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Raph watched with an amused smirk on his face, this was priceless. Leo, Leonardo the fearless leader was scared of a baby. Raph held back a row of snickers as he watched his elder brother work out a plan to get his tea that he had laid on the coffee table next to the sofa without Mikey noticing, the emerald turtle glanced at the babe in question.

Raph had laid Mikey on the blanket that was in between the and sofa, the turtles had used gates to create a play pin, so they could not only watch the little one, but so he wouldn't get in any trouble when they walked away for a few moments.

Mikey was laying on his shell, a position that usual would have the baby turtle crying his head off, having what sounded like a very serious conversation with his black and white panda bear they found in the younger turtle's room, that was on top of him.

Slowly Leo edged over to the coffee table, keeping an eye on the squealing and cooing babe, his hand was inches away from the cup; it wrapped itself around the smooth the surface. Leo allowed a little sparkle of hope wash over him; maybe he was going to get away with this, Leo tighten his hold on the cup and ready himself to move very quickly and ninja-like.



Raph fell on the floor laughing his shell off.



April looked at the bright yellow raincoat then at the one who held it.

"What's that for?"

"You're giving Mikey a bath right?" Don said

"Yea, what does that have to do with a raincoat?"

The food covered turtle squirmed in the red-head's arms, April shifted him. "Trust me, when I say this, you're going to need it" April rolled her eyes, men...er turtles.

"Thanks for the advice Don, but I got it covered"
Donnie watched April and Mikey leave for the bathroom, April sealing her doom.








Twenty minutes later

All three turtles sitting at the dinner table jumped when the door slammed open, wet footsteps headed towards them. A figure appeared in front of them.


"I told you"

"Did the floor make it out alive?"

"Here" April headed the now squeaky clean Mikey to Don, " I am now going to dry off, I never want to see or even hear the word water ever again" April then whirled around on her squeaky wet shoes and marched away, her wet footprints and dripping body leaving a trail.




"I didn't even look at him!"



"Did you say something Raph?"



"What was that?"

"I didn't hear anything"


Both turtles blinked, and then looked down. Mikey who had learned to sit up a week ago was staring up at them, realizing he got his older brothers attention he smiled "Eo!" he squealed and held his arms up towards….Leo.

Neither turtles moved, they couldn't, Mikey realizing he wasn't having his demands met. Started to cry.

"Eo" he whimpered as tears started to roll down his cheeks, this finally allowed what had happened to sink in.

Mikey had spoken and said Leo's name….and now was crying and whimpering said turtle's name, wanting to be picked up.

Timidly Leo lifted the crying turtle, after all this could be a trick. Once cradled, Mikey stopped crying, let out a sigh of content and snuggled as close as possible to his elder brother. Leo watched Mikey as the little one dozed off, then looked at Raph, his eyes wide with emotions.

"Did Mikey just say my name?"

Raph nodded

"And am I holding him right now?"

Another nod

"And he's not crying"



Mikey had said he first word, and it was his name. Leo let a small smile slip as he leaned back and resumed watching the news with his brothers.


Now that Leo and Mikey had a truce, the chores were now split into thirds, and soon a month had flown by without a cure, not them any of them minded too much, having a baby around was fun. Even so they couldn't forget their duties as unofficial guardian of New York, it was past due for a portal, but who would watch Mikey, as it was obviously too dangerous to bring him with them.

Master Splinter still wasn't back from his trip and wouldn't be for a few more days.

April was out of town.

So that just left one person.

"He usually wakes up around 1 for his feeding, so expect a wakeup call around that time."

"Got it"

Don't leave anything sharp or harmful out on the floor, he learned how to crawl and likes to get into everything."

"I'll keep that in mind"

"That's it; do you need me to repeat anything?"

"Guys, I got this" Casey said, as Leo made sure everything was set up properly for the man. "It's just like baby-sitting Klunk, just more human right?" Mikey was doomed.

