Binding strings

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Sasori looked at his newest masterpiece in admiration. Her skin was pale and her lips were a soft shade of pink. Her eyes had been removed and replaced with light blue glass replicas. Her beautiful long brown hair had been placed in a bun at the top of her head. And she was wearing a soft green kimono.

Sasori silently praised himself for his beautiful art, she was now one of his favorite puppets, but being the sadistic man he was, he already wanted to kill another. Wait, not just another woman, a pink haired angel who had almost actually killed him. Ever since that day he had wanted her, to the point of an obsession. He couldn't believe that someone as delicate looking as her could be so dangerous and strong. Her face when he stabbed the sword through her had awakened something inside of him, something he wanted to be rid of…

A sense of caring

Sakura felt sweat falling from her forehead as she drew in sharp ragged breaths. Her body ached. Sakura couldn't believe she had done it, defeated Neji Hyuuga. She got out of her fighting stance and walked over to him, he was lying on the ground with a look of shock written all over his face. "Great fight, Haruno-san." Sakura smiled at him "You were focused to much on my fist, and not my legs, Hyuuga-san." He gave what she classified as a Hyuuga smile, because his lip curled upwards about a centimeter.

Then he pulled himself up and grabbed her hand, "Haruno-san, lets go eat our picnic lunch now." He dragged her to the small checkered blanket lying on the green grass.

It was around midnight and Sasori was growing tired of his new puppet, she was beautiful of course, but not satisfying. He remembered when she was alive; she didn't put up much of a fight. She didn't have strength, ninja skills, smarts, pink hair or smoldering emerald eyes his thoughts began to wander back to the beautiful ninja, what was her name if only he could remember her name.

Then it happened, Sasori was sure it was on omen. He turned his head to the open window

Just as a sakura blossom blew into the room.


He smiled and began to ponder exactly how he would catch his precious sakura blossom

His face suddenly twisted into a smile. He turned back around to face his puppet. Stroking her face as he spoke,

"You will no longer be the most beautiful woman I have broken; she won't be killed as you were, of course. Because, after all I love her."