want in Seattle in a heartbeat. Show a little flesh, bat a few eyelashes, and throw down a few bucks and BAM you are in; not here though, no, I am stuck with a godforsaken 'virgin' strawberry piece of ice. The word 'virgin' hasn't existed in my life for quit sometime now.

It isn't exactly like it is a secret. My parents could care less anyway; well my dad would if he were ever home. Being the police chief takes up a lot of time; and don't get me started on mommy dear. Rene can't stay sober long enough to know if I am home or not. I'm not complaining about her lack of supervision though especially after she started hitting on every boy that walked through my door. Let's just say that our parties officially moved to Jess and Lauren's houses after 'mom' spent several hours alone with James at my last party and he came out zipping his pants and had a huge hickey on his neck.

I took this summer vacation to Cancun with Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, and Jacob Black. Jake came as our protector and a long time friend, though it still bugs me that he is always coming up with excuses to come to my house to hang out. I didn't really need anybody to protect me, though; I did need a stout drink, a hot guy, and one hell of a time. That's right, daddy's little girl is all grown up and has currently found Mr. Hot-Drink-Helluva Time as we speak.

Across the pool of my hotel I caught sight of Adonis himself; clad in black swim trunks and silver rimmed sunglasses, with abs so fine you just want to trace them with your tongue, and a mess of bronze sex hair that would have any girl dying just to run their fingers through it.

Chow-chow, Bella has found her Mr. Right. Well, my Mr. Right Now anyway. Now just to get his attention from the rest of the skanks drooling after him…

An idea formed in my head and I slowly started to suck the popsicle into my mouth, taking it back a little more with each slow thrust of my hand. This piece of ice won't be called a virgin when I'm done with it. I turned my body back towards the cabana bar so that Mr. Hottie wouldn't know I was trying to get his attention. I wanted him to approach me; being the tease was always more fun. I leaned against my elbows still working the popsicle and bowed my chest out a little to make my breast appear larger. I am not small by any means, but hey, might as well give him a little more to look at.

I could still see Adonis out of the corner of my eye and I knew the instant he saw me and my little show. I couldn't see his eyes but I am sure that they were the size of saucers if his wide open mouth was any indicator to his expression. I do believe I saw some drool. I smiled around my frozen treat as he noticeably wiped his mouth while closing it and getting up to walk my way.

He stood a little off to my side and appeared to be debating on how to approach me. I continued to work my mouth deep-throating the popsicle as he stared dumbstruck. I had to fight really hard to keep from bust out in laughter as he went slack jaw once more. He took a few deep breaths in preparation and all I could think was, Game on baby!


Ok Edward this is it. I was currently standing behind one of the hottest chicks I had ever seen in my life.

I was in Cancun with my best buds Tucker Pierson and Lucas Marks. Well they were actually some pretty sorry sons of bitches, truth be told, but that was what I got for being a bad boy. I wasn't exactly Prince Charming myself but atleast I was decent to the women I was with, while I was with them. Not that I was ever with them long but that's all just semantics in my opinion.

I was here to have a good time while I could over my summer vaca. I wasn't in any hurry to get home. My dad passed away when I was eight on his way to a business meeting in Kansas and my mom pretty much died then too. We used to be so happy. I have one really good picture of the three of us before he left and we were all smiles and hugs. I haven't felt like that in a long time; hence the 'bad' boy persona now. My mom started seeing random men to fill the void about a year after my father's death and finally settled with the devil himself, Laurent. He came into our lives when I was twelve and began to beat on me shortly after. He was a nasty mother-fucker that is for sure.

This vacation was my escape from all that. I was here for a good time like everyone else and I wasn't going to let what was waiting for me when I got home put a stop to all of my fun. I was nursing a Budweiser when I looked up to the bar and saw Aphrodite in a hot blue skimpy bikini. I was trying to look cool and uninterested, that shit always gets them, when suddenly she began to suck off her popsicle and damn me if that wasn't the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I realized too late that I had been gaping at her like a fish out of water. I was fucking drooling and everything; I had never had a girl effect me this bad, Ever!

I decided to go up to her and work my charm before one of those other stupid bastards that were ogling her, fine ass and big breast, decide to. I sauntered up to her and paused to give myself a little pep talk to regain my cool. Just as I got it all planned out she deep-throated that damn popsicle. Deep-throated the whole fucking thing!! My jaw dropped once again and I didn't really care if I was drooling this time or not; I mean Dammmmnnn…girl has skills. Now if only that was me instead of that fucking piece of ice. I took a few deep breaths in an attempt calm my now raging hard on and to shake all thoughts of what that luscious little mouth could do to me out of my head, both of them.

I walked the last few steps to the bar stool beside her, looking straight ahead as I sat down arrogantly pretending that she wasn't there. I took a swig of my beer and glanced at her from the corner of my eye. She slowly pulled the popsicle out making sure not to drip any of it.

"Mind if I have a lick?" I asked looking over at her for the first time.

"Depends on if you like Strawberry." She commented pointing the popsicle at me.

"Who said I was talking about the Popsicle?" I asked with a smirk.

"Who said I was?" She rebutted with a smirk of her own.

