To all of our wonderful readers I come to you in this fake chapter to tell you that this story is on a permanent hiatus until further notice. At this point I'm quite sure it will never be worked on ever again due to lack of interest from one or both of the authors. When this story began it was only intended to be a one shot with the mystery of what would happen next but on a whim myself and another author tried to turn it into a full out story and failed. I apologize profusely for leaving you hanging. In short we envisioned a full out war between Maria and her gang and the Cullens, the Cullens winning of course. And as they say the rest is history. LoL. Once again THANK YOU to all our readers for all of your support and praises during our time spent together. We love you all!!!!! And look forward to hearing from you on future ventures.


Twisted Minds X2