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The few pages of automatically recorded days are blank, all but one of a smeared blood print, as the nearest date recorded is placed at October 14, 2005-October 17, 2005. Taking another sweep of the aired room you wonder, "What really went on in this place?" As shifting the position of the chair, you take note of the breeze of the elevation blows a few more parchments of paper across the ground, with the Nero Tech. campaign, "guarantee for a better tomorrow written on the bottom." Tossing them aside; you flip to the Journal entries and continue reading more.

October 14, 2005

I have taken the last few days to well prepare myself; I'm down the emergency rations stashed in, or what was Lt. Maxwell's room. He was saving it for when we got back…the hospital was in ruins, and taken over by those, things now. Only good thing to note is the gas for the generator is in good supply, those goons didn't know where to look. Finding some clothes close to my size any way; it appeared the bar tender had a grandson, whom was going to give the clothes to him in the Holiday months. Sliding on those clean new pair of designer jeans; grey muscle shirt; and Nikkei's, along with some fresh socks. Geez…I missed the smell of clean clothes, it'd been days since I had some, used too my parents…(you note the parchment is, of the rest of the sentence is erased, but make out the following, ) I never knew how much I appreciated my moms daily routine now.

The building routine inspections were simple; locks on all windows and doors, even to the fire escape that neighbors the next building over was to be locked. Even though going to out there, the ladder both the street, and the pub neighboring the old apartment complex was a leap, it serves as an escape route. Likewise; I'd begun to have my fill of red wine, it was better than nothing, after those goons took my supplies, including my bag all I had to show for it was my camera, and a spare magazine I managed to pull out my pants before discarding them to the waste bin. It was sitting at the table late in the evening; that data disc, when the radio transmission receiver buzz from the open down stairs cellar could be heard. Membering I hurried down the stairs; zeds ears being sharp, I managed to put the headset on, as an operates voice came on. Fuzzy at a bit, in the beginning, but perceived as saying, "Hello! Need immediate, *static* assistance Creedy Defence Force Channel station four, third sector, located in downtown cinema complex. "Knowing the layout of the city, like I did, it didn't seem but a few blocks, but my supplies weren't going to last, besides this being the only station to actually work since I got here.

It was digging into the last can of food; when I had to do something, so deciding I couldn't stay here much longer, tucking the disc in my front pocket. Securing the doors once again; I took it upon myself to make my way into the small cramped upstairs washrooms, when I membered hearing something knock over in the women's restrooms. Grabbing the baseball bat from the corner of the hall; I found my legs shaky as I turned the knob, not before placing my ear on the knob. Only silence; slowly the door came open, with it I entered the small restroom. Surprisingly clean; and had two stalls and two vanity sinks. It was lurking in the restroom was a woman in a gown that sent shivers down my spin, as I began, "Miss, you ok." It was then; she only turned her head creepily my way, when I noticed her one side of her face was missing coming my direction. She looked like she hadn't seen sun from her completion, slightly twirling the handle of the bat in my hand, I found the balance swinging the metal ball bat in her face, as I found the force swing to knock her a few ways back. It was then; she went face first into the medicine cabinet, as shards of glass painfully could be seen sticking outta her face as she rose up from the bathroom floor.

It was then; I wasted no time taking a few more blows with the bat until she didn't move. By the time I was through, the bathroom was a mess with it, I had to dispose of the body. As Lt. Max had explained, "Bodies attract them, including fresh blood…with it like animals to the slaughter." It was then; I found the rug in the hall, wrapped her inside it, as I drug her body to the balcony ledge, and dropped her from the side of the back building. As in that moment, I watched as the body slowly descended into the garbage disposal below. I felt to say a few words, but decided against it. Therefore, taking the key in my pocket, I journeyed to the brawl of the women's room. In addition, using fresh towels from the nearby linen closet began to clean up the mess.

October 15, 2005

The nights are longer and unusually quiet with out, Lt. Maxwell's slight snoring but…the moans. Those were the worst; it reminded me of my home, and what become of it. As was my parents. With it; no messages or calls, luckily I had stashed the phone in a loose floorboard in the small bedroom of the third floor. My life, as had been went on as usual, but I missed the company of someone else. And with my food supplies furtheringly dwindling to not much. A can of beans & cocktails; and or fruit salad, and etc. Water was still running from the tap, but…I'd managed to secure jugs full, not to mention the bottles I found in the storage room on top some crates just gathering dust.

It was eating breakfast; alone, in the dark by choice as the only light was the faint street light on from outside, as it flickered on and off from the sun rising into another hell whole city. I'd tried the phone a few minuets ago, but like before or been a day and half ago, the service was being dropped in the city.

