Spice and Ice and Everything Nice

By TwinEnigma

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1. Idiot

Sasuke was an idiot, a great glorious idiot. His idiocy knew no bounds.

Karin had had quite enough of it.

"You moron!" she shouted, grabbing him by the cloak. "You stupid boy! This isn't who you are!"

Sasuke was frozen in her grasp, still dark and cold as an abyss, but he was looking at her, through her. "Karin?"

"You are an avenger!" she shouted in his face. "You are justice!"

The bodies begged to differ.

"That isn't you!" she said, yanking his face closer by the hair. "You're Sasuke Uchiha, the man who's going to stop this madness at its source."

His icy chakra was now brittle.

"Avenge yourself," she ordered and kissed him hard.

2. Decisions

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

This was a very important decision. The success of their mission depended on picking the correct one. Failure meant the inevitable failure of their mission for justice and would force them to retreat indefinitely. Success meant that they could continue their quest to mete out justice.

"Sasuke, what's taking so long?" Karin asked, walking up behind him.

"Karin," he answered, giving her a look. "I can't decide."

She reached forward, grabbed two boxes off the shelf and tossed them at his chest. "Just get both."

Sasuke stared after her, the two boxes of condoms in his arms.

He smiled.

3. Silk

Sasuke liked silk.

It was smooth and fine against his calloused hands.

Why, he could run his hands over silk every day of the week.

"Sasuke," Karin sighed. "If you like my stockings so much, get your own."

He gave her a pointed look. "Karin..."


"I like them where they are."

4. Bitte (please)


Her name had a thousand and one meanings.

Before Sasuke, it had been just a name, a name like any other. It meant little beyond the words that made it what it was and the fact that it was hers.

Now it was a universe.



"Very well," she said.

His lip twitched ever so slightly. "Karin."

Thank you.

5. Non Licet

There are things that are not done.

They are both quite particular about this.

But, sometimes, they find themselves breaking the rules.

Sometimes, Karin's hand itches to touch him.

Other times, Sasuke lets her closer than he should.

They inch towards each other at a snail's pace, in lingering gazes and brushes of hands.

It is not allowed.

But that's never stopped either of them for very long.

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