"Touché. What is a beautiful thing like you doing sitting here all alone?" I asked gazing into her deep chocolate eyes. They reminded me of chocolate milk and damn if I wasn't thirsty.

"I could ask you the same question." She quirked, not answering my question.

Damn, I was going to have to work extra hard with this one. Most girls would have been all over me the second I sat down but not her. I was hoping that my Masen charm would win her over quick so that we could move on to better things; like my hotel room.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked after she sat her popsicle stick on the bar.

"I would love to but you see that bartender over there?" She asked leaning over to whisper in a conspiratorial manner. I noticed a blonde beach-bum type figure over on the other side of the bar talking with some guys and nodded. "He won't let me have anything. I already tried. Hey how did you get something…No wait, ohhh, I get it." She snickered not making any sense to me what so ever. "It all makes sense now." She said laughing harder and confusing me even more.

"What are you talking about you beautiful crazy girl?" I was beginning to question her sanity along with mine for coming over here.

"Don't you see? I did everything, and I do mean everything, I could to convince him to let me have a drink but he didn't cave." She said it as if I were missing the last piece of the puzzle.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I glanced over in time to see him wink at one of the young males before walking away.

"Wow. You know I thought it was odd that he said he couldn't hear me say my order when I was practically yelling it at him; it was even worse when he leaned in and I had to say it in his ear."

"No way." She gasped.

"No, but he did stare at my ass as I was walking away." I chuckled grinning sheepishly at her. "So how about we blow this joint and go find you a drink?"

"I…" she was cut off by two Barbie wannabes that came running up. They looked good too but not as hot as the sweet thing next to me.

"Come on girl lets go down to the beach to work on our tans." The brunette said.

"We have to look our best for the party later tonight." The blonde, with the fakest rack I have ever seen, said while pulling my girl off the stool to follow after them.

"Rain check on that drink?!" She shouted over her shoulder giving me a wink as they ran for the beach.

I went back over to my friends after getting a new drink avoiding the advances of the bartender and was immediately bombarded with questions about my 'mystery babe' as they called her. Damn, didn't even get her name or number. Double damn. I would just have to fix that by finding her. She was headed to the beach after all and it was straight across from the hotel so she shouldn't be too hard to find. So after downing my beer I ran out for the beach in search of my prey.


"So who was the Hottie you were with at the cabana?" Lauren asked as we lay our towels out on the sand.

Damn, I didn't even get his name. Well, he was at the bar attached to my hotel so hopefully he was staying there and wouldn't be too hard to find. I am sure that a stud like him will be at the party tonight.

"I'm not sure, I didn't catch his name but I can't wait to see him again. I'm hoping he'll be a Senor Frogs tonight."

"Me too, Damn I was hoping you atleast got his number. Hey, who needs a name when they look as hot as he does?" Lauren replied giving me a rather disappointed look.

"I saw him first Miss Thang so don't you go flaunting your shit around trying to get into his pants. I've got first dibs." That bitch better not even look in his direction too long or I'll have to slap her upside her fat head. I thought as I decided to tan my back side first.

"Don't worry I'm a better friend than Jess. I'd never go after your current man. Not until you're done with him atleast." She replied. Lauren often took my sloppy seconds in hopes of getting just the tiniest bit of action. I kind of pitied her; she never could get a decent guy on her own Jessica or I always had to help her.

I fell down to my knees on the beach towel I had previously tossed out and proceeded to lay on my belly. Damn. I had forgotten to put my tanning lotion on. Too lazy to get back up, I reached over to the beach bag and grabbed the little brown bottle out that said SPF 10. Yea, that should be low enough to give me a good tan but not let me burn. I contemplated as I popped the top open and squirted a small amount into the palm of my hand.

As I began to rub the lotion onto my shoulders, I quickly discovered that I was not able to cover much of the area where it was really needed. After several attempts at covering my shoulders and back I realized that I was going to need some help for the parts that I couldn't reach. They were not going to like it but one of these bitches was going to get up and rub this shit onto my back.

"Hey can I get one of ..." I was rudely interrupted.

"Mind if I lend you a helping hand?" The calm, smooth, collected voice asked.

With shock evident on my face I raised up off my towel to see my very own Adonis, once again, standing before me.

"S-Sure if you don't mind." I stuttered out.

"Nope, I don't mind at all." Leaning in close to my ear he continued. "I don't mind at all, sweet thing. I'd love to do more than just rub you down with lotion."

His comment caused my entire body to blush fiercely but I wouldn't let that hold me back. If he was up for the game then I was up for the challenge.

"Girls didn't you mention you were going for a swim soon?" I questioned, knowing that they would catch the hint in my voice. "Well I think now would be a good time for you both to go do that." I finished up giving Jessica a look with my eyes that said get lost now and don't come back for atleast thirty minutes. Catching my drift, Jessica quickly got up from her towel, dragging Lauren along with her and they both headed down to the edge of the water, looking back over their shoulders to watch the show.

"Now that they are gone, what was that you said about wanting to rub lotion all over my body?" I innocently batted my eyes at him as I rolled onto my side.

