"See Sora? Nothing will ever be able to take you away from me. You're mine. We've proved it. So many have tried, but all have had the same fate."

Laughter that almost seemed to be normal broke out, sending fear prickling through his spine.

"I don't know what's been more satisfying today- getting you back, forever, or breaking Roxas' neck and watching him twitch a few seconds."

His hand stroking the nape of his neck, there was a raspy breathing.

"I'm so sorry about the pain you're going through now, I could've sworn I gave you something to prevent pain...Oh well." The voice sounded nothing but apathetic.

"I assure you though, I'll take perfect care of you. You won't need arms anyway. See? It's not so bad..." A few moments of silence filled the dark room. "Pet, I know you're probably upset, but that's no reason to be so quiet. I thought you would learn that I don't like it when you don't speak to me. Pet...are you listening? Doll?"

A hand, moved down to his chin, gently tilted it up, locked eyes with those of a monster.

He was gazing coldly, mouth drawn to a tight line, eyes dulled- his patience clearly drained to its utmost limit.


The shout of his name brought the boy back to current reality with a sharp intake of breath.



His name was called yet again, and this time, the brunette turned to face his older brother, breathing slowly.

He was alive.

Roxas was dressed in a sleek charcoal suit, buttoned to the point where only the top half of his matching raven tie and ivory dress shirt were visible, an outfit similar to Sora's own. Freshly-washed gold locks shined and glimmered from rays of the slightly clouded sun. Creamy white scars, that were invisible unless you knew where to look, dotted along pink upper and lower lips.

Blue eyes that were like to his own grew to distress when Sora had been staring for so long with a face that looked so...

"Sora...Are you okay?"

Drawing out his words, the elder walked towards his brother. The brunette turned back around, facing the long driveway, cars roaring faintly. Sora shook his head, pointing to his legs,

"I'm sorry, these things are difficult to get used to."

Roxas approached him from behind, nuzzling his face into soft spikes affectionately, breathing in. Spra lifted an arm, moving his hand to the back of his brother's head to clutch the blond locks a little roughly. Lips brushed against the his ear.

"We don't have to do this. Not if it hurts you, okay? We can go to the car, we don't have much time anyway, before the funer-"

"No. It's fine. I need to- I need to try. I want to move on- I wanna stop having these "

Roxas nodded, understanding, and moved so he was side to side with Sora.

"Let's go."

A strike of instinctive fear cast over their eyes.

. . . . . . .

Groggy eyes opened, wanting to sleep once more at the bright white. He was laying down, strapped down at that, with a face mask over his airways. People with sickly green masks that covered the mouth and nose stared at him, they were moving quickly. One growled.

"Dammit, he's awake! You! We need more anesthetics, go get 'em. Now. He shouldn't be awake for what we have to do to those stumps."

Painfully, he released a croaky whisper,

"Where's...Dad...my brother...?"

He coughed at the strain speaking caused him. The one who growled rolled his eyes, muttering to another masked figure,

"He's delusional, just ignore it." Then yelling, "Where the hell is the anesthetics? Hurry up!

Eyes, a familiar aquamarine- silver hair, a mix of a snarl and a smirk placed upon facial expressions. He's looking over him just as the other doctors are.

"Little brat. You don't think I'd let you go that easy, did you?"

His pulse quickened, his eyes widened.

No, no. Riku shouldn't be here. Riku should be dead.

The boy shifted uncomfortably, moaning softly. The moody doctor sighed, looking to the left,

"It's 'bout time you showed. Now hurry the hell up."

. . . . . .

The front door creaked from inconsistent use. After the press had had their fill of the basement, with the house being labeled as a 'Murder house', it remained empty. The boys walked through the doorway, shocked at the sight.

The living room was normal.

After all the suffering, the mind-breaking events, they had expected the entire house to be blood-stained, to be just as twisted as that basement- as The Room- had been.

No. This everyday living room was one you would see in a normal, happy person's house. A battered couch facing an old glass-screened television. A patterned rug that stretched to most of the floor.

It was so bizarre.

Sora moved away from the dusty sitting room, knowing exactly where they had to go- what they had come for. He turned to the left, almost mechanically, where a small hallway (embedded in his memories) lain in dust. The door to the first left.

