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Chapter 16 ~ Phone Calls

It's been 4 long months since Christian asked me to marry him. Things are so different, and not just with my love life..With my life in general.

I had a dream that we updated the Do Jo completely, made it into a gym too. So the next day I called the owner of the building, and bought the building. A week later the upper floor was ripped apart. Two months later the whole building looked so different, inside and outside. The outside of the building was updated, all the windows replace with bigger ones. Making the whole building look brand new. The upper floor is where we teach all the classes, 6 rooms in total. The main floor is where the gym and pool are. Not only did the building look better, but again our numbers tripled.

Along with the building being updated, I changed our staff situation. I hired 3 more teachers for the weekends only. This is so that Luka, Andrea, Christian and I can have some time off.

I think the biggest change is having Dimitri back in our lives. He called a couple of days after Christian proposed and we talked for hours. Two days later we all had dinner together, and just like that our 4 became 5. The weekends soon became our friend time, we hung out doing different things none of us cared as long as we were together. We were like a family..Not like we are a family. So now Dimitri works at the gym with all of us.

One day a woman came in and asked for a personal trainer..I assigned her Dimitri. That was the best move, they fell in love! Krista is the sweetest girl ever. She has long golden brown hair, and a slender body. She is Dhampir so she so fits in with us.


"So are we still on for tonight?" I whirled around to see Luka standing in the door of my office. I smiled and nodded.

"As far as I know, but I was thinking we could go somewhere different this time. How about the Spark Woodfire Grill?"

"Sounds good..Same time?" I nod and he walks out.

I gather my stuff, and walk out to the reception area. Christian is talking to Dimitri, and as I approach he smiles at me. I wrap my arms around his waist and we tell Dimitri we will see him at the restaurant. We go home to get showered and changed. Taking a little longer than we had intended we finally arrive at the restaurant.

"Well look who finally graced us with their presence" Dimitri laughed. I smiled, yeah we were busted.

"You're just jealous..Wait where is Krista?" I feel cold hands slip over my eyes, laughing I turn and hug her.

"Hey girl, how are you?" she laughs because I only just talked to her that morning.

"What, it's like 4 hours since I talked to you nothing new happened" I laugh and we take our seats.

Dinner is good, we have been here before and we really enjoyed it. Infact we love it so much we stay until they kick us out. With promises to call each other the next day, we all part ways.

Once home Christian and I wrap up and watch a movie, then head to bed. I am startled awake at 4am to the sound of my cell going off. I don't even check the caller ID, annoyed I answer.

"Hello?" My voice is sleepy and annoyed

"Повысился, пожалуйста помогите мне" Rose, please help me! A very frantic voice on the other end.

"Кто - это? Это не забавно!" Who is this? This isn't funny! I bolt upright in bed, almost knocking Christian out of bed. He sighs, and rolls over looking at me.

"Пожалуйста Повысился! Я не знаю, где она, я не получил известие от нее в днях!" Please Rose! I don't know where she is, I haven't heard from her in days! I know this voice, why can't I...

"Мама? Ждите, о ком Вы говорите?" Mama? Wait who are you talking about? Jeez, who is missing?

"Это - Viktoria .., она уехала в дату во вторник .. и ее пятницу .. о бог! Я пробовал назвать Dimitri и Лакау, ни один не является ответом." It's Viktoria..she left on a date on Tuesday..and it's Friday..oh god! I tried to call Dimitri and Luka neither is answer. Oh shit, what the hell is she thinking!

"Мама, Вы уверены, что она только не взлетала с одним из ее друзей?" Mama, are you sure she just didn't take off with one of her friends? I knew this wasn't likely, but god anything had to be better than the thoughts I was having now.

"Нет Не повысился, Viktoria не будет делать этого. Она всегда звонит, чтобы зарегистрироваться. Я так волнуюсь." No Rose, Viktoria wouldn't do that. She always calls to check in. I am so worried.

"Вы пробовали назвать ее ячейку?" Did you try calling her cell? By now Christian is up, and has his cell in his hand. I figured he was calling either Dimitri or Luka. I heard him start talking, telling them that Mama was on the phone and that Viktoria was missing. He spoke quickly then hung up.

"They are on their way over" He whispered then got out of bed to get dressed.

"Да очень много раз." Yes so many times. I heard her sob, god I wish I was there holding her right now.

I asked her more questions, like who did she go out with and where did they go. She could only tell me that she was out with Len. Fucking Len, why would Vik go out with Len. She knew he was trouble. I heard the door bell, and figured the other's where here.

"Хорошо Мама, каждый - здесь, таким образом я собираюсь идти. Мы найдем ее хорошо?" Ok Mama, everyone is here so I am going to go. We will find her ok?

"Хорошо, спасибо так Повысилось. Вы назовете меня назад правом?" Ok, thank you so much Rose. You will call me back right?

"Конечно Мама. Я люблю Вас, и сообщите мне, если что - нибудь изменяется." Of course Mama. I love you, and let me know if anything changes.

"Я назову Вас, если я получу известие от нее. Я люблю Вас также! Пока!" I will call you if I hear from her. I love you too! Bye!

"Пока!" Bye!. I hung up with a heavy heart. I had a bad feeling about this. I sighed put some clothes on and walked through my house to find the other sitting in the living room. They were talking, but as soon as I entered the room they were quiet.

" Ok so here is what I know. Tuesday night Vik went out with a guy named Len. That was the last time Mama has heard from her" I heard every one gasp. I sighed and continued.

"So what I know of Len he is not a good dude. Infact we have a lot of problems with him at the Do Jo. He thought he was tuff, I should him he wasn't. Then he kept coming around, trying to get me to go out with him. I never did, but I did investigate into him. And he is not nice."

"So what do we do now?" Andrea asked.

"I am gonna try her cell, before we jump to anything else". I flipped my phone open and scrolled through until I got to her name. I pressed send and prayed she would answer. I groaned loudly when the voicemail came on, and flipped my phone closed.

"I got her voicemail" I shook my head, I know what I wanted to do. Was I jumping the gun though. I jumped when my phone vibrated, indicating I had a text. I scrolled through and my breath caught when I got the message.


Now I knew there was something wrong. Shit!

"You better go home and pack some bags" I looked at the others, and turned to go into my room.

"Wait, what for?" Luka asked me, obviously I need to tell them.

"I just got a text, and now I know she needs us. Pack some shit and be back here as soon as you can" I choked out, shit I will not cry. I need a clear head!

"How are we going to get there?" I was shocked to hear Krista speak, I mean I knew she was there I guess I just wasn't expecting it. I sighed, she was right how where we going to get there.

"Let me worry about that, you all go get your shit and be back here in an hour, got it!" They all nodded and left.

"Rose?" Christian wrapped me in his arms, and I sobbed. I cried for Vik I knew she was in trouble and needed us. I cried out of frustration, I had no idea how we would get there. I cried, because Mama was worried and didn't know where her daughter was.

"What are we going to do?" He asked me, and I shook my head because I didn't know. I pulled him into our room and pulled out our suitcases.

When I opened mine, there were some pictures in it. Pictures from the last time we were all together, I stared at it. Shit why didn't I think of this earlier! I ran for my phone, and poor Christian had no idea what was going on.

"Rose? Baby what are you doing?" He called after me. I flipped my phone open and scrolled through until I found the number I was looking for, pressed send and again prayed the call would be answered.


"Adrianne, I need your help"

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