"I guess you didn't understand what I said. I said that I would love to do more than just rub you down with lotion." He repeated his previous comment to me like I was a child but the smirk on his face told me he was just kidding with me. So I wasn't too pissed off at him.

"Oh I believe I heard you well. Why do you think I sent my friends away? They didn't need to sit witness to their BF getting it on with a hot guy out here on the beach."

"I'm not much of a sand guy myself but if you would like to 'get it on', as you say, we could go back to my room and see to that." So mister gorgeous didn't care too much for the sand. Tough, I wasn't going anywhere for the moment. I really did need to work on my tan.

"Nope I'm good here, but if you don't want to take care of my lotion needs I will understand." I said as I rolled back over on my belly and propped my head on top of my hands.

Giving me the most amazing crooked smile he said, "I wouldn't pass this up for the world." With that he grabbed the lotion bottle from my side, squeezed a larger than needed amount of lotion into his hand, then quickly went to work on my shoulders and back. I laid my head back down on my towel and basked in essence of the way his hands felt on my.

Once he was satisfied that he had fully covered the top half of my back he slowly slid his hands down to the lower half of my back. Coming up to place a kiss to the inside of my neck he said, "Now we don't want you to have tan lines here do we?" He asked as one of his hands pulled my bikini top loose allowing the strings to fall to my sides.

"I guess we don't." I simply replied, a little breathless at his brazenness. I hadn't actually expected him to be so bold here where everyone could see us, but it was a real turn on. I could already feel the tingle in the pit of my stomach and feel the wetness that was pooling at my apex. I wanted him, I wanted him very badly. I wanted to feel his hands on my breast, his warm breath on my neck, I wanted to battle with his tongue for dominance. I wanted to feel him all over me, in me.

He continued his assault on my back rubbing small circles then larger ones. When he came to the top of my bikini bottoms he subtly skipped over my areas that most required his attention. He then skipped down to the bottom of my legs, but before rubbing them with lotion he placed soft kisses to the inside of my ankles then continued on. Reaching the tops of my thighs his assault slowed to an extremely slow excruciating pace. He would tease my core by sliding his fingers all the way to the hem of my flimsy bikini bottoms, flicking the material, then quickly pull them away. Absolutely frustrated with his actions, I began to slightly thrust myself down as his hands maid their accent back up my thighs towards my center.

"Impatient are we?" He asked as he finally slid one finger under the edge of my bottoms. YES! I mentally screamed as I felt him begin to stroke my moist folds. I was sure he could feel how excited I was from just brushing against my folds, but he decided to delve deeper and explore the wetness first hand.

A slight moan escaped my lips as he began to pump his finger in and out of me. This felt so good, almost too good. I began to buck my hips down into his hand when he brought another finger or two, I wasn't sure at that point, in to join in the fun. With one finger making circles over my clit and the other two fingers quickening their pace inside of me I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

More moans escaped my mouth as I felt my climax coming closer and closer to release.

"Hey you two how is the lotion coming along?" I heard an annoying female voice ask. I knew this was too fucking good to last. It was Lauren and when I was able to get up from my make-shift paradise I was going to kill her. People went missing down here all the time, why should she be any different.

My personal god removed his hand from my bottoms leaving me wanting so much more than what I had already received. Damn you Jessica why did you let her come back up here? Giving both girls a menacing glare, I rolled over and sat up, holding my top in place. I was so pissed that I could have spit nails.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything?" The dumb blond stated as she took a seat on her towel.

"No Sweetheart, you didn't interrupt a thing. Well Ladies I had better get going. Have a good evening." Giving us his award winning smile, he swiftly got to his feet and began to tread away. I couldn't let him get away; I hadn't even got his name yet.
"Hey, who should I thank for my wonderful back rub?" I asked as I too, got to my feet while I finished tying my strings back in place.

"Oh I'm sorry, how rude of me. I'm Edward Mason." He turned and replied.

"Well Edward Mason, I'm Bella Swan." I said as I held out my hand for him to shake. Instead of shaking my hand, like most men would have done, he took my hand in his, and then brought it up to his mouth as he placed a single kiss to the palm of my hand. I knew then that I was not done with this guy. I wanted more of him and I didn't want to wait.

Edward dropped my hand and gave my idiotic friends a wink before continuing on his way back towards the bar and the hotel where I was staying. I so hoped he was staying there too. It would make my pursuit of him that much easier.

"So Bella spill, what was Mister Hottie doing to you when we came up. I know he wasn't rubbing lotion on you that long and I'm not deaf I could hear your moans." Lauren stated as she tried to grab my attention away from the perfect retreating figure in the distance. I knew I couldn't let him leave me and not find out atleast where he was staying. I decided that I was going to stalk after him so that I could find out where he was staying and maybe, hopefully, get his room number. That was the best I could hope for this early in the game.

I quickly gathered my things and tossed them back into the beach bag that Lauren and Jessica had brought down. "Can you guys take this stuff back up to our room when you are finished out here? I think I'm going to head on back and take a nap before we have to get ready to go to the party tonight." Without waiting for a response I began to chase after Edward. I'll be damned if he was going to leave me hanging like this!


