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"Go in, dammit!" Hidan ground out...again.

"But, un...I mean...! It's been 2 weeks and...what if he doesn't want to see me?" a firm push in the center of the blonde's back finally sent him through the door...and into the Hospital lobby...

Now he only had to get him across the lobby, down a hallway, up an elevator, through a longer hallway, and into Sasori's room! Whoo! Progress.

"Fucking hell...Kisame! Stop laughing at me and help!" this, of course, earned another far too joyful laugh from the older man.

A whole 10 minutes that blue bastard has been amusing himself with Hidan's plight...and Itachi was stoic, as usual.

"Okay okay, I'm coming." Kisame finally relented after having wiped a tear from his eye. The albino growled as the youngest of the group, once again, tried to exit the building that he was only a step inside of.

"Alright, stop being a pussy about it." after that blunt statement an intense 5 minutes of dodging ensued on Deidara's part before he was successfully captured and transported to the space directly outside of the puppeteer's room.

"But, you guys! He's gonna be pissed that I haven't come to see him for the two weeks he's been awake, un..." Kisame, being the good friend, touched a comforting hand to the younger man's shoulder and opened his mouth to supply him some words of wisdom. Unfortunately, Hidan, being the obnoxious friend, provided instead:

"You know it only would've been 1 fucking week if you had grown some balls the first time we brought you here!" a blue hand positioned itself on a pale face and shoved the albino pest a couple feet away.

"Deidara, Sasori may not have directly asked us where or how you've been but, he looks at the door constantly whenever we visit, waiting for you to come in...probably...Maybe he'll at least listen before he completely and utterly rejects you." and to make things even more comforting, Hidan, having reclaimed his spot next to Kisame, quickly added:

"He's drugged up as hell too, so that's to your adv-" he was cut off by the fact that his neck somehow found itself wedged up near a blue armpit. Deidara looked more like he'd puke by the second.

"Go. Listening to these two is a moronic waste of time." Itachi deadpanned. When Itachi said go, you went before his judgmental, I-am-clearly-superior-to-you, eyes took hold of your soul.

Deidara took a deep breath, the combination of his heart pounding in his ears and how very loud his breathing had started to sound drowned out his two best friends argument. When he closed the door behind him, he swore his heart stopped.

Sasori was laying so still he could have been dead, though when he finally dared to take a few steps toward the bed Deidara could hear steady breathing.

He was asleep.

The blonde let out a breath he didn't even know he had been holding, and his shoulders stopped flirting with his ears.

Suddenly he remembered what he felt when he first saw the redhead, their first date, their first kiss, their first everything.

Suddenly he missed it so much the pain almost brought him to his knees...yet, somehow, he kept moving until his jean-clad thighs brushed against the cold metal bed frame.

The whole world, at least his whole world, confined to a hospital room.

'Because of me, un'

His blue eyes scanned over the angelic face -resting in that infamous expression of complete indifference- then they slowly started to pan down the rest of his body. He stopped at Sasori's stomach to take a steadying breath before his eyes confirmed what the doctor had told him.

Something so insignificant as sheets made his heart drop to his ankles. The thin, cheap, fabric made a perfect mold of that oh-so familiar body...that's why when the material became shapeless, smooth, flat...time stopped.

"I-I'm so sorry, un." he choked out as shaky hands sought out even more proof of the limb's absence.

It was really gone.

It was only after he started crying that he realized he wasn't the only conscious one in the room.

He gasped as he met red eyes with wide blue ones, tears freely flowing and dripping to the floor.

The first thing that the amputee noticed was how glassy blonde hair hung slightly above thin shoulders and curved just-so towards that delicate, expressive face...and how the partial ponytail that used to be so long was now but a mere 2-3 inches.

"Dei? what-" The young artist hastily wiped at his cheeks as he interrupted Sasori.

"Wait! before you tell me to leave, un, I want to tell you that I know I was wrong. I took you for granted, I let work and that stupid bet come between us, I-I..." Deidara dropped his head, letting renewed tears drop onto his black converse. The IneedyoudontleavemeIcan'tdothis ringing in his ears, echoing through his heart, it brought out an intense fear that shook his whole body.

