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Cinderella walked on broken glass
Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast,
Jasmine married a common thief,
Ariel walked on land for love and life,
Snow White barely escaped a knife.

"It was all about blood, sweat and tears
because love means facing your biggest fears."

Fairytale happy endings do come true. – Unknown

It Started In A Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Chapter One: If Cinderella Stepped on Broken Glass, she would be crying too…wouldn't she?


If I never mention until the very last moment in life, that I'd wish I listened to my parents about broken glass, then I wouldn't be in this freaking situation right at this moment. You honestly probably don't know the kind of pain I'm in. It hurts so much, I just want to cry my eyes out, but I'm a strong and independent girl…and here I sit in the middle of the parking lot of Wal-Mart…crying over spilt milk. Okay not really spilt milk but broken glass.

You probably don't even know what the hell I'm talking about…I don't even think I know. Whoa, that would be weird. Not knowing what I'm even talking about. Erg. Whatever.

I was sitting at home being totally bored when Sharpay called. And when Sharpay calls…you must listen…if not she will murder you in your sleep. I'm not lying. Seriously.

So there I was, sitting on my living room couch watching 'Pimp My Ride', when I hear my damn phone ringing. The ringtone was 'She Can Get It by Kevin Rudolf'. I just love that song.

"Don't stop! She's working it on the block. She moves it around the clock…She can get it…Sh-Sh-She can get it…" it continued to drown out the loudness over the TV. I knew if I didn't answer…I was going to be dead meat. So after it kept ringing for the 2nd time, I decided to go ahead and answer. Damn it.

"Hello," my voice answered…not too happy that I was on the phone. I loved my phone, I really do. It was a nice black Blackberry Storm…the very phone my dear and loyal grandpapi and grandmami bought me…I know they have weird names that I call them. But I love them. Very much. Continuing my statement about answering my phone…I hate talking to people…sometimes. Well it's not that I don't want to talk…occasionally. I just think some people are very annoying. And today is 'GABRIELLA'S DAY AWAY FROM EVERYONE!!!'

Yeah don't ask.


Oh shit.


If she does call…It has to be on the first ring. See the thing about my best friend (aka: Sharpay)…you have to answer on the first ring or like I said before…she'll murder you.

"Hey Shar…" I spoke slowly, but not in a way some would refer to me as retarded. Oh god, I should just shut up now. Damn.

"Don't you 'Hey Shar' me, Missy!" She shouted. I sighed and muted the TV.

You cannot have anything on when Sharpay calls.

Here is the list:

Shower (again…don't ask)
Food cooking
Computer (sometimes)
Play station 2 (yes I know I'm not updated to the world around us. Whatever.)

Anyway that's some of the things on the list. When she calls, you listen and you listen well, because you may get something worth it in the end.

"I'm truly sorry that I didn't answer on the first ring. My phone was all the way upstairs and I was all the way in the living roo-"


Damn IT!

"Okay…I was living up life." I told her and she broke out into laughter. The weirdest things make her laugh but then again…no one is as unusual as Sharpay Michelle Evans.

"Okayyy…" she stressed out.

"So what did you call to talk about?" I asked her. This was always the proper way to ask her why she is calling.

Never ever. I mean NEVER EVER ask her 'So why'd you call?'. She will like blow up and scream, 'WHY DO YOU HATE ME!? DO YOU NOT LIKE TO TALK TO ME!? I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE....'

Okay so that's happened to me before, but Sharpay and I are still the best of friends. The unlucky one was Amy Miller. I felt so bad for her. She ended up moving away a month after Sharpay shouted out at her. Poor Amy.

"Oh…I just wanted to go out and do something. Like go to the mall or whatever. You want to do something with me?" Not really. I sighed and looked at 'Pimp My Ride' playing, the sound still on mute. I really wanted to watch Xzibit pimp out some cars. But if my best friend wants to do something then we will.

"Sure. Would you like me to pick you up or you going to drive?" I asked her.

"You can drive. I'm famished of driving darling Gabi," she said and laughed. See weird sense of humor.

"Okay. I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Yes, please. I'll be getting ready. Just let yourself in."