What the hell am I suppose to do with my raging hard on now? Thank you ladies for the fucking cock block. I sarcastically thought as I adjusted myself while trying my best not to break my stride. I didn't need Bella knowing she had affected me like she had. It would take away from the excitement of the game, not that I intended to put up much of a fight once I had her in my room. When I turned to go up the steps at the edge of the sand I could see her tossing items into a bag. My plan was working. With a wide smile on my face I continued up the stairs and began to slowly walk across the Board Walk. I did not want to get too far ahead of her, if I did she wouldn't have time to catch up with me, and I definitely wanted her to catch up with me. Oh the things I wanted to do to that delicious body of hers. Umm … I couldn't wait until I had her in my room so that I could ravish her body in the way it so deserved. She was so fucking wet; I just wanted to bury my face in that pussy of hers and never resurface again. I'm sure she wouldn't mind; I had been told on more than one occasion that I had serious skills in that department.

Down Eddie boy, you'll get yours shortly. She's following us that can only mean she wants it as bad as you do. Our first night here and I've already got the hottest girl in all of Cancun fucking chasing after me. Damn, I'm good! I made a mental note to thank Tucker for practically forcing my ass to come with him and Lucas to this crazy place. Too many people go missing down here and to be quite honest I didn't want to be one of them, but if I could be lost with her for the rest of my life then, hell who am I to avoid fate?

I made my way inside the bar grabbing a twelve once bottle of liquid courage while I waited for her to make her entrance. Moments later I saw her form in the opening. Tossing money down for the beer I quickly darted around the corner and into the hotel lobby. I walked over to the elevator then pushed the up arrow. As I stood there waiting for the doors to open a tiny hand snaked its way over my shoulder and down arm, sending an electric current through my body and straight to my still throbbing cock.

"Where you running off to so soon, afraid of an audience?" She asked as she stood at my side looking straight ahead at the elevator door just the same as me. I crossed my arms and she mimicked my movements adding a smirk to her face as she stole glances at me from the corner of her eye.

Once the doors slid open we both stepped inside. "What floor?" I asked as I pushed the button for my floor. "Eighteenth" She shyly whispered, I wondered for a moment if that really was her floor or if it was one she had made up. Finally, the doors closed and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife it was so thick. I could no longer stand the closeness, the elevator had created, without touching her; so reaching out my hand I placed it on the small of her naked back, then slid it down to her perfectly round ass, grabbing a hand full of it.

"Oh" squeaked out from her lips as she slightly rose off the ground with my force.

"I couldn't resist myself, sorry" I replied, taking a step closer to her. She didn't move away, proving she wanted my advances.

"No worries." She sent me a sideway smile as she cocked her head to the side and made eyes at me. She wanted me just as badly as I wanted her, the evidence was all over her 'fuck me' face.

Wanting to be closer to her still, I took the last step that separated us and wrapped my arms around her waist. I needed her to know how much I wanted her.

"You know I want you, right?" I asked as I thrust my hard member against her ass.

"Why Edward, are you excited to see me or do you normally carry a roll of quarters in your pocket?" She questioned while grinding her ass back into my crotch, a moan escaped my throat as she did this.

I told her, "Trust me, its not quarters you're feeling." I had already pulled her up against me and was now beginning to place feathery kisses over her shoulder and up her neck to the hollowed out spot behind her ear.

"You keep this up Mister Mason and I'll have to take you right here in this elevator." She said with a heavy lust filling her voice.

"You promise?"

"You bet!" I hoped she was the type of person that kept her promises.

Bringing my hands up to cup her breast through the small material that covered them she, too, moaned as she laid her head back against my chest giving me a better view of supple breast. I resisted the urge to turn her around and take her obvious hard peaks into my mouth; I needed to save that for when we made it to my room. For when my mouth finally made contact with her rosy peaks I doubted I would be able to turn them loose.

Finally we heard the ding we longed to hear, indicating we had reached the floor where my room was just around the corner. Shoving her from the elevator and exiting behind her, I took her hand and lead the way to our awaiting oasis on the twelfth floor. After smoothly swiping my key card and entering my room, I rushed to place the 'Do Not Disturb' knob hanger on the outside of my door letting my boys know not to bother me. I walked my beautiful bombshell over to the edge of the bed and whispered in her ear a cheesy, "Welcome to the pleasure zone"

Then I began to kiss down her delectable neck to her collar bone. Umm, her skin tasted delicious and I couldn't wait to taste the rest of her. Making quick use of my hands, I undid the strings to the tiny material that covered her breast. It should have been a crime to cover up such wonderful works of art. They were perfect and firm, and round, and those rose colored buds called for me to lavish them with my tongue, but I had one other article of clothing that needed to be removed first.

While reaching for strings that held her bottoms intact she placed her hands over mine, shook her head and said, "Hum Um, If I'm going to be totally naked then you are too." Turning to face me she ran her hands just inside the waist of my swim trunks and encouraged me to take them off. Inhaling her scent deeply and clinching my lower muscles so that the swim trunks would fall lose, I allowed her to give the final push that freed my rock hard, throbbing cock. She stood back and took in my massive member and all but eye fucked me while licking her lips, then she sucked in her bottom lip and bit down.

