Namikaze Reborn: Dark Anbu Knight Style

Chapter 2: Training and reactions

Naruto finally woke up and noticed two things. One he wasn't in his room, two, he was sleeping with his mom. Naruto took some time to notice that the room he was in was a major improvement.

"I wondered when you'd wake up." His mom said.

"How long was I out for ?" He asked.

"A couple hours, its morning now, hurry up and get down stairs, your father wants do some training later." Kushina said. "And Sakura will be here in a few hours."

"Why Sakura ?" Naruto asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"She needs to have the fan girl whipped clean out of her and I volunteered." Kushina smiled.

"I do not like how that sounded." Naruto admitted.

Sasuke was standing peacefully by the training grounds. Since he had been told Naruto and Sakura would be trained by Naruto's parents, he would have more time to train by himself and get strong enough to kill Itachi.

"Sasuke their you are." Ino shouted as she and her team came up.

"Why can't getting rid of Ino be as easy as getting rid of Sakura." Sasuke thought.

"Sasuke, aren't you at least bit furious that that boob Naruto wasted his wish on himself instead of you ?" Ino screamed.

"No, infact I respect Naruto slightly more than I did before." Sasuke said simply.

"See, wait what ?" Ino shouted as this gotten a reaction from Shikamaru and Choji too.

"Naruto could have wished for a lot of things, Money, power, to be the world's youngest Hokage, I wouldn't be too surprised if he wanted to get a lifetime supply of ramen, instead he chose his family, something I'm not sure I would've done the same." Sasuke admitted.

"Well who are his parents anyway a bunch of slackers ?" Ino asked.

"No the yellow flash and the bloody red habanera, according to Kakashi." Sasuke said.

Ino just plain shut up.

Meanwhile, Minato was dealing with a problem he hated when he was alive, Koharu, and Homura.

"He's my son I refuse to abandon him for his team mate." Minato said.

"You must understand, Naruto is one of the worst shinobi we have ever had." Koharu said.

"Only because a good chunk of the teachers purposely sabotaged his education." Minato said firmly.

"You dare blame the good teachers of our academy ?" Homura asked.

"I just did." Minato said, turning to leave.

"We haven't finished this discussion." Koharu said.

"We'll I've finished listening, see how that works." Minato said, disappearing in a flash of light.

He then reappeared in his kitchen noticing Naruto was wolfing down pancakes.

"Did you ever eat ?" Minato asked.

"From what I gathered, about 30 bowls of ramen a meal." Kushina answered. She was wearing an orange apron over her clothes, and dishing another stack of pancakes.

"How much as he been eating ?" Minato asked.

"He'd put an Amakichi to shame." Kushina smiled ruffling Naruto's hair.

Just then, a swirl of smoke appeared and a strange old man appeared.

Kushina then pounded him. "Jiraya, how many times do I have to tell you, use the front door."

"Who's he ?" Naruto asked.

Minato looked at his son and growled. "Naruto, take your breakfast out side for a few minutes, I need to do something."

Naruto did as he was told, in fear of his father.

"Jiraya, your suppose to be his godfather why weren't you their for him ?" Minato growled.

"Something, came up." the toad sage said, his head down.

"What came up ?" Kushina shouted.

"About a week after you two died, Orrochimaru left and I went after him, I found out he had joined an organization called Akatsuki and left soon after." Jiraya began.

"And what does that have to do with anything ?" Minato asked.

"The Akatsuki's goal is to collect the tailed beast for some reason." Jiraya said.

Minato's eyes widened at this.

"I spent all this time gathering information on them." Jiraya said only to be interrupted by Kushina.

"And your research."

"And I only know it a nine organization thing." Jiraya looked down in shame. "The top three I have reason to believe are my three students from rain county."

"Any other members you know of ?" Minato asked.

"Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshikame (1)" the toad sage said.

"Why not bring this to the council ?"Kushina asked.

"Please, those fossils don't believe me at all, they think it's a scam to better Naruto." Jiraya said. "Only Sarutobi does and he can't do anything about it."

"Why does that not surprise me." Minato groaned.

"What happened to Tsunade ?" Kushina asked.

"She's somewhere with a casino and a bar." Jiraya said.

Minato smiled at this. "I have to start Naruto's training." Looking at the clock.

"I'll join you, it's the least I can do." Jiraya said.

Kushina noticed that Sakura was no where in sight. She walked outside to her son.

"Where's your girl team member ?" Kushina asked.

"Check training ground 12, she and the rest of the Uchiha's fan club are probably watching him train." Naruto asked.

"Ok." Kushina turned to leave.

"Don't do anything hasty." Minato warned.

"If you see a brown haired girl named Ami, can you drop kick her over the wall ?" Naruto asked.

"It all depends on how mad she makes me." Kushina said waving.

"Who's Ami ?" Minato asked going to the shed.

"The principle's kid." Naruto answered. "She gets anything she wants because of it. Sasuke and me had to save Sakura frequently from her because she couldn't be on Sasuke's team."

Meanwhile Sasuke was trying to practice. Keyword being trying because of the loud noise known as his fan club. They were cheering him on and trying to squeeze in a few marriage proposals in. Just then a huge geyser of water rose from behind them. It took the form of a dragon and let out a blood curdling roar.

"Ok, that is pretty cool." Sasuke smirked.

The girls scattered until all that was left was Sakura. She looked at the dragon with fear in her eyes. The dragon disappeared and Kushina was in its place. "You're late." she growled. "Move."

Sakura fearfully and obediently nodded and followed.

"Hold it." a girl said angrily. "If you think you can take that loser and turn her into a decent shinobi, then you must be as dumb as that son of yours."

"Are you Ami by chance ?" Kushina asked.

"Yes." Ami said.

Everyone in the leaf village turned to the sky as the girl was launched through the sky and launched over the wall.

"She learned the hard way what happens when you make Kushina mad." The third Hokage said with a laugh.

Three hours later, Sakura groaned as her muscles ached in pain. She was currently sitting down in Naruto's back yard from all the training she was given. It was a lot more intense than Kakashi's. The two genin were on break as Minato was currently having a discussion with Kakashi. It was something about exams of some kind.

Naruto on the other hand was currently sparring with his mom. She smiled at this. Naruto finally had some family.

She remembered in her younger years, her mother forbade her to go near him. She never understood why and still didn't.

Her thoughts were interrupted, when a blue flame erupted from Naruto's right hand. Blue Chakra took the form of a Chinese dragon and in its mouth, was a massive white flame double sided sword.

Naruto relaxed his hand and it disappeared. On the back of his hand was a blue dragon tattoo.

"How'd I do that ?" Naruto asked. Sakura fell over.

Soon after Minato went to his library, he began to look over books to find out what had happened, he looked himself up inside for several hours.

"Hey, dad, any luck ?" Naruto asked.

"Not really, but if you'd like to try you can " Minato began only for his son to interrupt.

"Found it." Minato turned to see Naruto holding a book called Ancient Dragons of Legends and Relics.

Minato grabbed the book and read the section. Apparently Naruto's wish gave him the power of the grand dragon Quinlong. Naruto had such a pure wish that the dragon's chakra was given to him. Naruto could at the moment only summon the power in dire circumstances, what had happened was he had just developed the power.

"Naruto, you have no idea what headache's the council with give me for this ." Minato thought.

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