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Run away

Chapter one

Tai laid across Sora's bed with his head rested on his folded arms. He watched her brush her short auburn hair as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

She really was the most beautiful woman on the planet. There was no doubt about that. How could anyone not fall in love with her the moment they laid eyes on her flawless loving face? It was impossible. He could probably lie here all day just watching her fiddle with that glossy hair. He could lay here for the rest of his life just staring at her. She was utterly perfect. No question about it.

From her long slender legs, to her bright passionate eyes. She had to be moulded by the hand of a goddess. He knew no matter how long he searched that he would never find a woman like her again.

" Oh why won't it go right!" She cried throwing her brush on to the dresser, " I'm so crap at this stupid hair stuff," She whined pouting at her reflection.

" Your hair looks great, just leave it like that," He whispered gently,

" Perhaps I should just cover it up with a hat,"

" Sor leave it the way it is, you look gorgeous,"

She rolled her eyes at him in the mirror.

" Yeah whatever. We better go and meet Davis, Matt, Izzy and Kari. They'll kill us if were late again,"

She had no idea how beautiful she was. No matter how many times he told her she still wouldn't believe him. He was glad that she didn't wear any make up to cover up that natural glowing beauty that shone out of her golden skin.

" Do we have to go, can't we just stay here," He groaned rolling on to his back and looking up her upside down.

" Come on Tai we haven't all been out together in ages. Now get off your lazy ass," She playfully slapped his stomach and ran out of her bedroom door as he chased after her.


Tai closed his eyes and breathed in the cool air of the late summer's night. The black sky was dotted with sparkling diamond like stars. A full moon glowed in the dark blanket of the sky, bathing the two lovers in it's light.

The dry sand squelched through the gaps in between Sora's toes as she walked bare foot a long the beach, hand in hand with Tai. She gently swung his arm as she slowly stepped along the deserted shore.

" You know I really love hanging out with our friends. I know that sounds stupid because we wouldn't be friends if we didn't like hanging out together. But I was just thinking about it and I think that together us six have to be the closet people I know. I mean, we all have totally different personalities, but we get on so well. I would much rather hang out with all of you guys than I would with a group of makeup obsessed girls. And we have all been friends since we were in elementary school, so that's got to prove how well we get along. I wouldn't give you guys up for anything,"

Her words washed over him like a gentle breeze. He wasn't listening to what she was saying, just the beautiful melody of her voice.

He couldn't understand how he spent so many years of his life without holding her in his arms. They had only been dating for three years, but he had loved her since the moment he first set eyes on her. He couldn't stand to be apart from her anymore. He needed to be with her, for every single second of every single day for the rest of his life. He had to have her.

He stopped walking and sharply tugged on her arm, making her body fall into his. She grinned as he softly stroked his forehead around her chin. She loved it when he touched her like that, using his imagination instead of what was expected of him. She loved it when he was unpredictable and adventurous.

He drew her into a long sultry kiss and pulled away to look at her face. He placed his hands on either side of her face staring into her lively amber eyes. The moon behind her enhanced her beauty so much that it almost threw him. Sometimes he couldn't think straight when she was around, his mind seemed to go cloudy and the only thing in the whole world he could understand was that he wanted her.

" Sora I need you," He whispered as he kissed her cheek.

His hand moved from her head into his trouser pocket. His fingers stroked a black plastic box. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He had to do it now, he couldn't put it off any longer.

He dropped to the ground leaning on one knee.

" Tai what are you doing," Sora grinned, he was always such a goof, doing ridiculous things just to make her laugh.

" Sora we've been going out for three years, but I've loved you for my whole life. Each day I've known you I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with you, each day I've known you I've given you a little part of my soul. I don't think that I can bare to be with out you for a moment longer," He paused and reached into his trousers pocket again with his left hand.

" You're never without me Tai," She smiled sweetly. He reached up to her and took his hand in his.

Then from his pocket he produced a little square black box. He flipped open the boxes lid.

A beautiful gold ring sat wedged into the boxes white velvet cushion. In the centre of the ring was a deep blue sapphire, embedded on either side of the sapphire were three white diamonds.

Soars mouth dried up. She couldn't speak or swallow. She couldn't even breathe. Please say she was jumping to conclusions, he couldn't be serious.

" Sora will you do me the honour in becoming my wife?" Tai asked gently, his dark chocolate eyes stared into hers. They shone with hope, warmth and an eternal love for her.

How could he do this? How could he even think of doing this to her.

Her body started to shake. This couldn't be happening, this had to be a joke or a dream. She couldn't move. Her whole body had frozen to the spot not letting her take a step towards him or away from him.

RUN, something inside of her screamed, RUN.

" Tai I . . ." She was speechless, what could she say,

" I know that's it kind of sudden, but I've been thinking it over for some time now Sora. And I don't want to be with anyone else but you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to grow old with you. I want you to have my children. I want to buy a house with you. I want to be with you forever, we're meant to be together Sora, I can feel it," He grinned at her waiting for her to fall into his arms.

How could he? How dare he start planning her future without even thinking of what she wanted? Houses? Kids? Growing old? She didn't even know what she was going to be doing next week. Let alone the rest of her life.

" NO!" She cried snatching her hand out of his.

" Wh. . .What?" He asked tilting his head and staring at her with a shocked expression.

" Who do you think you are Taichi Kamiya. You have no right to start planning the rest of my life for me! Have you even thought about what I want? Have you even considered the things I've told you, my dreams my career,"

" I thought . . ."

" No Tai you didn't think. You just suddenly decided you wanted something and you would take it without even caring if it's what I wanted. I want to travel Tai I want to become a designer! How the hell do you expect me to do that if you've banged me up with a couple of kids? Is that all you think I want. To just get married and raise you're off spring! You don't know me at all do you! I'm not some stupid naive dumb little girl who will do what ever you want just because you say you love me!"

" I never thought you were like that Sora -"

" Then why did you suddenly just decide you would start planning the next fifty years of my life! No Tai I won't marry you! There does that answer you stupid question!"

The huge grinning smile had been whipped off Tai's face a long time ago. His mournful eyes stared up at her, was it really his Sora saying these things? His deep brown eyes had been whipped of their joy and energy.

" Sora I just want . . .I didn't mean it like that,"

" Oh don't even talk to me Tai," Pearly tears began to roll down her soft creamy cheeks as she turned away from him and ran across the beach.

" What's your problem Sora! I love you! What's wrong with that? I love you, I thought you loved me too!" he called after her as hot angry tears rolled out of his own heart broken eyes.

" No I don't Tai! Right now I hate you and I want to be as far away from you as possible!" Her heart shattering screams echoed around the deserted coastline. She disappeared over the sand dunes and into the street on the other side, out of sight from Tai. He collapsed onto the hard sand.

This wasn't meant to happen, this isn't how it worked out. He had played this scene over in his head a thousand times and it never ended like this. Any minute now she would come back and tell him how much she loved him.

She did love him, she had told him so. They were meant to be together. All he wanted was to look after her, protect her, provide for her, and be with her. He could give her the whole world and even more.

What was wrong with her?

He glanced at the sapphire ring he still held in his hand, his vision blurred as more hot salty tears fell from his brown eyes.

She would be back, he needed her, she had to come back.

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