The basement door.

. . . . . .

"Hurry up!"

The movement halted, and the barely conscious boy saw the pale blue curtains on either side of him. A needle was shoved up his arm.

"Please..." He wasn't sure what he was pleading for. He felt so confused, and so tired. One nurse stroked his cheek, mask covering everything aside from warm brown eyes. She said in a loving tone that felt so familiar,

"It's okay. We're going to fix you up. Everything's gonna be alright."

The movement was growing quicker. The friendly nurse disappeared. The droning of his own heartbeat gave him a headache. Why was everything so loud?

He shook his head. No, no... He needed to make sure they were okay- that he was okay.

The droning siren of a flat-line from what felt like inches away. Roxas turned his head to see what that loud noise was that buzzed in his skull.

A small gap in the curtain allowed him to see a head. A head of brown.


Suddenly, just as soon as the view had come, a doctor moved in the way of his view, shouting something about 'losing him'.

. . . . . .

The boys were in front of The Room.

Sora's hands were quivering slightly, but that aside, he let no emotion show through. Roxas stared at the door, not wanting to move just yet until Sora was ready.

A headache clouded around Roxas' temple. He scrunched his nose and closed his eyes. The light came slowly, before engulfing his vision in the familiar way it always did. Roxas cursed under his breath,


There wasn't much he could do at this point-he couldn't move, every cell in his body screamed in pain. The demand to return to sleep tugged at his eyes. He thanked, strangely enough, being slung over the older man's shoulder; the bumps were enough to keep him conscious.

"Oh? You're awake? That's a little too early. Go back to sleep, doll."


In an instant, the vision melted away, and a hand was gripping his shoulder, shaking him. The elder blinked, coming across the bewildered face of his little brother.

"I'm fine."

Upon entering The Room, a stench of rotting flesh, dried blood, soil and stale air filled Roxas' nose. He coughed, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

Sora didn't seem to notice the smell, and stepped forward, devoid of emotion. His eyes were swimming out of focus, his lips trembling, his hand curled into a fist in his pocket.

. . . . . .

"He's over there, still asleep."

The white was fading away, the familiar face and brown hair dissipated. The faraway voice seemed to be coming closer. Small pats became distinguishable as footsteps. The boy could feel his body once more; he was laying down.

Everything was becoming clearer.

"How...has he been doing?"

"Remarkably better...I'm actually surprised he hasn't woken up yet. His amputation was a wonderful success."

He knew they were talking about him, he knew by now he was in the hospital. He knew something terrible had happened, and he knew that he was lucky to be alive. But...amputation?

The voices went on,

"That's good...But...I mean, are you sure he's okay? Is there anything wrong with him? I mean, why isn't he awake?"

. . . . . .

The source of the scent was undecided between the cage of rotting rat corpses, or the remaining blood splattered around the room.

Roxas glanced around The Room, taking in how aged it had become.

The once soft soil on the floor had been trampled by various news crews, crime scene investigators, police. Combined with blood that dried out, the soil had hardened to rock gravel. Cobwebs and sprinkled the corners and walls, as if someone had been setting up for a Halloween party.

He examined the walls, noticing all of the 'tools' that were used the most -the syringes, the curved blade, a particularly gruesome butcher knife- were missing. Collected for evidence, stolen by vandals, perhaps.

He stopped at a familiar set of shackles attached to the wall.

"Ahh, Roxas, you're awake. That's wonderful news."

Shuddering, he shook his head. It was over. It was over. It was over.

A loud shriek echoed around the room. Snapping his head to face it, he saw Sora.

He had collapsed on his mechanical knees, his back curling forward to a hunch, his hands clamped around his ears. He shouldn't be screaming- the doctors had nailed it into his head, he was lucky to still have voice, lucky to be alive, they said.

Why the hell was he screaming?

Roxas, without any other thought than his brother, raced forward, stumbling over his own feet and falling before the writhing Sora. The blonde supported the back of the boy's neck with one hand, while the other held up the boy's back. The screams began to form coherent words,

"That, that won't keep him down. We have to go, we have to get out of this house!"