"Yes Ma'am," I spoke and we both laughed.

"Bye Gabi," she said. See now this is Normal Sharpay. Normal Sharpay is amazing. I love her to death. She is outgoing and spontaneous, lazy and whatever. Mean Sharpay is the prim and proper, deal with it Sharpay.

"Bye." Then she hung up. Always let Sharpay hang up first. If you don't and you do it first, she might have wanted to say something first. I hung up too and turned the TV off and dragged my lazy ass of the couch. I'm not fat or anything. I'm very slim and like a size four. Sharpay is a size five and would like it to stay that way. I'm okay with it. She's not fat either. She's amazingly gorgeous and slim too. We're both athletic and what not, I mean we usually go to like 24 fitness or something every other weekend and like do whatever but I get more action from track.

I went upstairs and went towards the very end and opened my bedroom door. I had this whole floor basically to myself. My brother, Aaron had a room on this floor too, but his was like in the middle of the hall and he's away at college. He's twenty-one and that's a good four years older than me, but we're very close and I miss him very much. I sighed. Sometimes I wish my brother would come home again. Whatever.

I entered my room and closed my door and went to my closet. I could defiantly tell today was not a day to dress up. Sharpay was in that mood where it's okay to wear sweats around her. I was wearing Gray sweats that came up to the middle of my leg…kind of like Capri sweats and I had on a black Cobra Starship t-shirt on with a white cami on underneath it and it had lace on the bottom. My favorite kind of undershirts. I then headed for my drawer and grabbed some very small ankle socks and then put on my checkered vans on. I looked at my hair and decided to put it up in a like messed up looking pony tail. My curls were like every where sticking out in the pony tail, but whatever and I didn't have much make-up on but like eyeliner and strawberry Chap Stick (I personally hate lip gloss and lip stick. Ew.)

I grabbed my Ed Hardy Bag that had my wallet, iPod, car keys, and then I placed my phone inside it too. It had more junk in there but I don't feel like telling you. I walked out of my room and shut my door and then walked down the stairs and then stopped by the kitchen to see my mom and dad cooking.

You see in my family, my parents love cooking together. It's a chance to spend more time together and have fun. It was much funner when Aaron was still here and we would all make it together. My mom was a nurse at the Albuquerque Memorial Hospital and my dad was a doctor there. So when spending time together cooking it means a lot. I don't see them a lot but seeing them cooking and smiling at one another makes me want to find somebody to love.

Their love is like…Cinderella and Prince Charming. Well okay scratch that. Prince Eric and Princess Ariel. Yep! That's the one. I'm comparing my parents to Disney fiction characters aren't I? I sighed. It's more like Prince Eric and Ariel because my mom met my dad in high school. He was the popular dude and she was the superstar swimmer. And it just meshed together. They both wanted to go into the medical field and applied at the hospital and both got jobs there. Then Aaron came along, they got married, and then four years later, I came and then here we are seventeen years down the road and I'm standing here in the kitchen doorway, watching my parents being lovey dovey. How sad.

"Gabi, you okay?" I heard a voice knock me out of my thoughts. I looked up and saw both my parents looking at me kind of weird.

"Yep. Totally Cool. Hey I'm heading out," I told them walking into the kitchen.

"Gabi watch out!" I looked at my dad and he pushed my away from where I was walking. I looked down and noticed there was broken glass on the floor. I looked at my parents weirdly.

"How'd that happen?"

"I dropped it earlier and thought I picked up all the pieces…I guess not. See Gabi, watch where you step. Good thing you have shoes on." I heard my mother say. I looked at them again and they finished getting the rest of the glass up.

"Where are you going again?" dad asked, as soon as they were done.

"Picking Sharpay up. We're going somewhere. Not sure yet. You know how she is." I told them and they both nodded and we laughed. My parents knew everything there is to know about Sharpay. Sharpay and twin brother Ryan and I have been best friends since we we're still in diapers. My parents and her parents went to school together and then lost touch after graduation and then when I was like seven months old they meet up again and Sharpay's parents are like kind of rich…owning the damn country club…and have twins nine months old. Yes they are older than me. Everyone is always older than me. But I have a late birthday so I will still be seventeen when I graduate and enter college, then later on turn eighteen.

