Bella – EdwardsLittleLamb

Edward – BellasMINE!

Alice – PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing

Jasper – JAZZY!!

Emmett – RosesTeddy4Life

Rosalie – AthornInYourSide

Melissa – Twilights Evil Pixie

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PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing: Jazzy!!!!!!!!!! Oh we need to go Shopping Bella is refusing to go with me :(

JAZZY!!: Ummm sure when you get back????....wait aren't you hunting?!?!?!?!

PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing:DUHHHH.. gosh jazzy your not with it today are you

JAZZY!!: But if your hunting how are you talking to me?

PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing: Blackberry duhh..gosh jazzy get with the times

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JAZZY!!: Hi Emmett

RosesTeddy4Life: Aye jazzhizzle watz goin on in da hizzle ma homey

JAZZY!!: Emmett did you drink caterpillar blood again you know what it does to you?!

RosesTeddy4Life: Man dat stuff is gooood jazzhizzle

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Twilights Evil Pixie: Hello any1 there???.......darn I am all alone again ….........why does Bree always make me come on last???..........GOSH BREE I HATE YOU ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS SAY TO ALICE THAT THE MAL HAS CLOSED DOWN AND YOU DIDNT EVEN LET ME DO IT!!!!!!!...........Mwahahahahahahahehehe it would be so funny if I did and she had a breakdown..........GOSH I STILL HATE YOU BREE............ Bella I am going to brainwash you and make you leave edward...THEN HE WILL BE MINE HEHEHEHEHEH

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Sorry it is really short guys I currently have a really bad case of the flu and writing takes a lot of my energy up Mel this is dedicated to you since I havent seen u in a week lol