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Roxas' psych evaluation was today; Axel had promised that.

The teen looked around the room nervously, wondering, hoping...

A familiar clicking noise forced his cerulean eyes to the door, seeing his doctor, Mr. Axel Asuma, amazing red mane and all.

He walked across the room, towards Roxas, not saying a word. The young Junior followed him closely with his eyes, watching every move the man made, waiting. Dr. Asuma checked the machines, scribbled notes on a clipboard, the usual procedure expected from any doctor.

The voice rang through the room, instantaneously making Roxas on edge,

"I saw Sora today."

The name cut Roxas deep, like the knife Riku had used. But the teen didn't say anything to Dr. Asuma, instead he stared at his right arm. Not only were there various tubes and needles in place, but a large leather strap with buckles and locks, attaching his wrist tightly to the safety bars of his bed. He didn't have to look down to feel the matching strap on his left wrist.

"He looks so peaceful in that little world of his. Cute, just like his big brother. I wonder if he'll ever wake up..."

The room filled with a tension, a silence that seemed unbearable to Roxas as the seconds ticked by. He wanted to cry out, to attack the doctor and force him to lead the way to Sora's room. But the thoughts remained thoughts.

"Anyway, your evaluation is today. The psychiatrist is in the hospital as we speak. I think it'll be okay if I remove the restraints, yeah?" Roxas nodded, not bothering to speak with the mask over his face that forced air down his throat.

The doctor arched an eyebrow,

"Communication is key between a doctor and his patient. Why aren't you speaking? " Roxas shrugged. Although an odd look crossed his face, Asuma didn't say anything. Instead, he loosened and removed the strap from Roxas' right wrist, keeping one hand
behind his back.

Roxas raised the lower part of his arm to his face. Turning it slowly, he noted the now deep impressions it left, doubting they would be there long. Within another minute, the left wrist had been freed as well, and the boy raised them both together to compare.

He didn't notice Dr. Asuma lingering by the side of his bed until the man lowered to Roxas' ear, whispering with a cold tone,

"You know Roxas, ordinary people aren't hard to fool. But psychiatrists and therapists, all those people who actually know what they're doing, they're tricky. And I'm sure, after the evaluation, you'd be considered perfectly fine." The blond glared at Dr. Asuma, saying with a smug attitude,

"Fantastic. There shouldn't be any problem then, should there Doctor?" Dr. Asuma grinned, showing slightly crooked teeth. The muscles in Roxas' neck clenched as he tried to hold back the welling emotions from seeing that look.

Riku's look...

With one hand, Axel grabbed both of Roxas' wrists.

"Hey, fuck off! Let go of me!" Roxas thrashed his arms wildly, trying to get them away from the doctor, his cobalt eyes masking the fear that shot up his gut with contempt.

Asuma revealed a scalpel with his free hand, light bouncing off of it's deadly edge. Roxas tried shrinking back, to put distance between them. But Dr. Asuma pulled him closer
with grip of both his wrists.

It was one quick slash. Across both wrists, a semi-thick, long red line appeared on them.

"Fuck! What the hell are you doing?" The blond was awestruck, looking from the cuts to Dr. Asuma,

The blade ran across his wrists seamlessly and silently. Each slit seemed to glow red, and a thick red liquid ran from the wounds in small streams. Roxas wailed,

"Let me go! Fuck- stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!"

Dr. Asuma was yelling too,

"Roxas stop! Roxas! Stop this!" It felt as if Asuma was mocking Roxas, but the tone in his voice seemed genuine. When Asuma's grip loosened slightly, the teen took advantage of it, and ripped his hands away. He snatched the scalpel and raised it towards Dr. Asuma.

"Don't touch me!" He cried out, knuckles growing white with the grip on the scalpel. Asuma leaned towards him, smirking. But Roxas slashed him across the cheek. While it wasn't enough to bleed deeply, it certainly stung. But, much to the teen's anger, the smirk remained plastered on that face.

Roxas stayed defensive, the now red-tipped blade still faced the emerald-eyes.

"Get away from me."

There was loud ruckus at the door, before the door creaked open. Yuffie, Leon, Cloud, and another man stood in the doorway, staring at the two. Axel's face dropped in an instant, switching to worried,

"Thank god. Leon! He's acting up." The brunet nodded. Asuma looked to Yuffie,

"Yuffie! We need dressing, for his wrists." She ran out of the door

"Gotcha!" Cloud's jaw was wide open, eyes filled with disbelief. Roxas cried out,

"Dad! Dr. Asuma's crazy!" Asuma used the distraction, and swiped the metallic blade away. Roxas arched an eyebrow, confused as to why no one had stopped Dr. Asuma from taking the scalpel.

Leon had appeared at the right of his bed, saying in a soothing voice,

"Roxas, please calm down." It was then he realized that there was a furious beeping noise in the room, taking a minute to recognize it as the machine that read his heat-beats.

"I am...do you know what he just tried to do to me? He was...gonna..." Leon shushed him with a long, 'Sshhhhh...' and put his large hands on the teen's shoulders, keeping him down on the bed. Roxas looked around feverishly, confused.

Why wasn't anyone listening to him?

Dr. Asuma talked to his father about things he couldn't hear over the beeping of the moniter, but things that made his father look close to crying. The nurse burst through the door, hands filled with medical supplies. Leon kept his hands on his shoulders. And in the corner...

A tall, silver haired man, with forest-green eyes. He wore a black suit, black tie, every clothing article was pitch black. He had a stony, dull expression on his face, staring at the teen.