The deja vu in those words made chills run up and down Roxas' spine. He shook his head, ignoring the white that began to eat away at the corners of his vision.

Sora, now leaning against his older brother, arched his back hard, shrieking still,

"No. No! Roxas run!" He couldn't ignore it anymore- the light overcame his vision.

His pulse is racing, he can feel it thumping in his head, aching in his chest.

Standing helpless, he watches as his brother before him falls to the dirt. Riku, behind him, cocks his head to the side, watching Roxas fall. Once he was positive the fallen boy wouldn't move, Riku's gaze moves to meet his own.

A loud clatter of aluminum hitting the floor is the only noise in the 'too-too' quiet room.

Instinctively, the boy backs away. Although he feels a sharp, ripping pain at his back at the motion, but ignores it, and continues to step back from the predator before him. A low growl, feeling like a shout, goes through his ears,

"Sora. You never looked at me like that. You never hugged me like that. And you even think about leaving me here? Very, very bad, Sora. Very bad. I thought I taught you better."

Riku leaps towards him, making him back up, and fall, onto the awaiting bed. Driven by fear, he tried to scoot himself further up the bedspread, but the man grabbed his leg, dragging him closer.


Riku straddled his waist, easily pinning the his wrists to the thick, silky covers, oblivious to his own feeble struggling. They came, nose to nose, eye to eye. The closeness madehis heart thump wildly in his chest. He turned his face away, receiving a deep bite to the side of his neck.

A cry came from him, a scream afterwords,

"Roxas please!"

. . . . . .

"Roxas? Roxas, are you okay?"

The blonde awoke to find his little brother leaning over him, croaking with the scratchy and cracked voice of his.

"What happened? I woke up here, and you were asleep."

Roxas let out a deep breath. It had been so long ago.

"To be honest, I have no idea my self. You don't remember anything before going to sleep, do you?" Sora shook his head "That's what I thought. I think you- we, were just having a black out, is all." Realization struck him. "What time is it?"

"Oh man, I have no idea. Damn, the funeral's at two! You call the cab...I'll..." Sora's attention drew to his knees, where wires were jutting out in strange places. "I'll fix this."

Roxas nodded, withdrawing his cellphone, dialing, and cringing at the time. He paced back and forth as he spoke,

"Hello? Yes, I'd like to have a cab pick my brother and I up. Address? 16 Destiny Avenue...Yes, I know what happened here, and it isn't a good place to 'hang out.'...thank you."

Flipping the phone shut, he turned back to Sora.


The younger pushed himself from the ground, standing. Wobbly at first, he regained balance, and peered around the dusky room.

Memories flooded through his mind.

So much pain had been endured here, so much blood shed. What was left of the bed was the metallic skeleton frame.

They walked away from the suffocating aroma of The Room. They didn't look back.

"Ugh. It's rainin' again. So, where to boys?" The driver had a thick New York accent, Roxas noticed, as he took Sora's hand, and led him through the doorway to tattered leather backseats.

"Seraphweep Cemetary."

"Eek, that's notta very cheery place t' be. You goin' to a funeral or somethin'?"

"Yeah, something like that."
. . .

The first night was the hardest.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, blinking a few times and reaching to scratch a stubborn itch on his nose to fully awaken himself.

When he realized he couldn't move his hands.

The sudden jolt of not being able to move his wrists from each other, or bring them from behind his back, made an instinctive reaction to panic activate.

When the dark-planked ceiling and soft surface beneath him offered no comfort, he sat up, trying to ignore the complaints from his long-dormant abdominal muscles.

The rest of the room didn't help the impending fear and confusion that fogged his mind.

It was abyss-black, which didn't quite help a boy who had a great fear of the dark, regardless of the fact he was sixteen.

"Hel-lo?" His voice cracked, a mix of last-minute puberty and dismay.

"My, my, you certainly are a heavy sleeper, aren't you? I'm glad you've decided to wake up, although, I was beginning to worry."

At first, he jumped. But the smooth voice was easily recognized by Sora, especially since he listened to that voice two hours a day, five days a week.


"Yes, dear Sora. I'm glad to see your memory is intact and well."

