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I am really happy this as become so popular an experiment it has gotten quite a lot of attention, and I love you all for that!
Words: 265

"Why did I kiss you?"

"Si. And also, why are you here?"

"Well Tonio, I am here to protect you. And kissing you is my way of doing so."

"Protecting me? And my name is not Toni, it is Antonio. I am not your friend so do not be familiar with me." The original Spaniard sat there pouting. He didn't need to be protected, he was strong enough on his own. And how dare that twisted bastard even think that said explanation would excuse him from being so rude!

"I don't have to be your friend, as I know everything about you. And you know, I can hear your thoughts, and it does excuse me. How else am I supposed to save you from the misery you are wallowing in over that stupid Italian?"

This made Antonio jump up in anger. "He is not stupid! And I'm not miserable over him because I know he loves me!" tears were in his eyes, this strange man… this strange part of him he never knew exisisted… he was pushing all the wrong buttons, and it hurt.

"There, there my little Tonio…" the man in the bloodied cape stood up and walked over, wrapping his arms around the original. " Don't cry…"

" I'm not!" but Antiono knew he was, and as much as he hated this man, he leaned into the electric touch, crying. "I know he loves me… I know..."

"And you know you are lying." The voice was so soft and gentle with that poison truth.