"I'm home, un!" Deidara called as he flicked on the kitchen lights, proceeding to store the assortment of grocery's he had bought. Upon finishing in the kitchen he started to look around for his boyfriend.

It didn't take him long to find the redhead.

He was crouched over that desk again, nothing but a small lamp illuminating the room. "Danna, un?" Sasori deposited some type of wrench on his table with a loud 'clank', leaned back and let out a huff of air before turning to look at the blonde. Deidara smiled at the sight - Red hair was in disarray, most likely from the puppeteer ruffling it out of frustration. His face and clothes were sprinkled with sawdust, hands darkened by wood stain, and glasses rested at the tip of his round nose. It was silent until Sasori finally said

"...I finished it, Dei." The younger man almost screamed. "That's great, un! Try it out!" He squealed before rushing over to help his lover. Having secured all the necessary straps, Sasori grabbed Deidara's hand for support, placing his fleshy right foot firmly on the ground. It wasn't until his new wooden leg touched the floor that the puppeteer stood up straight and relied on nothing but his own two feet. Sasori hated the prosthetic the hospital had supplied him with. It was bulky and bothersome, the 'knee' joint squeaked as it barely managed to bend...It looked and functioned nothing like a human leg. He had put in weeks of work to ensure every detail was to his satisfaction. That the foot was carved perfectly to match it's pink counterpart, that the arch moved naturally, that even the knee joint was noise free and bent just like the real thing. Making sure that he would never feel handicapped.

Making sure Deidara would never feel guilty.

Sasori started to take slow steps that morphed into long strides as he became more confident."How does it feel, un?" The blonde asked excitedly as he came to stand at his lover's side again.

"Feels as close as I'll ever get to the real thing." Deidara's smile faded at that. The only reason Sasori couldn't just have the real thing was due to his selfishness.

"..I'm sorry, un.." he whispered before wrapping his arms around the amputee's waist and resting his head on that familiar chest. Sasori sighed and brought a hand up to comfort the younger man, fingers weaving into the short blonde hair.

"The prosthetic...I'm going to call it Hiruko. I'm selling the design, I should make enough money to get us out of this apartment and into a real house." Deidara pulled away to look into his boyfriend's eyes.

"Sasori, I-"

"Look, Brat. Something good came out of this..so don't feel guilty anymore." It didn't exactly lift the weight off his shoulders, Deidara would always feel responsible, but he knew Sasori hated pity so he had no choice but to try.

"Give me a little more time, un." it was a long road ahead, but well worth the travel. They were going to be alright. They had all the time in the world.

"Hey, Kuzu?"

Hidan inquired around a mouth full of popcorn. It was their, relatively new, weekly movie night and he had settled himself onto his boyfriend's lap, legs swung over the armrest of the chair, head rested against a broad shoulder.

"What is it now? I'm not getting up for more snacks...or beer." the albino simply rolled his eyes.

"Nah nah, no shit like that...y'know back when Sasori was first hospitalized?" there was a slight pause before Kakuzu answered, he was pretty sure he knew where this was going.

"...Of course."

"And how Dei and I were talking on that bench, then you, Kisame, and Itachi came out of fucking nowhere?"

"Yeah...Hidan, could you get to the point?" Kakuzu, sensing this was going to be a relatively lengthy conversation, paused their movie, then shifted around so he could see those fuschia eyes burning with curiosity.

"Well...I've been fucking wondering about those damn 'matters' you said Kisame and Dei needed to 'discuss'...they won't say shit about it, dammit!" For a moment, the older man just sat there and marveled at how foolish it was to not have an excuse prepared just in case such a question reared its ugly head...he was dating a nosy brat, after all.

"It's been almost 2 months since that happened, how do you still care?" was that an attempt at stalling? Why yes, yes it was.

"'Cause I wanna fucking know! Why the fuck would my best friends keep fucking secrets from me!?" Kakuzu let out a exasperated sigh. Well...this won't really effect him directly...and he was a little peeved when he found out...

