The sun had risen high above the sky. The Total drama action cruise won for the Grips for them to spend the night, was heading back to the film lot. All the grips were in different rooms, what the rest of the team didn't know was that their new member of the team, Courtney (Who by the way returned in episode 13), had snuck the punk juvinile dilenquit, known as Duncan on board. And was seen last night that the two were star gazing.


Scene shows feet creeping the floor, belonging to a C.I.T and a juvinile dilenquit.

"I don't know about this Duncan." Courtney whispered.

"Don't worry Courtney, If we get caught I will explain this was all my doing. So we won't ruin your little C.I.T reputation." Duncan winked at her. Courtney blushed lightly. She made sure Duncan didn't see her, so she turned away from him, leading the way. Something about Duncan's eyes made her heart flutter.

Still walking through the dark depths of who knows where on the boat. A small hint of light started to appear. Courtney gasped.

"I think I see something!" Courtney said picking up her speed. Duncan followed. The passageway brought them to the top open deck of the boat. Duncan looked over at Courtney, who was distracted by the stars.

"Um. Are you sure your room is up here?" Duncan asked. Courtney shook her head, still not taking her eyes off the sparkling stars above.

"Ok. Well we better go find it." Duncan sugested starting to walk off, but Courtney grabbed him by the arm.

"We don't have to go right away." Courtney said. Duncan shrugged. They caught each other's gaze, then brought their attention back to the stars. Courtney couldn't help but think this was familiar. Then her happy expression fell when she remembered Gwen and Duncan were looking at the stars one night, and then they ended up on top of each other. Courtney's eyes teared up at thinking of the thought of her Duncan with another girl, especially Gwen. Duncan looked over at Courtney.

"Courtney?" Courtney looked at Duncan when he called her name. "You okay?" He asked. Courtney wiped away her tears, and nodded.

"Duncan can I ask you something?" Courtney asked. Duncan nodded. "You and Gwen. Do you like her?" Courtney asked looking straight into his eyes. Duncan scratched the back of his head. "You saw the star gazing video didn't you?" He asked avoiding her gaze. She nodded.

"Courtney, I know what you were thinking when you saw that, but I swear it was an accident!"

"You didn't answer my question." Courtney said calmy, trying to avoid the answer 'Yes'

"No." Duncan said. 'Oh thank goddness.' Courtney thought. "I'm in love with someone else." Duncan finished. Courtney tears grew more intense she buried her head in her hands and started to sob. 'Who is it now Brigette? Heather? Lashawna?' Courtney thought sobbing loudly. She felt someone grab her waist from behind. She looked up at Duncan, she turned around to unaware, that Duncan was about to kiss her on the lips. He parted form her, and wiped her tears away with his thumb. "You." He whispered. Courtney smiled crying in his chest. "Oh Duncan...."


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