Some people believe there is only one person in this world for you, that you only get one chance at love blow it and you will be alone. I am walking proof that, that isn't true. My love life is long, considering I am only 24. I will give you the short version.

I met Dimitri Belikov when I was 17, he was my mentor and Lissa's other Guardian. We fell in love, but knew we couldn't be together because if we were we wouldn't put Lissa's life first. The time finally arrived when we found a way to be together. We were happy, and looked forward to a long and happy life together. Fate had another story in mind for us, the Academy was attacked and some were taken. After I had a fit, we went on a rescue mission. It was then that my world was shattered. Dimitri was taken and turned into a Strigoi. We made a promise to each other that if one of us was turned the other would hunt down and kill the other. Yeah so that was my mission now, to hunt down the love of my life. It took me two years but I found him, and with much heart ache killed him.

It was that event that turned my life in another direction. I decided after being patched up by some wonderful friends, that I would not return to be Lissa's guardian. My mom yelled at me and disowned me. I picked my life up and carried on. I became the World Taekwondo Champion (3 times now). 3 years after I killed Dimitri, I was shocked to come face to face with a very much alive Dimitri Belikov. We ended up getting engaged. I met his best friend Marcus Taylor, the week before Dimitri and I were to be married. I have never felt so completely at peace with someone.

The day that Dimitri and I got married, was supposed to be the best day of my life. After our ceremony I found him at our reception in a lip lock with Tasha Ozera. I heard them talking, and was horrorified to find out that Dimitri only married me because that is what his family wanted. He never loved me, he never wanted me, he lied. So I annulled the marriage and left to go on a vacation. I went back to Dajabon with Marcus. I was broken and very damaged but Marcus helped me crawl out of my hole.

8 months after Dimitri broke my heart I was really happy. I decided not to return to Russia and took over the Do Jo in Dajabon (I with a friend own a string of Do Jo's called the Lion's Den). Then the thing that scared me more than an angry strigoi happened. I fell in love. I was freaked out and tried to deny it, but Lissa talked sense into me. It was because of her that I am now with the love of my excistence Marcus. Let me tell you what a great life I have. Marcus is sweet and caring. I adore him, as does he adore me.

I have been training again since about a month after I got here. But the next 6 months will be very dedicated to training. The World Championships are coming up again, and I don't intend to lose my title. With my life going great, I guess I was waiting for something bad to happen. When it did I was mortified. I received a call from a very frantic Eddie. What he told me, almost made my heart stop. Not only was I going to have to battle for my championship again, but I was going to have to fight against the only person I was actually afraid to fight. My brain told me I couldn't beat him, my heart said I already had. Who is this person you ask, the one and only Dimitri Belikov.

Well I hope you liked it, I know its short but I should have the first chapter up tonight. Reviews are always welcome.