By then, his eyes had started to adjust to the morbid scenery, and were beginning to distinguish shadows from shapes. There were weird blobs of shadows lining the walls, a great variety of shapes. A large lump, he presumed to be his teacher, sat at the foot of the cushy bed he sat upon.

"Why a-am I h-here?" The boy tried hard to mask the stutters, only to receive a warm chuckle from the teacer.

"I'll let you guess at that one."

Answering with a misty response made shivers run up and down the boy's spine.


He begged, whether it was for a straight-forward answer, or an escape to this sudden world of confusion, was unclear.

"You were bad Sora, so I need to punish you. Now then, the real question here is, where to begin?"

Sora shook his head. He should be home, he shouldn't have this pain throbbing in his head.

"What did I do to you?"

"Tck. How about we start with that mouth? How strange though, you were never this talkative in class. And I like consistency."

He felt a cold hand at the back of his neck, rubbing back and forth. He shook his head, shook away the hand and turned to where he believed his elder stood.

"Why am I here?"

The question was more forceful. Mr. Utada didn't quite like that. The hand returned, grabbing his upper arm this time and jerking him close.

"You're here because I've become just too impatient."


Arms grabbed him, pulling him to the black blob. A pair of rough lips covered his own, making cerulean eyes go wide in the blackness.

Once the moment of shock passed, the emotion of fear passed through him. Like a frightened puppy, he tried to back away from the grip, from the unfamiliar touch.

A breath of air came from the other body, similar to a light chuckle.

"I don't think so."

. . . .

He dropped to his knees in front of the correct, smooth headstone.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't do anything for you. I wasn't there when you...left. I wasn't there when you needed me. They could've helped you if I had gotten you there sooner."

The funeral procession was still making its way to the cemetery. He had shown up early, to pay respect.

Outstretching his hand, he felt for the cool, smooth stone, and stroked it.

"I'm so sorry."

Arf! Arf! Arf Arf Arf!

The puppy barked wildly, attempting to be ferocious, at the approach of a new scent.



Smiling, he instinctively turned his head towards the call of his name, even though he couldn't see him. It had been too long since that name had come from his mouth.


The sound of dress shoes squishing and squeaking through the dampened grass grew closer, and stopped.

"You're late."

Cloud could hear the blush in his voice,

"I know...I know. It was Sora's fault though."

"Hey! You were the one who fell asleep!"

"Because of you, gimp!"

"You wanna say that again? Dad, hold my prosthetics."

They couldn't keep up the play-arguement for long, and erupted in laughs, as the squeaking continued. He presumed they were wrestling, and judging from the sounds coming from Roxas, Sora was winning.

"Ha ha! I win."

Cloud was right.

Sighing, the father said,

"You guys were still late. You missed the service."

"I know, and I'm reaallly sorry!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure you are. We can only stay for a little while. The...appointment, is at three thirty. What time is it anyway?"

"Ummm...Two Fourty five."

"Yeah, we should be leaving then- and pay our respects to Leon. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him."

Nodding, Cloud slid his hand down her cold stone once more.

"Yeah. Let's go." He felt for the leash, and called, "Zack. Come on. Come on, boy."

The puppy 'arf'd' once more, then followed Cloud as he headed towards a growing crowd at the opposite end of the graveyard.

"You know Dad, maybe we shouldn't have gotten a puppy seeing-dog."

. . . . . .

"Stop it! Please!"

Sora held back the forced moan that teeth descending upon the sensitive skin of his neck caused.

Riku, holding his wrists above his head, smirked against the skin,

"You like it."

The teeth pinched together, breaking the skin, letting loose a groan of pain.


Throwing his head back, he squeezed his eyes as tightly as he could, flinching when his school shirt was lifted above his head and thrown somewhere in the room.

No reactions came from him, he held his breath, until a harsh bite to the naval was delivered, at which point he gasped and whimpered,

"Pl-please. Stop."

Riku sat up, straddling the boy by his hips, and examined his little victim. Stained pink cheeks, panting, and something in his eyes that made the teacher's very bones quiver with excitement. Fear.

Grinning, he mumbled,

"I'll give you what you want...I'll give you what you want."

