This is the sequel to "The Story of the Family". This will be sorta morbid, and this will center about their back stories. But it will focus a little bit on Kinsora. If you don't like OCs or Kinsora in particular, I will not be offended if you look away.

This takes place right after the ending.


Kinsora and her family were able to find the place where Gakupo was being held. Swinging the door open, they saw Gakupo tapping his chest, staring at it with shock all over his face. He looked up and saw the rest of them staring back at him, relief all over their faces.

"Holy crap, you're alive." Rin chirped.

The twins both jumped on him, all chirping words of praise and happiness. Everyone else was quick to jump in (Luka, in particular), and soon they had to back away so that he could take in a deep breath. Then again, it was Kinsora who pried them off.

"So…the doctor told you guys, huh?" He asked.

"Yep." Kaito nodded. "You're human."

"I think I'm a cyborg. That's a better term." Gakupo stated. "Cause, well, I'm not quite human anymore."

"Wow…" Miku shivered. "Human."

"Wait…" Kinsora looked at everyone. "If he's human…then…would that mean that you guys are human too?"

"That would be weird." Meiko said.

"But you're all part of Shuto's project." Kinsora said. "It'd be weird if you all didn't have any weird quirks."

"So…we all might be human?" Len asked.

"That I don't know." Kinsora turned around. "But I'll get a check-up for all of you guys. We'll find out soon."


Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid Member 01. Check-up reveals that arms and legs are artificially created, and attached to nervous system. Lungs are artificial. Skeleton system was metal. Mental abilities increased.

Kaito Shion. Vocaloid Member 02. Lungs and heart are artificial. Increased reaction. Skeleton system was metal. Mental abilities increased.

Meiko Sakine. Vocaloid Member 03. Brain is artificial. Has increased resistance to fire. Might have ADHD. Skeleton system was metal. Mental abilities increased.

Rin and Len Kagamine. Vocaloid Members 04 and 05. Both have half a lung and brain and their own kidney. Might be the same person. Electrical pulses are controllable at will. Skeleton system was metal.

Luka Megurine. Vocaloid Member 06. Skeleton system was normal. Only thing that was artificial were the lungs. Mental abilities increased.

Gakupo Kamui. Vocaloid Member 07. Part of skin structure artificial. Increased reaction. Skeleton was metal. Mental abilities increased.

Kinsora stared at the reviews for a few frozen seconds before she quickly ran toward Gakupo's room with the news.


They took the news oddly well. There was slight muttering amongst the group, but all in all, they were shocked that they were human after all. When Kenji and his group came in to visit, Kinsora was quick to break the news.

"What? They're all human?!" He gasped.

"They're all cyborgs." She answered. "Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah. The freakin' paparazzi's gonna eat this up like a Thanksgiving dinner!"

"No, not that." She shivered. "It means that they all have human families."


Gakupo was released a few days later, and they all celebrated with everything eggplant when they came home. Odd how much he could eat when it comes to eggplant. Before he knew it, it was time to go to sleep.

"Wait, if we're human, does that mean we don't need the pods anymore?" Len asked.

"I'll take the pod, thank you very much." Luka said. "It's cozier."

"That's fine. I'll see if I can find beds for you tomorrow." Kinsora smiled.

"Thanks, sister!" Len smiled.

She watched as the bunch walked to their rooms to sleep, and then went to the computer in front of her. She sat down and sulked for a few seconds. She knew that they were human. It was her duty to make them happy. She had to find their families!

No, you can't! Her mind screamed. They're your family now! Besides, don't they know if their own relatives are alive?!

But… Her heart bit itself. This should happen. They deserve to remember their families.

Kinsora bit her lip and started to search around for answers. She was led around a few dead ends before she found a promising article. She slowly began to read it, surprised that it was a small one. She only pulled out important pieces of information.


Just this morning, at 10:23AM, there was an explosion in the A-Block of the Science Department.

The cause of the fire is determined to be a gas leak.

There were six fatalities.

All were children in a field trip.

She scanned the area to find if there were lists of the fatalities. After a while, she finally found them. She read the lists and found the lump in her throat getting bigger and bigger. It was getting hard to breathe. Hopefully, this wasn't a heart attack.

"Oh my goodness…" She bit her lip.

Suddenly, out of the blue, there was a scream in Gakupo's room. She screamed in panic before flinging herself to his room. She opened the pod, only to see him flailing around, like he was having some form of nightmare. She grabbed his shoulders.

"Gakupo! Hey! Wake up!" She commanded. "Come on! You're just having a bad nightmare! Wake up!"

His eyes darted open, and they met eyes. It was only then that she felt her heart palpitate in her chest. He was sleeping with his shirt unbuttoned, and since he had a nightmare, he was sweating uncontrollably. And she was REALLY close to him.

God…why can't the girls get nightmares for once?! She thought to herself. "A-are you OK, Gakupo?"

"Yeah…yeah, I'm fine." He shivered. "Just…just a bad dream."

She nodded, knowing that was it was probably it, when everyone suddenly started to scream out of nowhere. Kinsora panicked and screamed again, jumping onto his pod. He laughed and caught eye contact with her, which made her shiver with shock.

"You're just desperate to go out with me, huh?"

"Would you just-?!"

She jumped off the pod and ran toward the others. She opened each pod and individually started to shake each one of them. By the time she had to get to the final one, she was slowly regretting getting such a big condo for them in the first place. Oddly enough, it was Kaito's room. She grabbed his shoulders and shook him as hard as she could. Odd as that was going to be, her shaking didn't wake him up. It was that she was shaking him so hard he hit his head on the side. Either that or because she screamed really loud because of that.