Stretching out her arm she took me in her hand and gave me a firm squeeze. Oh Fuck! I nearly yelled out. That shit felt so fucking good. Before I could stop my involuntary movements, my head fell back and a moan passed through my lips. I wanted to be inside of her hot wet pussy very badly and I could tell by the way she was stroking my cock that she wanted the same.

Forcing my head back to the upright position, I reached for the strings on her bikini bottoms once again. This time she didn't stop me. Luck was with me and I only had to pull on one string to free the material from her luscious hips. I let out a hiss as I looked to her glistening center and saw that she was as bare as bare could be. Fuck me sideways. I thought as I reached out to cup her bare mound. This time I couldn't resist the urge to slid my fingers between her soft folds and take a hardened nipple into my mouth. I nipped and tugged at her rosy peak then rolled my tongue around it; wanting to make sure that both were treated equally I turned and administered the same attention to the other beautiful breast.

Moans slipped out of both of us as we began to nip and stroke and pull at each other. At this pace I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. I needed to get her to the bed, there were things I wanted to do to her that just couldn't be done in the standing position we were in now.

Giving her a delicate push she fell back onto the bed. Seductively, she climbed to the center of the queen size mattress and motioned for me to join her. I eagerly climbed to the center of the bed where she sat. She lay back on the pillows that were placed at the head of the bed, leaving her legs bent at the knee. God she looked beautiful and very fuckable in that position. Not wanting to wait any longer I crawled inbetween her legs and began to massage her folds. I could, once again feel her wetness on my fingers. Her sex glistened as I parted her and ran my finger over her swollen bud.

"Edward" she moaned as I continued my journey to her opening. Once at her entrance I placed two of my fingertips inside her, looking up for her approval to fully enter in, she gave me a nod and she bit down hard on her bottom lip. She was so fucking hot when she did that.

Unable to contain my thirst for her I bent down and sucked her clit into my mouth as I began to pump my fingers in and out of her tight, wet core. She hummed in approval as I slightly twisted and curved my fingers as they moved in and out of her. Keeping the rhythm my tongue had set in its assault of her clit, I began to hum as well, sending vibrations rushing through her body.

Tentatively reaching up, I took one of her nipples between the thumb and finger on my free hand and pinched and pulled at it as I continued my ministrations on her pussy.

Soon I could feel her starting to clench around me so I quickened my pace. I knew she could nolonger hold her orgasm at bay. She now had to have release.

"Ahh … Oh Fuck! … Yea, I'm cumming. I'm CUMMING!" She screamed out in ecstasy as she climaxed and then road out her orgasm making small thrust against my face as I pulled my fingers away and began to lap up the tantalizing juices that were flowing from her body. She tasted so sweet, just like that damn strawberry popsicle she was sucking on down at the bar. That thought reminded Eddie boy that he still hadn't had any action; he twitched and began to throb.

I really hoped she had plans to return my favor because if she didn't I was going to have to take care of myself in a cold shower and I really didn't like doing that shit, but I would if she decided that it was time to go.


Damn, that could possibly be the best orgasm I have ever had in my life; and I have had my fair share of them let me tell you. I was trying to catch my breath while coming down from the new heights that Edward had just sent my body to. He had some serious skills. I didn't know how much pussy that man had to tongue-fucked to get that good, and I probably don't want to know, but I was extremely ecstatic about being the recipient this time around.

My eyes fluttered open in a half lidded manner to see Edward staring back with a lust filled-half lidded gaze of his own. I expected him to be smug and cocky, which lets face it, he had earned every right to be; instead he seemed contemplative and a bit antsy. It was almost as if he were anticipating me to jump up and run at any second without repaying the gift he had just bestowed upon me. Was he crazy? For one, I couldn't even stand on my now jello-like legs if I wanted to; for another, if he was this good with his mouth, I couldn't wait to find out what he could do with the other more prominent features on his body. I couldn't resist the tease though.

I smiled happily while getting up and gripping the bed post for support before picking up my discarded swimsuit. Edward looked up with panic in his eyes while his jaw nearly hit the floor. I love that I have that effect on him.

"Well Edward, it has been fun but…" I trailed off battling to keep the smile from my face as his eyes widened in disbelief.

I turned to walk to the bathroom when I felt a firm hand wrap around my wrist, immediately halting my movements. I turned and gazed up at Edward through my eyelashes as his eyes pleaded desperately with me. Finally, I couldn't torture him any longer as I let an evil smirk creep onto my face. He looked momentarily confused; then you could almost hear the light bulb click on in his head as he stared at me in disbelief once again.

"Fucking tease." He muttered crashing his lips to mine with a kiss so intense I could feel the tingling in my stomach once again.

"You didn't honestly think I was that cruel did you?" I asked breathlessly, dropping my swimsuit once again as I pushed him down onto the bed.

"I think that was very cruel indeed." He smirked, leaning up on the headboard of the bed.

