A/N - Set right after the scene with Godric meeting the sun.

Sookie's POV

My mind was reeling as I slowly made my way down the steps, away from the rooftop of the Hotel Carmilla. Carrying the only thing that now remained of Godric, his cream colored linen shirt, I continued my slow trek back to my hotel room. The enormity of what I had just witnessed was weighing down on me, controlling my every thought. Honestly, when I had told Bill that I was going to find Godric, that I just had to be there - I had no idea of what it would be that I would bear witness to. Of course I knew that he intended to meet the sun.. that much was obvious by the look of devastation on Eric's face during Godric's speech earlier.

What I had not expected was seeing the Viking break down. He told me last night not to speak of things that he didn't understand, when I had spoken of his love for Godric. But even if he didn't understand love, he certainly felt it.. at least when it came to his Maker.

Even though I can't understand Swedish, the meaning behind their words was so clear. I felt like an interloper watching their exchange, but somehow I was powerless to turn away. My heart broke for Eric when he started pleading with Godric, falling to his knees. His blood red tears were stark against his pale face as he sobbed. This was not the conniving, manipulative vampire Sheriff that I knew.. this was Eric, the man.. begging his father not to leave him.

Father, brother, son... I understood the words Godric spoke.. and in those 3 words I saw the magnitude of their relationship that had spanned a millennia. How many memories they must have shared together. How much love, faith, and trust must they have had between them. It's hard to comprehend those kind of emotions.. the kind that are only forged after so much time together.

When the time came for Eric to leave, I couldn't stop myself from reaching out to take his hand and promise him that I wouldn't leave Godric alone. I know that it was a small gesture, but I didn't know what else I could do for him.

When Godric asked me if I believed in God, I didn't hesitate with my answer. I hoped that I helped him at least a little when I told him that I thought God didn't punish, but forgave. Even though he said that he didn't deserve it, I disagree with him. From what I had seen of Godric, he was a caring, loving soul. Now I'm not stupid, I know that he is a Vampire.. and had undoubtedly killed countless times over the two thousand years he had walked this earth. But the world weary man that stood in front of me at the end was a gentle soul. He was someone who was tired of all of the fighting and blood shed that this world contained. A man who had lived many lifetimes, and now just wanted peace. Someone who was hopeful of forgiveness.. and who was worried about his Child. I couldn't lie to him and promise I would take care of Eric. But I didn't tell him I wouldn't either. The plain truth was I didn't know.

I could tell that he sensed the sun and I looked into his eyes one final time as he motioned me to back up as he turned away, removing his shirt. He was right.. it didn't take long. After the sun broke the horizon, it was only a few seconds before he was engulfed in white-blue flames. It was beautiful in a terrifyingly, heartbreaking way.

I hope that he has finally found the peace he so desperately sought and deserved.