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Author's Note: Another short one. I wondered what a person like Stein would be afraid of. Something he can't dissect, maybe? And by the way, I want to thank everyone who's read or reviewed my stories so far. I truly appreciate it!

He should've said no. He really should've said no.

Marie tugged at Stein's white short-sleeved shirt, pulling him forward in line. He could clearly see how she was enjoying herself, even while waiting; he couldn't refuse and inadvertently spoil her fun. She'd sensed his hesitation more than once, and asked several times if he wanted to do something else. He refused and insisted that they go, she wanted to go, it wasn't a problem. Really.

He briefly wondered when he'd gotten so selfless.

They moved forward a few more feet. He could see tons of students from Shibusen dotting the amusement park—most of them running back and forth between attractions. In the back of his mind, Stein cursed Shinigami-sama for loving children as much as he did; it always led to these (in his opinion) inane field trips.

His musings were disrupted by Marie's excited laughter. He cranked the bolt in his head anxiously, suddenly wondering where time had gone—they were already next. Before too long, he forced himself into the blue plastic seat beside his partner, who was all giggles and grins and boundless energy. Marie plucked the glasses from his face and slid them inside of her jacket. He was too focused on the man clumsily operating the giant machine to even notice.

The customary three red lights went off one by one. There was no turning back.

This hiss of released air pierced his ears as the ride began its nerve-wracking, ridiculously steep ascent. Stein could feel his heartbeat skyrocket; paranoia flooded his mind and his chest ached. He could hardly breathe.

The ride eventually reached its peak, clicking to a brief stop. The wind rushed past their faces and Stein could've sworn the damn tracks were starting to tilt. Beside him, Marie threw her fists in the air and yelled down at ant-sized patrons. She spared him a quick glance, laughed, squeezed his hand—"You're not scared, are you?"

Stein managed a shaky grin, eyes wide and staring at the length of twisting track below them. Before he could open his mouth to respond, they were off.

For a few seconds, he decided it wasn't so bad—then he saw the set of triple loops approaching faster than he was comfortable with.

The few who noticed his attempt to stop the ride with his soul wavelength didn't think fondly of it.


Two minutes later, Stein clutched weakly at Marie's shirt as she led him to the restrooms. In between muttering about stupid he was and readjusting his weight against her own, she pulled out her cell phone and texted somebody—probably Azusa.

"I can't believe I had to knock you unconscious," she scolded, torn between dying of laughter and punching him (again). "You should've told me you were afraid!"

Stein shook his head, regretting it when his vision doubled. "I-it's fine. Did you have fun?"

"Aside from that part, I can't say I didn't."

"Good." Stein pointed her towards the men's room; they had already passed it twice. "Anyway, what do you want to do after this…?"

"Well, we have to get rid of that fear, of course. More rides!"

The day was suddenly too long.

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