Sora cried out, and began to thrash once more when the pale hands unlatched the button of his pants, and began to tug down the waist.


Clearly, the message wasn't received.

The boy yelped at the sudden intrusion in his entrance, shaking his head, and screaming,

"Stop this! Stop! Please, please! D-Don't do this to me!"

Sorrow pooled in Riku's eyes, and quickly froze over. The teacher had been prepared. The brunette was promptly silenced by a strange thing he faintly recognized as a 'ball-gag'. The fear burst in his chest.

New strangled, muffled screams and cries broke out when the insistent torturous stretching and probing began. Utada attempted to calm the boy with small 'shhh's and 'it's almost over.'

Mr. Utada braced himself and-

. . . . . .


For the second time that day, Roxas had to snap the boy out of deep thought. A part of him worried about his baby brother, while another tried not to think too hard about it.

"Sora, c'mon. It's time to go, we're here."

He reached over the driver's seat and, after a little shaking, the brunette had returned to reality.


"You okay? We don't have to do this, we can go home."

Sora frowned,

"Why on earth would I miss this? Let's go."

. . . . . .


Waking up was never a very pleasant thing for Roxas, whether it be to find a teacher leering over him with the evil eye, or awaking in a crisp white hospital room.


This time, however, instead of the crimson maned-man he expected to be his doctor, there was a young woman.

He recognized her as 'Yuffie'.

She quickly noticed him, and smiled softly.

"Well, well. Welcome back Roxas."

His head was thumping, and he would kill for a glass of water to cool and wet the forsaken land of his throat.

"I never wanna' wake up here again."

Roxas said it without thinking, taking a few moments to realize he had actually spoken.

With un-sewn lips.

Fascinated, he ran his fingers over his upper and lower lips, a feeling welling up in his stomach. His lips were a little chapped, and aside from a few little pieces of cloth to prevent bleeding...

But they were gone.

"How did you-?"

"If we can stitch patients up, we can definitely unstitch 'em if we need to. It wasn't too hard."

Roxas took in a few moments of silence, before the question arose.

"What happened?"

Yuffie turned away from him.

"There was an explosion...We don't have a definite cause, but there has been speculation of methane in the soil, and your father was messing around in the boiler room."

"Are they okay? Leon, Sora, Clo-Dad?"

She turned back to him.

"Not everyone made it out."

. . . . . .

The room was small, but crowded.

There were many chairs, lined up in rows. Inside the room, aside from the chairs and carpet, the only thing of interest was a large rectangle plexi-glass window.

Through the window, there was a room. There were few things in this room, including a strange metallic device in the corner, a curtain that led to a small closet-like room, and a straight wooden chair with various restraints attached in the center of the room.

The priest had already arrived, a few men to supervise, the man with the black mask, and a few physicians were in the room.

Everyone in the room was wearing some sort of formal, black clothing. Some were glaring, others looked blank or cold. Roxas could recognize a few of the people in the room: Namine, Kairi's mother, who held a baby boy in her arms, Cid, Rufus- it went on.

There was one figure in the room that caught Sora's eye. A man, with a black suit and forest-green tie. His eyes were a cold slate. What really had his attention was the long, silver hair that reminded him so much of-

It was almost time.

A few front seats had been saved for the remaining Hikaru. They sat- Sora in the middle, Roxas on his right, and Cloud on his left. The father mumbled,

"I wish I could see this..."

Sora patted his hand apathetically.

They remained silent for a few minutes, staring out the window, slipping out of the conversation wrapped up in their own thoughts. Until a man tapped Sora on the shoulder, instantly catching Roxas' attention when he spoke.

"Excuse me. Sora Hikaru?"

He nodded, and the man continued.

"You see, we don't like to do this, but he refuses to go properly, and he's going to make a scene... he wants...to see you," Shaking his head, -whether in shame they had given in, or disgust for the silverette, Roxas wasn't sure- the brunette continued, "You don't have to accept. By all means, you can decline, it's just my duty to inform yo-"

"I'll do it."

Roxas' gaze darted from the man to Sora,


The brunette didn't meet Roxas' incredulous gaze, but replied boldly.