Roxas' heart froze in his chest, thumping erratically, the beeping grew louder, faster. Leon clutched his shoulders tighter, trying to calm him with a voice,

"Easy Roxas! You have to calm down." Roxas called to his father,

"Him! He looks like Riku!" Dr. Asuma and Cloud looked to him at the same time, the doctor giving the man an 'I told you so' look. The father sighed, looking on the brink of tears. The man who looked like Riku seemed semi-interested now, an amused spark in his eyes. Roxas could hear Dr. Asuma,

"He was behaving so well, I decided to take off the restraints. His evaluation was coming, and I thought he'd do fine. When I mentioned he would probably be leaving the hospital after passing, and going through some physical therapy, he snapped. I don't know how he got the scalpel. I tried to stop him, but he said something about not wanting to lose anyone else, including me. I think he's-"

Do they really think I'm the crazy one?

Roxas growled, just to have a palm pat his now dizzy head; Leon.

"Don't worry Roxas. You'll be okay."

The beeping went down. Too low...

He looked to his wrists.

Blood was flowing from his wrists, pooling on the once sparkling new sheets, staining them a deep red. Had they really been bleeding this entire time? How much blood had he lost?

Everything was blurred before his eyes. He looked up at Leon, whispering,

"I'm sick...of always passing...out." His words were spaced apart, between trying to stay awake. Dr. Asuma barked at the nurse,

"Yuffie! Why aren't his arms wrapped up yet?" Roxas felt himself drop back onto the pillow, breathing slowly, glaring,

"Leon...It's Axel, you...have to make him st..." Everything fell to black.


He heard a few mumbles, including the words, 'Self-inflicted'. 'Hollow Bastion'. 'Immediantly'. And 'brother.'


His eyes opened.

Looking around, he saw the same room. Concrete walls, white, no windows in sight, cement floors, white, the large, thick glass door that led could see out towards the hallways and passerbys. Of course, there was the cot that he was sleeping on now, white like the rest of the room, but aside from that, his room was bare.

'Another dream about it.' He thought, taking a deep breath and sighing, 'How many months has it been? Five, Seven?'

Time went by so fast...too fast.

He look stared at his right arm.

Aside from the scars of the wounds he had never committed, there was a plastic, white bracelet wrapped around his wrist.

Hikaru, Roxas.

No. 103008013

Hollow Bastion.

He frowned.

It was around his third month in the Hollow Bastion psyc- no. The 'Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee,' as he had been told.

For the first two weeks, they had kept him under survalience, keeping him in restraints. To examine him completely, determine the severity of his condition.

You still talked back then.

Then they gave him a room, figured he was safe. Not like this room but...Like a hospital room. Although it was smaller than the one he had had in the real hospital, the basics remained. That one didn't have any cameras inside the room.

There, he could see Sora once a week, he ate lunch in the cafeteria with all the other patients, everything was normal.


He opened his eyes slowly, to meet a pair of familiar emerald's.

"N-" One gloved hand covered his mouth, while another hand grabbed both of his wrists and held them above his head.

"Shhh. I know you missed me Roxas. It's alright." Roxas' replies were muffled by the hand.

Axel then switched the position so he was straddling and pinning Roxas' waist to the bed. One hand held both wrists above the blond's head, the other grasping his chin tightly.

The redhead leaned in to whisper,

"Should I take you now, or later?" Roxas' eyes went wide, as he struggled. Tugging at his wrists, moving his hips even kicking his feet, anything to try to break the man's grasp.

There was a sharp pain in his neck.

A muffled cry of pain.

Axel moved his lips from the teen's neck, to his ear.

"You're only make it worse." He said, biting the tip of Roxas' ear. The teen blushed lightly, against his own will. The redhead saw this, and smirked,

"Does the he like it?"

"Fuck off." Roxas growled, shaking his head. Asuma rolled his eyes.

"Is that so?" he asked. He reached down, grabbing at Roxas' small buldge. He cried out loudly at the contact. Axel grinned, then rolled his hips, grinding into Roxas hard.

"Somebody! Please help me!" He yelled loudly, ashamed of his body and the unconscious reactions. Axel's upper lip twitched slightly, as he moved back to Roxas' neck, biting as hard as he could. Roxas let out a mix of a scream and a yelp, as the teeth broke the skin. Dr. Asuma silenced him with his lips, not waiting for permission to enter, as he allowed his tongue to explore the cavern, savoring the taste.

A minute later, he let up, leaving the teen panting for breath.

"Bye darlin'. I have to go, since you're being such a bitch about being quiet. Don't worry though, I'll come back for you. Hell, he might come for you instead."

He loved how wide the boy's eyes became, the utter look of horror that was so clear upon his face. Axel licked up the side of the teen's face, starting with his chin bone, running up his left cheek, stopping at the temple.

He laughed, an echo that repeated over and over inside Roxas' head.

And he was gone.

Several workers came in moments afterwards, saying they had heard a commotion.

But of course, it was too late. The damage had been done, and Roxas had officially been taken up a notch on the 'crazy scale'.

He sighed, glancing towards the glass door, where one of the nurses, Rikku, was smiling down on him. She waved with one hand, while holding a silver tray with the other. Roxas nodded, and she used a key card to open the thick door.

"Hiya Roxas! Got your breakfast!"

By breakfast, she meant a plastic cup filled with water, and a few large pills to the side of the cup. A partial smile, not enough to count for a full, was all he gave her, as he downed the pills with the water, then opened his mouth a little to show her he had swallowed it all. She grinned, ruffling his hair,

"You're one of my favorite patients. You don't try to verbally abuse me, or throw things at me. Oh, and your father said he might come in today." He nodded once more. She turned, and left Roxas to his thoughts.

'Sora's birthday is tomorrow...he's going to be seventeen.'