I seductively slithered up his body; he moaned quietly as I occasionally brushed my hair and breast up his form. I gave him a deep kiss battling his tongue for dominance. I pulled back, earning a groan from him, before placing open mouthed kisses down his neck and chest. I licked and nipped his nipples before continuing my path down his toned abs tracing them with my tongue before circling his navel twice. He was sighing my name repeatedly until I followed the patch of dark hair down his stomach then over to his hips avoiding where I knew he needed me most. He growled in frustration. Fucking growled and fuck me if I wasn't dripping at the very sound of it.

I placed more open mouthed kisses over his hip bones and down his thighs. Deciding that I had teased him enough, and excited to taste him, I brought my head back up until I was eye level with his throbbing cock. I blew a stream of hot air over him causing him buck his hips towards my face and moan my name. I slowly reached out and licked off the bead of pre-cum that had begun to form at the top of his dick tasting his unique flavor. Yum, I think I could drink of Edward all day and never fully quench my thirst.

After tasting him, I licked his cock from base to tip effectively wrapping my mouth around his head. I relished in the way his head fell deeper into the pillows and the almost animalistic noises that were erupting from his chest. I began to take him in inch by inch as deep as I could. Fuck, he is huge! I stroked what I couldn't fit in my mouth with my hand as his hand tangled in my hair setting a more acceptable rhythm to meet his needs.

Once he began to thrust up into my mouth, I knew he was close. I got on my knees angling my head different and relaxing my throat before slamming him all the way back, deep-throating him. I swallowed hard once I felt him hit the back of my throat and reached up to stroke his balls. He shuddered out a guttural moan as his stomach and balls tensed and relaxed as he released three long streams into my mouth. I made sure to take in everything he gave me as I sucked him one last time cleaning him off.

I kissed my way back up to his lips as he recovered from his orgasm. I gave him a peck on the mouth leaning back to take in his lazy grin; I smiled a little smugly before leaning in to kiss him longer. I traced his bottom lip with my tongue and he eagerly granted me entrance to explore.

"Damn baby, you are fucking amazing." He said against my lips before pulling me back in for another intense kiss; he took the reins this time dominating my mouth as he rolled on top of me. I could feel him rock hard yet again, pressing into my thigh and I couldn't help but moan in anticipation.


Who knew that a blow job could feel that good? I sure as hell didn't. I could hardly believe that, this goddess before me was for real. Well, I knew she was for real by the way she felt beneath me and by the way my cock was throbbing, yet again, begging to be sheathed inside of her. As I pressed my hard on against her thigh and took claim over her mouth I could fell the anticipation of sex building in my stomach, sending tingles all over my body.

I knew I had to take her and make her mine even if it only was for the short time we would spend here in my room together. No longer able to resist her delectable body, I reached over to the night stand and grabbed a condom from the drawer. Placing the corner of the tiny foil package between my teeth I effectively tore it open. Reaching down to stroke her clit and prepare her for the next round in our sexcapade I smoothly removed the condom and rolled it down my hardened shaft. I ran my hand up and down my length to make sure that condom was securely in place then ever so slowly I removed my fingers from her tight, wet core and positioned myself at her entrance.

A groan erupted from her when she felt my hand leave her body, though when she opened her eyes and seen that I was about to enter her she gave me a lust filled smile. Fucking hell, this girl was going to be the death of me, I just knew it. She let out a gasp and I a moan, as I pushed through her tight opening. I knew there was no way that a girl this beautiful and this willing was a virgin but still, Damn she was so fucking tight I could have cummed on the first thrust. As I buried myself inside of her I paused to allow her body to adjust to my size. Once I felt the muscles that were surrounding my cock begin to relax, I began to thrust in and out of her setting a pace that seemed to suit us both. She had closed her eyes and licked her lush bottom lip before sucking it in and biting down on it.

"Look at me Bella." I requested.

When she opened her eyes they immediately locked with mine intensifying the effect that my pending climax was having over my body. I could feel her hot pussy beginning to tighten back around my cock. My thrust soon became faster and more frantic as I felt my climax beginning to rocket through me. Reaching down between our intertwined bodies I found the bundle of nerves that I was seeking. I began to rub circles over her clit; I wanted her to orgasm before I had my own. The muscles in her thighs tightened, "Edward, faster" erupted from her mouth as she matched me thrust for thrust. Unable to hold back my own moans, "Oh Bella … Auhh" and that was her undoing. She screamed out my name one more time as her insides clinched down around me and her orgasm overtook her body. Trembles lightly shook her as she free fell into her bliss. Two deep thrusts later and, I exploded into the condom, sending me to the area of bliss where she now resided.

Collapsing down to lay my head in the crook of her neck, I placed open mouthed kisses on her exposed flesh before leaning up and kissing her soft lips. She parted them allowing me the entrance I so desired, though too tired to fight her for dominance I allowed her tongue to explore my mouth once again. The kiss ended all too soon when a fit of the giggles overtook Bella and she slightly pulled away.

"Bella that was amazing" I said, still a little breathless from our sexual venture.

"I know," she giggled out, with a rather smug smile on her face.

I kissed her one last time before gently pull out of her and lying to her side.

"What's so funny?" I questioned when I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me.

"Oh nothing, I was just thinking." She smiled up at me.