"It's his last request. He can't hurt me anymore."

The blonde couldn't believe his ears. Why on earth would Sora accept? After a second's thought, he murmured,

"All right. But I'm coming with you."

Sora nodded, and the boys stood.

"Dad, we'll be right back, okay?"

He nodded curtly, not saying anything. Cloud, through the black blindfold, acted as if he could see through the window.

"Right this way."

The man led them out of the room.

. . . . . .

The man opened the door, saying softly,

"We'll be watching. If you guys want out, just say the word."

Roxas nodded, and Sora whispered a quick, 'thank you'.

The door closed, and the brunette looked across the room.

To see him.

At the far end of a long, glossy table, he sat. He was secured and strapped down by various leather straps.

Aquamarine eyes widened in shock.

"I can't believe it," he whispered. It was a voice both boys could faintly remember, back when Riku was known as 'Mr. Utada,' and was a respected teacher.; back when he was sane.

Roxas gave him a cold look, not saying anything.

Sora took a few hesitant steps forward.

It was so surprising to see the small smile on Riku face. Not the possessive, sadistic grin that was so common. But a sad, sort of happy, smile.

"I'm a little surprised either of you are alive. But...Sora," he shook his head, making silver hair shake. "You look beautiful."

Roxas growled slightly, angling his body towards his little brother in a defensive stance. But the sadist continued to speak, continued to scan the brunette's figure.

"My, my, you can walk too." He chuckled, "I can say I never expected you to look like this. And...I'm very pleased with it." A curious look appeared on his face,

"How old are you now, Sora? You don't seem to be that goofy sixteen year old boy I remember. No, you're different."

"Eighteen. A few months ago."

Nodding, he drank in the younger boy's figure a little more, before moving the inspecting gaze to Roxas. The smile wavered into a cold, neutral look. His eyes looked as if he wanted to smirk.

"Ahh, Roxas. I see someone took out your stitches. A shame- I think you were much more agreeable with them."

Roxas glared, refusing to speak to him. Shrugging, Mr. Utada sighed,

"As disagreeable and annoying as ever, I see."

The sad smile returned when Mr. Utada locked eyes with Sora once more.

"I have something, I want you to keep. Alright? Promise me you'll keep it?"

Roxas rolled his eyes.

"What is it?"

"You should receive it after the-"

"Boys, it's time."

He was interrupted by the man who had led them to the room. Mr. Utada shrugged once more, and said,

"Good bye Sora. I've always loved you."

Roxas snarled to himself, like a furious dog,

"Lusting isn't the same as love."

Sora looked over the teacher in this weakened, normal state.

He looked just like the man who greeted him on the first day of sophomore year. This man was Mr. Utada, the English teacher that had such quirky interesting ways of teaching. The teacher who believed in 'hands-on' activity to learn- the revered teacher that everyone adored. This was the teacher who was friend to students, and brother to teachers.



Fast forward.

No he isn't.

"You're pathetic. You're dead to me."

. . . . . .

The boys were led to the witness room, and, within minutes, arrived at the door. A cold, dreaded silence all along the way.

They had just sat down when their father asked,

"Are you two alright?"

Sora said nothing, while Roxas mumbled a brisk, 'yeah.' The room was faintly alive with small, whispered chatter between occupants. A mood had set amongst them- one that couldn't bring joy or hatred to the events that were going to occur.

Sora stared at the window, into the room before them.

He thought of how strange, and almost wanted to laugh bitterly at the cliché thoughts that ran through his mind.

He really didn't...want to see Riku die.

Sora knew that he should, that he should be happy that this antagonizing, slaughtering monster would never hurt him, or anyone, ever again. He should be pleased that Riku was going to get just what he deserved from the very beginning...

And yet, he couldn't.

Sora couldn't bring himself to be cheerful about the execution, even if he would never be able to walk without the assistance of technology again, or ever see a few of the most precious people to him again.

He would never be able to look at Roxas directly without remembering the way he was forced to take his virginity. His father would never be able to see the world again.
And yet Sora would be so much happier if there was a more satisfying outcome, such as life in prison with no parole.

