"Oh, Duncan...." I whispered in his chest. "I love you too!" I basically shouted. He looked down at me.

"Me and Gwen are just friends. And plus, she's no Courtney." Duncan smiled. Courtney grabbed his hand guiding him to a lower part of the boat. "We should probably find my room." She said pulling her Duncan's arm. Yes he was finally HER Duncan.

-End of Flashback- -Morning-

Courtney was found on the side of Duncan, in her pink tank top, and pink shorts to match. Duncan, who had no shirt on, had one hand behind his back, and another on Courtney's hip. (P.S They did not do what you think they did. They were just cuddling like they were in episode 6 of Total drama island) Courtney's eyes lightly opened as she started to strech. Duncan opened one of his eyes and smiled.

"Well, the princess has awaken." He said with his famous smirk. Courtney rolled her eyes playfully, and laid her head back on Duncan's chest. "Hi Duncan." She said. Their was a knock at the door. She locked the door so no one would walk in, and know she snuck Duncan on.

"Courtney!" The voice shouted banging on the door. It was Lindsey. "The captain said to get ready, we will be back to the Total Drama Action film lot in 45 minutes." Lindsey shouted. "Okay!" Courtney shouted back. She looked up at Duncan. "You have to go, or we'll get busted." She whispered. He smirked. "Sure okay. We have 45 minutes, so I know what we are going to do for the next 15 minutes." Duncan smiled.

"What's tha--" Courtney's lips were cut off by Duncan's lips meeting hers. Courtney's heart melted. She deepened the kiss by putting her arms around his neck. He forced his tongue into her mouth. She was a bit dazed at first but then went along with it.

After about 15 minutes of heavily making out, they both pulled away breathlessly. They both gave an evil smirk. Courtney than got up and walked into the bathroom, took a shower, and changed into her regular outfit, and brushed her unruly hair. She walked out, to see looking out the boat window, seeing the film lot approaching. Duncan quickly ran in the bathroom, and in about 5 minutes, was dressed.

"How are you going to sneak past my teamates?" Courtney asked. "Easy. I'm going to swim from here, so I can get out of the water and run before anyone sees me." Duncan explained. Courtney lunged at him catching him in a hug.

"Be careful." She whispered. Duncan nodded.

Duncan took a step toward the window, then turned back and looked at Courtney. "You're my princess never forget that." Duncan smiled. Courtney smiled back. He turned to her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Then turned back to the window, putting one leg out it, and turning his head back to Courtney.

"I love you Courtney. You know that right?" Duncan said. "I love you too." She smiled. As he jumped out the window.

'I love you too.......'