"Thinking about what?" She had peaked my curiosity and I wanted to know what was going on in that little mind of hers.

"About how I had no intentions of sleeping with you so soon and now here I am in your hotel room, wrapped in your arms and coming down from the most amazing set of orgasms I have ever had in my entire life. I just find it a little amusing, that's all." She said as a beautiful blush covered her body and flooded her cheeks. That color looked wonderful on her.

Looking over to check the time I noticed that it was still too early to get ready for the party at Senor Frogs tonight. So I rolled over and removed the condom, making sure to tie a knot in it, then snuggled in close to Bella to breath in her intoxicating scent and before I was able to stop myself I fell into a deep slumber.

I was awoken when a loud knock fell upon my door. "What the hell?" I grumbled as I rolled out of the bed and made my way over to put a stop to the obnoxious noise.

"Dude, where the hell have you been? I've been looking all over the place for you. Last I seen you, you were out on the beach turning your Mason charm loose on a brunette, a very hot one I might add. Shit it doesn't matter have you looked at the clock lately? It's getting about that time. You going to be ready to leave soon?" Damn Tucker was full of questions. What time is it? I turned to see the clock on the night stand said that it was 6:38. Holy Hell! Had I really been asleep for four hours? I couldn't believe it. Wait … where was Bella? Was she gone? I ran to the bathroom and flung open the door. No Bella in there, damn she must have left.

As I made my way back into my room I saw a piece of paper lying on the card table at the foot of the bed. The note was from Bella;

Sorry I wasn't here when you woke up, I had to leave to get ready for a party tonight at Senor Frogs. I would love to see you again so I hope I'll you'll be there. Thanks for the um … wonderful day. Love, Bella

"Holy shit you got the brunette back up to your room and you fell asleep on her. Please tell me you hit that before you did?" Blush must have covered my face because Tucker began to snicker and turn around. "Oh man you did! Tell me, what was she like? Did she go down on you? I heard Brunettes are the best when it comes to giving blow jobs. I call dibs for tomorrow. I want to see that pretty little mouth of hers wrapped around me." He smirked as he picked the note out of my hands.

"Over my dead body, bastard. You so much as lay a hand on her and you'll never play another sport as long as you live, understand me?" I meant every word of it and he knew it.

Raising his hands in defeat he replied, "Okay, okay I get it, hands off she's yours." Damn straight, she's mine!

"That's right and don't you forget it. Now get out of here I've got to start getting ready."

"Alright, but you better hurry the party starts at 9 and I'd like to eat before the place gets packed. Hey atleast she's going to be there." He pointed out as he walked back out the door and pulled it closed behind him.

Yea, she was going to Senor Frogs and so was I.


Oh My God! What an amazing time I had. I could hardly believe the afternoon I had just spent in Edwards' room. I definitely wanted a repeat performance.

"Bella, Be-ll-a. Hey girl, come back to reality, would ya?" Jessica pulled me from my reverie.

"Oh sorry, what cha' need?" I asked giving her my kindest smile.

"Nothing but details; How was the Hottie once you got him back up to his room?" She wanted to know if we had sex, she was such a pervert, but I loved her. She was my Bitch, and did anything I asked, even if it was far fetched and totally ridiculous.

"Um … It was alright." I shrugged trying to avoid her question.

"Just alright, I think not! He has too much sex appeal to be just alright." She stated with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll tell you more later, right now I need a good shower and something to eat; I'm starving." I hadn't realized how hungry I was until my stomach let out a loud grumble and now I was fiercely hungry.

"Get in the shower and I'll order room service. What do you want?"

"Um … Get me a chicken sandwich and some fries. Get a cup of salsa on the side and HEY get me a big slice of strawberry pie."

"Pig" Jessica mumbled as she left. In retaliation I stuck my tongue out at her back when she walked out of my room. I had worked up an appetite today; I deserved to splurge a little.

Later that night at Senor Frogs; my crew and I found a booth that allowed us full view over the club but with just enough privacy. We were all dressed in hot spaghetti strap dresses that barely covered our asses. Jess was in lavender, Lauren in hot pink and I was sporting a forest green that matched Edward's eyes. Shit did I really just think that? Jess and Lauren immediately picked up some fun of their own and headed to the dance floor with them in tow. Jake, whom I was currently getting the cold shoulder from, sat down across from me sliding me my drink. He was clad in khaki shorts with a pale yellow button up that looked nice against his skin.

"Look Jake, you can't ignore me forever. Get over it." Jake was throwing the biggest fit ever because of my little disappearing act earlier with Edward. He completely freaked when Jess and Lauren wanted details on my hotel rendezvous and I filled them in with all the juice he really it the ceiling.

"Give me a break Bells; you took off with a complete stranger to his hotel room of all places. I just thought you were smarter than that. Do you even know how many people go missing here each year?" He fumed. I rolled my eyes; I was currently listening to the same argument for the billionth time.

"No I have no idea. You need to give me a break Jake! I know Edward just fine now and he would never hurt me. It may have been crazy but it is over and done with now." I stated scanning the crowd for him as I spoke.

"Over and with, huh? Then who are you looking for?" He snorted rolling his eyes.

