Author's Note: A couple of shorts.


"Something's gotta change," she says.

Because for six years she's been in love with him, and for six years he's been ignoring it, because he likes having her around, and breaking her heart isn't something he ever wants to have to do.

"Just try it," she says, as though it's a new kind of sushi, but he bets her lips don't taste like seaweed, and it would be easier to decline a second helping of sushi should he happen to like it, than to say no to another kiss, which he's sure he will.

"Party=pooper," she calls him; as though she didn't feel rejected. As though she won't lose sleep over it that night and still be thinking about it in the morning.

"Something's gotta change," she says, as though something will. As though the only happiness she was isn't the moment of silence before he tells her no; when in his eyes she can see reluctance and a great deal of self-restraint.


The room is spinning and they are standing still, or they are pacing in circles around each other. They can't tell, and don't care. The words are flung at each other, whispered to the ceiling; spat at the ground.

She wasn't sorry, she never was. It wasn't a part of who she was; it went against her creed. She did as she pleased and she didn't regret it.

His apologies fell so easily from his mouth; heavy and dripping with agony. He wished none of it had happened, so that no one had been hurt.

She shoves salt in her wounds.

He licks his.


The princess tucks an orchid into her hair, smiling softly as Tifa attaches her lacy veil to the coronet circling her head. She's about to become a bride and the Empress of Wutai, both things she's not ready for, and yet both things she's been waiting for her entire life.

She dabs a little perfume on her neck, and takes a good hard look at herself in the mirror.

She wonders if Lucrecia had looked this good on her wedding day.

She wonders if there is a small circle of hell reserved for women who break Vincent Valentine's heart.

She wonders if she can be excused, because her heart is broken too.