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And for those who don't know Otouto-Kun means little brother.

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Everything hurt, that was something he was sure of or his name wasn't Michelangelo.

"Glad you could join us to the living turtle"

Mikey groaned at the sound of the familiar voice, "Shedder" he thought with an annoyed frown. He looked around, but found himself covered in shadows, "Creepy".

"Dude don't you have some other hobby, that doesn't involve kidnapping me and my bros?"

A chuckle and Mikey shivered

"Actual I do"

"What, Origami?"

Mikey finally notice the pair of red eyes glowing in a corner.

"Actually, it's a little project I've been working on for some time now. I've just completed it and need a test subject"

"A gennie pig works, oh! I know, how about one of your foot ninjas. I'm sure they would be glad to do it"

"That may be, but I cannot afford to lose loyal members, you on the other hand" Shedder trailed off and Mikey shivered again.


"Master Splinter is going to kill us!"

Raph rolled his eyes as he dodged an attack

"We heard you the first time Leo!"

Leo knocked down several foot ninjas and glared at his brother in red, "You're the reason we're in this mess!" Raph growled as he finished the rest of the ninjas, once done with that he turned to his brother.

"Not this again!"

"Yes this again!"

Don sighed as his siblings bickered, twirling his Bo he went over to them, they didn't notice.



Both turtles yelped and clenched their now pounding and bruised heads, "If you two are done, we have a brother to save" with that he walked off. Leo and Raph shared guilty looks, here they were bickering and their brother was trapped somewhere, possibly being tortured.


Mikey was expecting many things, unmentionable torture was one of them, but a shot and then thrown back into the cell wasn't. At first the younger turtle figured it was some kind of drug and hadn't taken affect, but when fifteen minutes passed without anything happening Mikey began to wonder if Shedder was losing his touch. Another fifteen minutes and Mikey was bored, another fifteen minutes and Mikey had passed out.

Raph slide around the corner, he skidded to the front of an iron door with a well placed kicked it flew open, "Mikey!"

Golden eyes narrowed at the dark room, seeing nothing but an empty cell. He turned to leave when a soft noise had him whirling around. Amber eyes narrowed as they came closer to the empty cell, at first he saw nothing, but then something moved in the shadows of the corner.


Picking the lock with his sai, the emerald turtle cautiously stepped inside, and closer to the shadow, the shadow wiggled, and had him raising a brow, when he came closer he gasped.


"Raph did you find him?!"

Raph could not speak, to shock to do anything. The other two turtles came up behind him

"Raph what's wrong with you?" the red clad turtle just pointed, two pairs of eyes looked at where the turtle pointed, their jaws dropped.


Master Splinter sighed as he let the smell of incense relax him; soon his sons will be home, they will tell him of their adventures and all will right with the world.

"Denial isn't a river in Egypt"

The elder rat sighed, knowing what was thought was true, his sons, had an unhealthy knack for getting into trouble, he wondered where they got it from because it certainly wasn't him. Splinter felt almost shameful at how predicable his sons were when it came from going to the surface world, he knew that in any moment his sons will come in, calling his name voice full of urgency and worry.

"Master Splinter!"


Quickly but calmly, the old rat stood and made his way out of the dojo and to the living area, where he knew his sons would be. When he saw only three turtles, his heart began to pound with worry.

"Where is Michelangelo?"

The three looked at each other, the looks were one of hesitation, confusion, and befuddlement, which surprised the elder rat, but now was not the time for figuring out emotions, he wanted to know where his youngest was.

"My sons, where is your brother"

At that the three looked down, at Donatello's arms. Splinter did so as well and noticed the cloth buddle, his ears twitched when it moved, he moved closer, an idea of what was hiding inside popped up in his head, but dismissed it as being ridiculous. Removing a piece of the cloth, Splinter took an intake in breathe at what he saw. There in Donatello's arms asleep was a baby humanoid turtle.

"M-My sons, is this—?"

Leo nodded; just as the baby opened his eyes from the sound of voices, revealing crystal blue eyes, only one turtle had blue eyes.

"It's Michelangelo"

Splinter fainted.

"Well that went better than expected" Raph and Leo glared at Don


Mikey laughed.


After regaining their sensei back to the world of the living, they all sat around in Don's lab, the now baby Mikey was once again happily asleep in Splinter's arms, while Don told what could have happen to his brother.

"My guess is that Shedder, created some kind of chemical compound to revert Mikey to an earlier age in life"

He blinked at the blanks looks he got

"Uh, the unknown stuff Shedder used turned Mikey into a baby"


"Can you change him back?"

Don shrugged, "I'm going to have to take a blood sample, to see if any chemical entered his blood stream, and we'll go from there"

"But why would the Shedder turn Mikey into a baby of all things" Leo said, "Who knows why the Shedder do most of the things he does" Raph said.

"Perhaps" Splinter said, "but for now, Donatello take the blood sample now while your brother is still asleep"

"Yes Sensei"

Surprisingly enough Mikey did not wake as Don drew his blood, proving to his brother that even as a child Mikey was a heavy sleeper.

"He …small"

"You were small as well Leonardo"

Leo didn't say anything, just stared at his baby- literally- baby brother, little face relaxed and innocent. Soft little snores coming from the little mouth, he was…cute.

"Would you like to hold him?" Splinter asked noticing the look on his son's face, it was the same look he had when he first saw his son in this form. Leo looked up at his sensei in surprise then back at Mikey, slowly he nodded. Splinter then carefully handed over the babe

"Hold his head"

Leo did as he was told, surprised at how soft the baby felt. Said baby's eyes fluttered open, when it noticed the sudden change in warmth. Blue eyes stared up at the other turtle in pure curiosity and innocents, Mikey blinked at Leo, who in return smiled.

Suddenly Mikey's face scrunched up, and his eyes watered.

"Oh no"

"Please don't—"



This was a start of a beautiful friendship…….maybe

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