"Listen, brat. I'm not getting involved in this at all. Neither is the restaurant. Clear?" Hidan hastily nodded his head, anticipation lighting his eyes."Your friends thought it would be funny to make a bet that Deidara couldn't get us together." thin white brows furrowed in confusion, not quite comprehending.

"Deidara sent Tobi after you, purposefully tripped you, shoved you into me on multiple occasions, the call at the bar was set-up, and apparently he even spied on us from outside your window, etcetera."

"Fuck. No." The albino angrily tossed his empty popcorn bowl aside, and headed for the door. He hated being tricked.

Kakuzu sighed. "It's one in the morning."

"I don't see how that makes any fucking difference!" Hidan retorted as he moved to the foyer. Kakuzu rolled his eyes before following his boyfriend, stopping to watch as Hidan struggled to put on shoes in his apparent rage.

"I didn't exactly approve of his actions either, kid." That earned a growl from the smaller man.

"I'm not a fucking kid, dammit!" Hidan whirled around, hands on his hips.

"Then stop acting like one." They both glared for a moment before Hidan huffed and spun around to grab the doorknob, but while trying to turn it large hands slammed against the door, a muscular body hovering just behind him, hot breath tickling his ear.

"Stop being such a damn brat!" Hidan had the breath knocked out of him when he was turned around and shoved against the door, green eyes boring into his own. "I didn't approve of his actions, Hidan, but I did feel at least a little grateful."

"You're grateful that little shit tricked us...played with us?" he fumed, pushing at his lover's chest in an attempt to break free. The older man captured his wrists, pinning him.

"Do you honestly think we'd be here right now without it? That, if we hadn't accidentally slept together, I'd have been anything but the manager you hated?" the voice was loud, angry, hurt. Hidan looked away, feeling stupid, not wanting to be wrong.

"I...That's not-"

"Look at me, Hidan!" when the albino didn't move Kakuzu's voice became impossibly deep, demanding an answer."Do you regret this?" he slowly let go of the younger man "Us?" Hidan's head snapped up, eyes wide, mouth struggling to form words.

"No! I...'Kuzu that's..." his pale hands flew up to the tan face, fingers sinking into the thick hair, suddenly afraid that the older man would leave.

"Then let this go." Hidan frowned at the command, retracting his arms to cross them. He never liked being controlled. Kakuzu saw the anger starting to fester again, sat down on the hard wood, and sighed.

"Hidan," he started, roughly pulling his hands through his own hair in exasperation. "I was planning on settling a few more things before I asked you this but.." he glanced up to see the albino impatiently waiting for this conversation to be over. "This is serious." the younger man huffed and dropped to the floor cross legged.

"What?" was the clipped response.

"I want to take the next step." Hidan stared, anger fading into confusion. The older man heaved a sigh."What I'm trying to say here is: I want to live together."

"Kuzu...you practically live here already. Fuck, you spend more time here than I do." was the chuckled answer. He thought this was something 'big', why was Kakuzu nervous about this?

"Thats not what I mean. Hidan, I know we haven't been together very long but.." Those expectant fuschia eyes were suddenly very frustrating. He wanted Hidan to catch on so he didn't actually have to say it.

"I love you, Brat. I know we can't get legally married here, but I want to get as close as we can." He pulled a pale hand into his, kissing it lightly on top.

"Unofficially marry me?" Kakuzu had never felt time move so slow as he watched delighted shock morph into an irritated expression. His miserly heart sank. Hidan must still be afraid of commitment, of letting someone in. He had hoped that their relationship, these last months, had changed his mind. What if he just runs away no-

"God dammit! This means I'm the fucking girl!"

An ever-so intelligent "Huh?" came from the older man.

"...Yea. I'll be your fucking fake wife. Only because I love you too, you bastard." Hidan said as he rolled his eyes, failing to mask the wild grin threatening to split his face in half. Not even the blow to his manly pride for being the giddy woman from a proposal couldn't sway his mood.

The older man's deep laughter echoed down the halls, rich with the amusement of how ludicrous his vision of this 'proposal' being romantic actually was.

They were Hidan and Kakuzu after all.