"We have a better chance bringing the pipsqueak alone with us" Raph said,


"Probably" Don said


"But Master will kill us, if he found out and you know he well" Leo said, "so let's just go with lesser of the two evils and pray that everything turns out fine, give Mikey to Casey Raph"

"I'm still in the room you know" Casey grumbled as took Mikey from his friend, Mikey looked at the new person holding him then back at his brothers with what they were sure was a you're-not-seriously-leaving-me-with-this-crazy-person-are-you? Look.

"Bye Mike"

"Be good"

"Case if we come back to find something wrong with him, April gonna find herself single again"

Mikey blinked; did he just brothers just really leave like that?


Hours later the three turtles returned, wearing some bruises but had the satisfaction that the city was a little bit safer.

"Aww, two little drool buckets fast asleep"


"Where did you get that camera?"

"In my bag"

"Does that thing have everything?"

"Of course not, I couldn't fit my coffee in it"

"Of course"

"Hey Casey, wake up you Bonehead"

Casey woke up with a snort, he blinked then yawned.

"Yous guys back already?"

"Yea, how did Mikey do?"

"Fine, cried for about an hour after you left, but other than that and I few harmless slip ups everything was okay"

The dark-haired man was not about to mention the little slip up he had during bath time nor will he mention that he had dropped Mikey, he was sure the guys would kill him, then bring him back to life for Master Splinter and April to kill him. Then they would bring him back to life, tie him up and leave him for the Purple Dragons to play Ping Pong with him, him being the ball.

Nope, his lips were sealed.

"Where did this bump on his head come from?"

"Crude, okay think think think think!"

Oh that, well you see. I was getting a drink from the fridge and I had left Mikey alone for a little bit, he must had crawled and hit his head, cause when I came back he was crying"

"Good job Casey Jones, lieing is good. Lieing keeps you alive; don't look them straight in the eyes…crap! Raph glaring at me!"

"Well the bump doesn't look to bad" Don said examining the sleeping baby. Being careful not to wake him, Casey let an out inner sigh of relief, thanking God when they let him go home, on two legs.

When he got home, he felt the guilt sink in, he didn't have to lie to them. He just kind of panic, he knew how protective the three turtles were of their youngest; sometime that protectiveness borderline possessiveness. Not only that but he seen what happen to a person who hurt the younger turtle, and it wasn't pretty.

Now Mikey was a baby, that just made the protectiveness shot up to an all time high! And when Casey had accidently dropped the little turtle, Casey freaked out, after all accident or not, he was a dead man, still he should have told the truth.

"This is going to come back and hunt me I just know it"


When Splinter came home from his trip, he was disappointed that a cure had not been found for his son, but was also happy; it's been a long time since he had a baby around the home. He was also happy to hear to that Mikey had started talking.


Although this wasn't what he had in mind.

"What is the meaning of this?" the elder rat looked at his three sons, who for their part were shocked as well.

"Eo fuck!"

Leo's eye twitch.

"My son, no!" Splinter said sternly, before turning his attention back to his son.

"Well?" he said, tail twitching with annoyance.

"Honestly Master Splinter, we don't know where he learned that" Donnie said, the only brave one to speak up. "We've been very careful about what we say around Mikey, cause you told us how impressible he would be at this age, we even been careful about what we watch on TV with him around"

Raph and Leo nodded in agreement


"Then how do explain this"

"Wapie fuck!"

"Uh we can't"

Splinter sighed, before sternly telling his son no once more.


All three looked at the red wearing turtle; even Mikey stopped his little rampage to look at the other.

"What does Casey, have to do with…." Leo trialed off as his mind caught up with him. For the past few days they have left Mikey with the human, and when they came back Mikey had started saying

"Nonie fuck!"


"Master Splinter, I think we just found the source of Mikey's new word"

Later that night, police were getting calls, about girlish screams being heard, and witness say that they saw three large turtles, chasing a man on the rooftops. Said man, screaming:

"I'm sorry!"

"Won't do it again!

"Don't kill me!"


"Don't tell April!"

All in all a normal night for the men in blue of New York.

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