Still, I had to rely on hope…this pipe dream to keep me strong, in a time of cries and Armageddon in the Malton city streets. Securing a map; or brochure of the city on a table from about a month past on the nightstand, it appeared a group of shops caught my eye. Including the Ample Theater and Pawn Shop, neighboring the Police Station, it was my probably last chance to prepare myself as well as arm myself. I've decided to shed no more tears, My parents, Lt. Maxwell, and countless others lives lost in the hospital. With it; going to journey across the city to find this Pete's Pawn Shop onward into the war-zone of the city.

I'd been a quiet day today; hardly any zeds prowling the streets like it'd been a few days back. With it; the hospital was on fire, and now probably going to collapse. It was sitting in the lawn chair, and writing, when I spotted the shop about a few buildings over an Gun-shop. My eyes nearly bogged out of my head, as I turned to the gun shop and decided to venture over there for weapons.

It was getting back, maybe spending an hour over there only running across a body or two, but already dead ones. I member entering the scattered shop, probably by those goons, and hardly nothing here. As luck would have it; I found a leather coat, and a regular handgun from a nearby store clerk in the ventilation shaft sticking out. His lower torso ripped from his body, as I retrieved the firearm. Thirteen in the chamber, but it was better than nothing in my own case. Virtually no food, or water, but only one magazine from the scarce 9mm bullets that was thrown across the shop, so I spent my time rum edging finding bullets. It was about dark, when I got back to the pub with the only light was the street lamps to guild my way through the deserted city, with the only audible thing was the moans. With it; despite to remembering to see the once livable city of hundreds, along with tourists, reduced to nothing but…cannibals, and survivors avoiding them on the run. So, for the sake of nothing, I'm heading to bed early right now its been about four hours since getting back, but I don't care, maybe I'll take a shower in the morning if the waters working.

October 16, 2005

Bad news…water stopped halfway through my shower, as I finished shampooing my hair. Luckily, I had plenty of water collected from the jugs I kept upstairs to wash the soap off my body. Wondering, about my venture further into the city, but with not wanting to be a sitting duck, I managed to head to the radio frequency channel and tapped the buttons, to only get *static* as before, and no calls to my phone. It was about mid-day noon, when I decided it was best I get going while there was still light outside. With it; I made my way to the door, with the little pack I managed to find in the gun shop on my shoulders, as I found my way to the double doors, with the last of the food gone, and nothing further from this place. With the dust gathering under my feet as I walked; I turned the lights off in the pub, and left a note on the counter whom found this place was a generator at the lower cellar. With two separate grids; I managed to flip the main one off line to save fuel, but as for the other one, Left it on just in case.

Taking one last look around the empty bar, that only held miserable memories, and Lt. Maxwell's influence on his life, I fumbled for the switch, as I membered opening the door as the light streamed into the dark room, as I closed my eyes and headed out the door. With both doors shut behind me; I ventured on the empty streets of Malton, while litter and blood stains could be spotted as I went. With little influence of life anywhere in sight, I wandered alone, and worried, "was I the only person left, couldn't be!" With that; I made my way onto an outlet ally, bypassing a group of zeds at a fountain monument, as I crept along the back, with ball bat in hand. To save bullets, and with my terrible aim, which was improving, I'd decided to save it for emergencies.

Stumbling onto the next street, a road in a mid-section part of town, as the office buildings overhead towered above, vehicles could be seen stopped in the mist of the section. With no body or blood in sight; just…empty space of vehicles' blocking the four lane intersection. It was making a left turn of the cluttered section, I then found myself nearing the Petes Pawn shop, and appeared to be un-touched by those goons. It was making my way to the front, I realized they'd been here, but unable to get in from the metal steel bars and mesh inside. From the graffiti style like the jackets they wore, or the others he'd membered seeing had that same blue on the back of their own coats. It was only marked with a bold "X" meaning probably unable to get through and with the side entrance blocked, I invest aged the door and it wouldn't budge. I then; decided to climb onto the loose brinks of the front part of the building poking out, beside the concrete walls and metal door. With or what luck would have it; I edged my way to the top of the wall and climbed over and under the barbwire, but loosing my leather jacket in the process.

Considering it a loss, I found myself in the secluded back alleyway, with both exits / entrances being barricaded with walls or thick lumber, I found only a single metal door to the side of the building hid by a large dumpster. With the small window to the side of the door, board up from the inside, and the outside metal bars protecting the outside, I only hoped the door was unlocked. TO my surprise it wasn't, but kicking the placemat, I found a small key. I scored luckily, making my way inside the cramped kitchen probably the joined building like the pub. Most of the buildings were like that, well the old ones anyway. It appears I'm alone….I ran through the two floors of the building, but couldn't gain access to any other floor. With the doors refusing to budge and my way to the next stairwell on the way to the third floor blocked, it appeared I wasn't going to get through. So, I've made myself cosy in the kitchen, with the door locked behind me, I found the table like a desk at school, and propping my head and giving a slight yawn, I begin to drift to Sleep…

[You take note the skit, pencil marks from an pencil being scraped on the entry as you, decided to wait to the read the next section….]

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