I huffed angrily, about to reply when I spotted some people I knew from my high school back in Forks. I knew others were coming but it was still a surprise to see Alice and Rosalie Cullen standing by the bar. They were talking animatedly to one another and I decided to go say hi, leaving Jake to brood alone.

The three of us weren't really friends, I mean they were nice and all, but the Cullen's kept to themselves. Plus, I knew that both Alice and Rosalie loathed Lauren and Jessica for coming onto their significant others, Jasper and Emmett Cullen.

Yep, all Cullen's, and together!! They are like all adopted or something. That is a whole other story though. You couldn't completely blame my girls though; I mean those Cullen boys were sexy as hell, but you just don't mess with another chick's guy. I was actually surprised that I didn't see the Cullen men around protecting their sexy as hell girlfriends; I may not be into girls but you would have to be blind not to notice that they were smokin' hot, and by the open mouths and drool from half the men in this place and some of the women, everyone here had perfect 20/20 vision. That vision, granted them a view of Alice in a black silk cocktail dress and Rosalie in a blood red strapless mini.

"Hello Alice. Rosalie. Enjoying a girl's night out?" I asked as politely as I could.

"Bella, it is so good to see you. How are you? Oh, our guys had an…um…emergency to attend to. How has your trip been so far? When are you headed back to Forks?" The hyperactive little pixie, also known as Alice, spouted quickly; her wild short black hair bouncing around. If I hadn't known any better I would have thought that she was hiding something, but this was just how Alice was.

"Whoa, whoa Alice; slow down!" I laughed. "I am having a wonderful time. We are headed back in about five days, after the big end of summer bash on the beach. What about you guys?"

"Same for us too." Rosalie, the blonde bombshell, said. "As long as all goes well with Ed…um…our Emergency."

"Are you sure everything is ok?" I asked getting a little concerned. They never acted this, nervous. They were always cool, calm and collected all of the time.

"Positive!" They both announced together smiling big, a little too big. They were definitely hiding something.

"Ok, well I hope you guys have fun and I hope to see you at the bash." I said searching the crowd once more for Edward.

"Looking for someone Bella?" Alice asked staring into my eyes.

"Yeah, just some guy I met earlier. He was supposed to come tonight but I guess he got held back." I replied blushing fiercely. Damn, I hate when that happens.

"Just some guy, huh? I think he will be so much more than that." Alice said all knowingly. "Or he will be." She said distractedly staring off into space with glazed over eyes. I briefly wondered if she was on drugs.

"Alice." Rose hissed nudging her in the side. "Sorry Bella, I am afraid she has had a little too much to drink.

"It's ok. Not a problem. I am going to see if I can find Edward, the guy I met; do you guys have a taxi? I can call one for you." I offered politely seriously worried about Alice's intoxication level as she stared, seemingly forgetting the room around her, with a small smile on her face.

"Ed...Edw…Edward, as in Edward Masen?" Rosalie stuttered. I wonder if they really were on drugs. It looked like some good shit; maybe they are willing to share. I thought absentmindedly nodding my head.

"Do you know him?" I questioned.

"Oh, well, he was introduced to us here earlier after a pretty nasty run in with Jasper's ex-girlfriend, Maria." Alice stated, coming back to the present, earning a nasty glare from Rosalie.

"He was here? When? Where did he go? What happened with this Maria chick?"

"She just came on a little strong and he brushed her off because he was waiting for you. She was pissed but Emmett and Jasper came to his aid and helped him out before she could …um kill him. He's is a part of the emergency but don't worry he'll be okay." I was on cloud nine about the fact that he was waiting for me, then pissed off and wanted to rip this, Maria, to shreds for ruining my evening and a chance at some more 'alone' time with Edward.

"What happened to him?" Panic was setting in at the realization that she had said there was an emergency and that Emmett and Jasper stepped in before the bitch could kill him.

"See his parents were in an accident. I don't think they made it, but the guys are talking with Esme about him coming and staying with us in Forks."

"So he is okay aside from the news about his parents?" She nodded. "Oh. My. God! Where is he? I need to see him." He must be devastated. I had to be with him. I couldn't believe that all I was thinking about was sex when Edward was going through so much grief. I am a sorry bitch.

"I'm sorry, he had to leave early, but I will let him know that you were looking for him and that you were concerned about him. I'm sure it will make him happy. Try not to worry too much; you'll see him when you get back to Forks. He will be going to school with us." She sounded so sure; I knew there was nothing else I could do but wait until we got back home. Suddenly, Cancun seemed uninteresting compared to my rainy little town. I could think of nothing but getting back home to be with Edward.

"We have to go. Now! Bye Bella, we are so sorry." Rosalie exclaimed, still glaring at Alice as she drug her from the club as quickly as possible.

"See you in school Bella; I can see that we are going to be the best of friends this year." Alice yelled over her shoulder. Drugs, has to be. She just seemed so sure.

I wondered briefly how this would work out for Edward and me. Would he even want to see me again? Would he still want to be with me? Most importantly, why did it hurt so much at the thought of not having him around for the rest of my life?

This was going to be one Hell of a year.