He looked up, vision blurred, tearful blue orbs boring into red. There was a terrified strength that Sasori couldn't quite explain hovering in the younger man's eyes as he blurted:

"I love you, un! I love you so much that it hurts." he cried, hands flying up to grasp the sides of his head as his breath became short, panic setting in. "My legs feel like giving out, my heart is threatening to jump out of my chest, un...and...and if you tell me to leave now I'll die, if not physically every other way! I'll n-never love anyone else like this. Please," Deidara's left arm fell limp against his side, sobs helplessly racking his small frame, right elbow covering his eyes "...Don't leave me, Danna." he ended on a whisper.

Silently, the redhead reached out for a pale wrist. It took a moment for the blonde to realize that he was bent over the bed and that his lips were pressed against the puppeteer's. Sasori broke away and pulled the blonde into a crushing hug and in mock annoyance stated:

"Don't think your sappy speech changed my mind, Brat." Deidara sniffled as he sat up on the edge of the bed, staring blankly at the redhead. Sasori rolled his eyes. He didn't want to resort to this cheesy shit, but...

"I always tell you true art lasts forever, correct?" The blonde responded with a skeptical nod, waiting for elaboration and shoving down the urge to correct him.

"The same could be said for love, Deidara." Sasori couldn't help a loud 'ooomph' escape him as his boyfriend collapsed on top of him, another onslaught of tears soaking his hospital gown.

Kakuzu strode down the hallway towards Itachi's silhouette, not sparing a second thought at Hidan and Kisame's absence.

"Got here as soon as I could, restaurant was packed today." he started conversationally, hoping to build comfortable relationships with his lover's friends.

He was ignored. The raven-haired seemed to be staring intently at the floor directly outside of the redhead's room.


"Itachi? Where's Hid-what the hell?" Kakuzu suddenly felt a distinct twitch in his right eye.

Hidan...and Kisame...were...

"They were eavesdropping." Itachi stated blandly, gaze never leaving his two friends.

"T-that was...beautiful!" Kisame wailed, tightly gripping the sniffling albino.

Both seemed unaware of how utterly ridiculous they looked...sitting on the floor...right outside a hospital room...holding each other...crying...going on about-

"They're so f-fucking meant to beeeheheee!" Hidan sobbed. The brunette promptly closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, dear God...he was dating-

"A-ano? Is there something wrong here...?" a very concerned nurse asked the oldest of the group. Kakuzu sighed.

-a complete moron.

"No. Just...pretend this never happened." she gave a reluctant nod as she started moving down the hallway, sending nervous glances at the two crazies outside room 306.

"Hidan...?" no response

"Hidan..." more sobbing...from both grown men.

"Dammit...HIDAN!" He bellowed, earning complete silence.

"Stop being an embarrassment!" the best friends finally, if somewhat awkwardly, ceased their embrace.

He extended a tan hand to the albino with the thought of getting out of here ASAP, he was sure Itachi had also noticed the group of nurses staring at them from around the corner.

"Come on...I'll buy you ice cream if you'll stop crying."

"Screw ice cream...I want a fucking churro." amusement lit a pair of green eyes for the briefest of moments and a deep laugh rumbled down the hallway.

"Anything you want, but you're buying." The albino yanked his hand away from his lover and pointed an accusatory finger.

"You're such a cheapass! If you want me to buy then give me a raise, dammit!"the manager chuckled and re-intertwined their hands.

After watching Kakuzu and Hidan board the elevator Kisame looked expectantly at the Uchiha.





"Everyone else had a couple-moment, I'll feel left out if you act cold." the blue man pouted. The shorter of the two let out a barely noticeable 'huff' and lifted his arms out in front of himself, fingers splayed, gaze set on the wall to his left.

Kisame smiled anyways and slipped into the open arms so they hung around his neck, his own arms encircled a slender waist, and short legs wrapped around his abdomen.

The smile stretched even wider when he heard a few squeals from behind them.

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