His thoughts became interrupted when a sudden silence burst through the atmosphere. Looking out the window frantically, hairs raised at the back of his neck.

Riku was being led inside the chamber, eyes closed.

The long, silver hair that had become both a memory and cruel nightmare, was gone, leaving pale skin that hadn't seen sun for a while.

The sound of the shifting on the vinyl seats was heard throughout the witness room.

He was guided into a sitting position. Two men proceeded to buckle and pull the leather restraints until they were deemed secure. Straps wrapped around his chest, arms, lap, and legs.

Sora blinked.

Sora had never been very good with death, and in such an organized, calm manner the men were inside that room...was sickening. He hated Riku, but this was something beyond hatred; he wouldn't want to wish this upon anyone.

The same brunet man who had led Roxas and Sora to Riku moved to a corner of the room, and returned with a microphone, saying,

"Riku Ansem Utada, do you have a final statement you would like to make, before the sentence of the court is carried out?"

Riku nodded, and opened his eyes.

Blinking, Sora was taken aback.

They were not eyes of a sadist, nor were they eyes of a teacher. They were eyes of-

"My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber.

Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice."

The man offered a strange look, an almost skeptical look, before heading towards the phone that lied near the strange device in the corner. He dialed a number, listened, and nodded, promptly hung up.

The man then picked up a skull cap connected to the machine.

Sora found himself drowning in Riku's piercing gaze that was ment for Sora. Only Sora. And he looked away for a moment, out of a courtesy for Riku he hadn't once received from the man.

The cap was strapped around his chin, a matching leather mask covering his eyes, his mouth, only leaving room for his nose to jut from the mask for air.

An officer with a crow-like head covering stood by the curtain, awaiting the approval. Looking around the room, Sora noticed facial expressions varying from person to person.

Smugness, a bitter happiness, an estranged sorrow, a blank face, a look of 'this is what you deserve'. His own brother's face was full of hate.

The signal was given.

The switch pulled down in a flash.


It was very different than the expectations Sora had from the many movie-references.

No bzzt! No electric sparks, or explosion, or anything too noticeable...unless you looked even remotely close at the former teacher.

His body had tensed in the chair, hands clutching the edge of the armrest with such pressure you could see a few fingers bent at the first knuckle.

Riku seemed to vibrate in his chair, the veins visible in straining skin.

The shaking went on for about a minute, until the brunet man gave the signal yet again.

Vibrations halted; Riku Utada went limp.

The medical examiner checked for a pulse and-

It was over.

They began to file the witnesses out of the room, removing the mask and cap when the room had been cleared by half.

When his face was revealed, Sora took in a breath, and looked away, following his older brother out the door.

He had never seen Riku sleep before.

. . . . . .

Reaching the outside, feeling the lingering air of rain, seeing the clouds of impending rain, Sora closed his eyes, lifting his head to the gloomy sky.

'It's over.'

A hand rested upon his shoulder, bringing him out of his internal moment.

He smiled,

"Hello Sora. I'm afraid I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself- my name is Angeal. I apologize if you were upset by anything he may have said-"

"It's fine. May I help you?"

Angeal shuffled his feet a little, clearing his throat.

"You see...You were one of the few people on Riku Utada's last will. He wanted to give you something."


"You don't have to, Sora, I mean, with what you-"

"It's fine. What did he give me?

"It's inside...you don't mind coming with me, do you?"

After glancing at his father, who was chatting with someone, and a glance at Roxas, who was heading towards the graveyard, he nodded.


. . .

"Son of a bitch."

The bitter mumble was barely heard over the beginning of a light drizzle. The blonde's clothes and face were tapped with small bits of rainwater, as the strong solemn expression remained untouched.

"You know, I wish it was you."

The cold marble stone said nothing in return.
He ran his hand along the smooth slick top.

"Yeah, I would sell my soul to see you in that electric chair, as long as it meant seeing you in anguish- the hell you put me through."

Roxas glared at the grave.

"You ruined my life- and ended others! Rikku, Aeris, Zack, my mom, Kairi..."

His throat tightened painfully; his eyes stung with a dull headache forming in the upper parts of his skull.