My parents looked at me and nodded. "Just call us if you are going to stay out late, you know we worry about you," My mom, Piper, told me. Yes her name is Piper Anamaria Logan Montez. Notice I put in her maiden name. Haha. I love my mom's name. It's sooo cool. My dad's is Carson Timothy Montez. Eh, his is okay. I do love Carson though.

"I know, I know. Love you guys," I said walking out of the kitchen and out the door. I heard a faint love you too, as I left.

I went to the garage and opened it up and went towards my car, which was a 2002 Midnight Blue Ford Escape. It wasn't new or anything. It was a hammy down from my brother. My parents got him a Range Rover for graduation and they all agreed to let me have his car which was a used car, but ran well. I opened my car door and got in and shut it. I pulled my keys out of my bag and put them in the ignition and started my car. I put it in reverse and back out of the garage and then when I was far away from the garage door, I got my little garage door opener for my car and pressed the button for it to close. I got onto the street and took off towards Sharpay's house, which was in a gate community.

As I was driving I put on some music. 'Bones by City Sleeps' started playing from their CD, I had. I loved this song. I also loved the show 'Bones'. Damn it. Sharpay owes me. I could be at home watching 'Pimp My Ride' or 'Bones' but No… I'm driving to pick her up. It's whatever.

I pulled up to the gate community, known as Hillside Community and rolled my window down and saw Philip, the guard the gated community in his little booth outside the gate. I smiled at him and he waved and came over to my car.

"Hey Gabi!" he said coming up and smiled at me. I smiled back and looked at him. He was grayish black hair and wore his glasses that hid his grey green eyes. Philip has been the guard for Hillside for about ten years. He's really awesome.

"Hey Philip!" I said.

"Here to see Miss Sharpay?" He asked, knowing I was. I shook my head and he just laughed and told me to wait a second. He ran back to his booth and hit the gate button and it opened. I smiled at him and Drove past him and towards Sharpay's house. Her house had to be the biggest of them all here in Hillside Community. After all her parents created this gated community. I pulled into the driveway of Sharpay's house and turned my car off and grabbed my bag and then got out and went up towards her door and opened it.

I walked in and shut it behind me and then went towards the grand entrance stairs and down and then down the huge hall and towards the pink door. Did I mention Sharpay is in love with the damn color pink while I hate it? It's just sooo PINK! I opened her bedroom door and walked in and saw her at her closet.

"Hey Shar," I said and laid my bag on her bed and flopped down on top. Sharpay turned towards me and smiled. During the summer her hair was blonde but she decided to go back to her natural color and had the salon dye it back to brunette. She looked hot like one too. It was January now and the cold air made her hair a little weird but it was still gorgeous. When we came back from our summer break and everyone saw her hair they all started loving the new dew. Whatever.

"Hey Miss Gabriella," She spoke and smiled at me. She was in a pair of pink skinny jeans and a white shirt that had some kind of pink writing on it that I couldn't make out and didn't really care to read and was in some black and pink All Stars. I told you she liked pink.

"So where did you want to go?" I asked her. She turned to face me and closed her closet doors and came over towards where I was laying down and sat next to me.

"I don't know. You pick," she spoke.

"I don't know either…" I said. I was thinking of a place and then thought of one.

"Let's go to Wal-Mart," I told her with a grin on my face. She laughed and nodded. Wal-Mart was our thing. It was awesome not to spend so much money like she does in the mall. Wal-Mart was my Guilty Pleasure and it was not her favorite place in the world but if I loved it she did too.

"Alright. Let me get more comfortable first," I nodded as she stood and got changed. Ten minutes found her in Pink sweats; same shirt that now I could read that said 'Gorgeous'. I laughed to myself and saw she had her tan Uggh Boots on. I smiled and also saw she had her Victoria's Secret PINK! Hoodie on.

Damn IT!

I forgot a Hoodie. Oh well, I'll buy another one. That was another one of my Guilty Pleasure's. Hoodie's. I loved them to pieces. I had a bunch. Let's leave it at that.