"Are you OK?" She asked.


She took a look at Kaito to make sure he didn't suffer any brain damage, and…well, she regretted doing that. First of all, like Gakupo, he was sweating and he was topless. The only problem was that the moonlight was angled in such a way that it made the sweat on his body make him glow like a god.


That was her final thought.


The first thing she was aware of was that she was on the couch and there was a wet rag on top of her forehead. The second thing that she was aware of was that the twins were looking at her, concern all over their faces. And the last thing she realized was that there were tissues shoved up her nose. She sat up and pulled the tissues out, seeing how bloody they were.

"Thank goodness! She's awake!" Len jumped with joy.

"Are you OK, sister?" Rin asked.

"I should be the one who would ask that question!" Kinsora panicked. "Are you all OK?!"

She darted her head around (just to make sure no one suffered a panic attack), and saw that everyone was OK. Meiko and Kaito were warming up milk to the already awake family (fortunately, Kaito had his shirt on), and the others were (as she realized) hanging out in nearby seats, standing close to the twins.

"Yeah, we're OK." Luka answered. "It was…a bad dream."

"A bad dream? No way!" Miku jumped. "I had a bad dream too!"

"Me too!" Rin jumped.

"Me three!" Len lifted his hand in the air like he was in class.

"So we all had a bad dream." Gakupo looked up. "Do you think they're all the same?"

"Well…" Meiko placed the cups down. "I dreamt that I was trapped in a fire with no escape."

"Really?" Kaito looked up. "Me too."

"How much are you willing to bet that we all had the same dream?" Luka asked.

Kinsora didn't have to watch the shocked faces slowly being plastered on everyone's faces. Instead, she found herself looking down at her hands, knowing the truth that had to come out of her lips. It turns out that she might have some answers concerning their nightmares.


Everyone stopped what they were talking about and looked back at Kinsora, who was somehow regretting ever saying something. Her heart was pounding in the shock that she was going to feel. Inside her head, she could hear screams to stop it.

You can't tell them, Kinsora! Her mind screamed. You just can't!

No! They deserve to know the truth! Even if it hurts! She took a deep breath. "I…I was curious on why all of you were human and stuff…so…I tried to look up anything that would've connected you."

"And? Did you find anything?" Miku asked.

Keep going, Kinsora. You can't stop now. "I found one thing."

Biting her lip, she turned and grabbed her laptop, and then turned it so that they could see what she was looking up. Turning down, she saw Len and Rin play with the mouse and scrolling down so that the others can read it. The looks on their faces were getting wider and wider by the minute. Soon, their eyes were as wide as dinner plates. She knew what they were reading.

"I'm not on this list." Len looked up.

"The doctor reports said that it might be possible that you and Rin are the same person." Kinsora said. "Didn't I give you the reports?"

"Oh yeah." Meiko lifted the papers. "Sorry."

"So then…" Miku looked up. "We were connected by the fire in the A-Block in this building. Is that how Shuto found us?"

"Um…there's more." Kinsora said.

"More?" Luka looked up. "What could be more than that?"


Kinsora knew that if she was to state this, they would ask if it was even possible. And she would respond by saying that she could. And once she finds them, they'll go around and find their families. And they will stay with them, in order to find the past that they could not remember. She knew that she'll lose them if she said it.


"W-with this information…" She looked up. "I think I can find your families."

"Families?" Kaito looked up. "But aren't we a family?"

"Of course we are, Kaito. We're family." Kinsora closed her laptop. "I mean…I can find your human families. You know…your mother and father…possible siblings. Even some grandparents."

"Can you really do that?" Rin asked.

She knew that this was going to happen. "Yes, I can." Kinsora nodded. "I have enough access to find some connections. But…only if you want me to find them."

The truth was…she kinda wished that they didn't want to know. She wished that all of them didn't want to know, and that they would rather stay together and be like this, and that even though they're human, nothing would change and that they would stay like this forever. But she knew them too well.

"So…we could find my parents then…" Miku looked at everyone. "Do any of you guys want to know?"

"I would." Gakupo looked around. "Just to know how they were."

"Actually, I'm curious too." Rin smiled. "I want to see the look on mom's face when she sees that she didn't lose her daughter but got twins!"

"Could you really find them?" Kaito asked.

"Just give me the night." Kinsora said, hiding her shaking form. "I might get all of the addresses by tomorrow morning."

"Don't work too hard. Last thing we need is for you to faint and have nightmares." He sounded concerned.

"Nah, I'll be fine." She looked up and smiled. "Just get some sleep."

She couldn't sleep anyway. Slowly opening her computer, she watched as they all headed back to their rooms to sleep, all turning to her with concern in their eyes. The one that she thought had the most concern was Gakupo. They had to be the closest duo of the entire group. Ever since they had a Halloween nightmare of their own, they've been close, like Rin and Len, even though he hits on her every now and then. She knew that he was worried when he walked up to her.

"Are you OK?" He asked. "You looked like you saw a ghost when you were talking."

"I'm fine." She lied. "It must've been the lack of blood. I'm going to be OK. It's you I'm worried about. You should get some sleep."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. And you'll get your family's location by tomorrow. Don't worry."

She saw Gakupo look at her with concerned eyes, and then he turned and walked toward his room. Once she was alone, she started to type up possible addresses for them, only to realize that she was shaking with fear. She shook her head and continued on.


The family does not hold secrets from each other. They trust each other with their dark sides, and hope that they are not rejected. Will her family stay together, or will she be left alone? The saga continues next time.