The rain came down a little more forcefully, as if the deceased doctor was laughing at him from beyond the grave; the Hikaru growled.

"What did I do to you? Axel fucking Asuma."

Thunder boomed loudly and echoed on.

. . . . . .

"Here we are- Mr. Hikaru."

Angeal lifted a medium wooden box to the glossy table. Sora felt it up and down, fingering it's clasps curiously. Giving a slow nod of gratitude, the younger made his way towards the door.

"You know Sora, if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always find me."

At this, Sora paused where he was, and arched an eyebrow,

"Oh? You know, there's a difference between common curtousy and what you're doing now."

He turned to face Angeal.

"Why do you care for me? Is it pity?"

The older shook his head.

"Nah. You see, I knew Zack... he almost like my student, but more. I knew how he...went, and I want you to know there's always someone here for you, alright?"

Sora snorted, forcing a confused disapproving frown to appear on Angeal's lips.

"Sorry 'Angeal', this is going to be rude...but I'm going to put it bluntly. When I was missing for a month, do ya know who was looking for me? Who was really looking for me? Not you, not the police, not any of the people who said they were my friends- none of them. There were a few people who were trying, but only one who had real hope. You know who that was?"

Sora laughed.

"Roxas; he was the one who worked his ass off to find me. He was the one who became ensnared in Riku's hellhole, tortured, raped, and was killed once, all to make sure I was okay. I'm tired of people trying to comfort me with fake little things of 'oh you can talk to me' or, 'if you ever need anything'."

"You know what I needed? I needed someone to get me out of there when I was being tortured in my teacher's basement! I don't need any sympathy, and I sure as hell don't need people cooing over how sad it was. Damn right it's sad! So while I appreciate the thought, I really do Angeal, I'm tired of people who idly stand by until something big happens. I'm tired of going to funerals- and I won't have anything to do with it, not anymore."

Sora turned to the door, saying once more.

"Thanks for delivering this to me."

And with that, he walked out, leaving an Angeal, who was at loss for words.

. . . . . .
Roxas returned to the car, sopping wet, about the same time as his brother. Cloud was already in the backseat. Upon seating himself in the driver's seat and seeing the box in his peripheral vision, the blonde arched an eyebrow.

"What's in it?"

Shrugging, the brunette opened the clasps with a click, and opened the lid for the two of them to view.

"Is that...?"

"Yeah." Sora chuckled lowly, "Only Riku would keep that after all this time."

The brunette withdrew a strip of black leather that had been dotted with silver studs all along one side. He smirked coldly at the memories it brought him. Roxas started the engine, and was pulling out of the parking lot before Sora noticed something else inside the box.

A large, very thick, stack of papers.

Sora, a little befuddled, began to skim through the first neatly-printed page of ink. After about three paragraphs, his eyes widened. A little gasp of air left his lips, bringing back the attention of Roxas, who was brushing the fingertips of one hand over top of the smooth leather, while the other held the wheel loosely.

"Oh my god..."

Roxas glanced Sora in the eyes, concerned, before he darted back to the road.


"He...wrote it."

" Who, Riku? Wrote what?"


Sora took a breath, trying to wrap his mind around the words that lie across the paper.

'It will never end, if it's remembered. I trust you will make sure it is.'

"What did he write?"



*Is skewered by toothpicks*

Thank you all very much, all of you!

Otherwise, this is the end.

A Few Fun Facts About Teacher's Pet:

Originally, Axel was going to be the teacher and Roxas was going to be the student. Sadly, I realized that Axel wasn't quite serious enough. But I wanted to put him in somewhere, hence the sequel.

There were 5 preplanned endings to Teacher's Pet.

A. Riku accidentally kills Sora, escaping with Roxas as a replacement.

B. Sora dies...but he somehow becomes trapped in Roxas' body, and they share it.

C. Happy Happy Joy Joy- The ending I picked out that didn't quite make everyone depressed.

D. Both boys die, and Cloud kills Riku in some sequel.

Angel wants me to rewrite the story from Riku's point of view.

I originally had cute little comments in Teacher's Pet, which is why, on occasion, you'll see an italicized number at the end of a sentence.

I forgot about them by the time the chapter was completed.