Sharpay and I strolled out of her house and got into my car and drove off towards Wal-Mart.


I pulled into the parking lot of Wal-Mart and parked far away because Shar and I always liked to walk farther. It was just out thing. As we stepped into the store, warm heat hit us and we smiled at each other and grabbed a basket.

First we took off towards the beauty aisle and she got her stuff and I got my crap. I loved getting this one kind of shampoo and conditioner that smelled like Toasted Sugar and Vanilla. It smelled SO good. Sharpay even got some, but got Strawberry too. We got some make-up, well she mostly did.

"What color should I get, Gab?" She asked, holding up pink and purple eye shadow. I didn't know. I liked them both. I know I don't like pink but it was cute in a sort of Sharpay way.

"Get em' both, Shar, They're both cute," I told her and she smiled and put it in the basket.

"Hey Shar, let's get some CD's for my car. I need some new music," I told her and she nodded and we were off towards the entertainment place in the store.

"What about David Cook?" Sharpay asked. I gave her a face.

"No. I don't like his style. I like David Archuleta better," I told her and she grinned at me.

"Same here, sister."

"What do you think of Coldplay," I asked, holding their new CD.

"No. That's like music suicide. That Scientist song is good but that Viva La Vida or whatever is called is so stupid." She told me and I had to agree.

"What about 'The Cranberries'?" she said holding it up.

"If it's got the song 'Linger' on it, get it," I told her grinning. She looked on the back of the CD and she looked up grinning and put it in the basket.

"Hello Ladies," we heard a voice. I turned my head and saw what I didn't want to see.

Wyatt Daniels.

I hated him. He was a disgusting jerk and very popular at my school, East High. With him were his buddies, Christian James, Tyler Moore, and Noah Jackson. Erg, they all made me mad.

"What do you want Daniels?" Sharpay spat at him. He grinned at Sharpay and slug an arm around her shoulder.

"Lookin' for some easy lay," he said seductively and Sharpay and I immediately shuttered in sickness.

Sharpay slung his arm off of her and moved back a little, more by me.

"Oh come on Sharpay, get over it," he told her. See the reason why I really hate Wyatt is that he and Sharpay dated for a bit last year and he broke her heart by cheating on her with Janie Connors.

"Whatever Wyatt," She told him and walked over to some other CDs. I glared at him and he smirked at me and then I saw his posse come closer.

"What's up Gabriella?" I made a face at him and looked at some more CDs.

"Gabi, come on. Don't be a bitch," I quickly met his gaze and snapped at him.

"Bitch!? I'm not being a bitch. Maybe I'm ignoring you and that's only because I think you are the most ungrateful son of a bitch jerk who doesn't care about a damn thing! Oh I'm 'Lookin' for some easy lay', You stupid jackass. Get a god damn life," I yelled at him and went off to find Sharpay. I noticed his buddy's oh-ing at him and he yelled at them to shut up and them to follow him and he left. I sighed and noticed some of the Wal-Mart employees looking at me weirdly, but one certain blue eyed guy staring at me with a smirk. I smirked back at him and he laughed and continued ringing up some DVD for some fat ugly man with boobs. Ew. Mental image. I found Sharpay looking at the new Britney Spears CDs and I laughed.

"Really Shar?" I asked her. She glanced up at me and smiled softly. I sighed. Wyatt is so going to pay.

"Sharpay forget about what he said. He's a jackass."

"I know. I'm just deciding if I want her first album or her last one," she said. I laughed and told her to get the new one and we continued looking at CDs.

"I wonder if they have Bones Season three on DVD yet…" I murmured to myself.

"Yep. But it's in a locked case." A rough, male voice spoke. I looked up on my right and saw it was the Blue-eyed guy from earlier.


"Gabs, you know you want it, so get it," Sharpay said from my left. I looked at the case with the box set of different series and DVDs and back to the blue-eyed guy, whose name tag said 'Troy'.

"Okay Troy," I spoke and he raised an eyebrow. I directly pointed towards his name tag and he looked down and then back at me with a slow smile coming on his face. "Can I please get the Bones Season Three?" I asked politely.

"Sure." He took out some keys from his pocket and went towards the glass case and unlocked the case and then got me the season. He then turned back towards me and gave me a questioning look.

"What?" I asked him.

"Do you want anything else from the case?" He asked.

"Sharpay, do you want any series?" I asked her.

"I don't know. What do they have?" I looked at the cases and saw they had some of the 'Friends' seasons.

"They got Friends," I spoke.

"Yeah! Gabs, you know I have to have a little Ross and Rachael in my life," she said and laughed.

"Okay get her the Friends," I told him.

"Which season?" he questioned.

"Which one Shar?" I asked.

"All of the ones they got," She murmured. I laughed and Troy looked at me.

"You heard her," He grunted and nodded and got like five different season's of 'Friends'.

"That's it right?" He asked. I nodded and he shut and locked the glass case and started walking to the check out thing in the entertainment department. If you got movies or what not from the case you have to buy them in the entertainment area. Bogus or what?

"Shar, come on. I'm ready to go." She nodded and pushed our basket to where Troy was ringing up our stuff. He looked at our basket.

"You girls what me to ring that too?" He asked.

"Could you?" Sharpay asked. He nodded and she smiled as well as I. When it was time to pay Sharpay decided to pay with her credit card.

"Shar, you can't keep doing this," I told her.

"It's fine Gabriella. It's not like I'm poor or anything," She muttered the last part and I sighed. I had money but not as much as Sharpay. Sharpay paid and Troy handed her our receipt.

"Thanks for shopping at Wal-Mart!" he said cheerfully. Whoa. That scares me.

"Bye…" I said trailing off and going with Sharpay giggling as she pushed the basket.

"That boy is like whoa hot," Sharpay noted. "But totally not my type." She said. That's kind of true. Plus she would never date a guy that works at Wal-Mart. "You should go for him Gabs. He kept staring at you the whole time we were in the entertainment area." I looked at her as we got outside of Wal-Mart and started walking towards my car.

"What? No! He wasn't. That's not tru-" I didn't finish my sentence because I just stepped in something nasty. I looked at the bottom of my shoe and noticed there was gum on it. I just bought these shoes! I stopped and started taking them off. Sharpay looked at me and looked disgusted.

"Gabi, what the hell are you doing?"

"Gum. On. The. Bottom. Of. My. Shoe." I gritted through my teeth. Sharpay knew I loved hoodies and my Vans. My FAVORITE VANS! I successfully took them off and started walking. I was not going to wear my Vans with gum on the bottom in my car. Gross.

"So You want to head back to my house or yours Gabs?" She asked me. I shrugged and kept walking.

"I don't know. I gues-" I stopped and squeezed my eyes shut as the pain came.

"MotherFO!" I screamed out loud throughout the entire parking lot, which indeed did catch some stares. Sharpay stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me while I was in dead pain. She then looked at what was wrong and gasped.

"Holy shit Gabs, you stepped in Broken Glass." Whoa. She rhymed. Scary. I felt the blood seeping through my sock and I stood on my right foot as my left took on the pain of glass in my foot. It hurt so damn much.

"Damn it! It fuckin' HURTS!" I screamed.

"Miss Montez!" I heard my name being called. I had to sit on the parking lot pavement, while I took some of the pressure off my feet. I held my left foot in my hands and looked at it. Glass was sticking out. Who the fuck put broken glass in the parking lot at WAL-MART!?

"Uhh, Gabs…that guy is coming up and calling your name," I looked up and saw Troy running towards me with something in his hand.

"Hey, you left your Bon-" He looked down at me with a questioning stare and then glanced at my foot. I saw people looking behind him to see what happened and why someone was yelling.

"Holy Shit. You stepped in Broken Glass." He said.

"NO SHIT SHERLOCK!" I screamed, defiantly in pain.

"You need to go to the hospital." He told me. I began to fell dizzy and looked at Sharpay who nodded.

"Whate-" I didn't finish my sentence because all I could see was darkness. So much for that Damn Broken Glass.