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Summary: Unbeknown to Batman, Robin is secretly in love with him, unfortunately, for Robin, Two Face has found out about Robin's interest in Batman and decides to exploit it.

Main Warnings: AU, Violence, Torture, Slave, Slash, H/C

Chapter Warnings: Violence, Slave

Character Pairings: Batman + Robin, Two-Face/Robin, Bane/Robin

Gay for Batman

Chapter One:

Distracting Bat

Two-Face laughed at the sight of Boy Wonder with his hand down his pants, the pants themselves showed a constant in and out movement, telling the signs of Robin jerking to completion. What made it all the sweeter for Two-Face was the fact that Robin was masturbating in a dark alley, while Batman took care of the last would-be robber. The Joker moved silently behind Two-Face, wondering what Two-Face had found so funny on the rather small screen, only to see Robin moving his unexplainably sticky hand from his tiny uniform bottoms. The Joker's face for once showed displeasure of the idea of anyone enjoying, let alone masturbating to the bat.

Two-Face turned around to face the Joker at least, having known originally when the Joker showed up, "I have a little job for you, Joker…" The Joker watched Two-Face waiting for Two-Face to continue, Two-Face didn't disappoint as he continued his little speak, "I want you to rob Gotham's First National Bank, this morning." The Joker merely rolled his eyes at Two-Face, "I'd like for you to distract the annoying bat, while I capture the little Robin and simply have some fun." "What's in it for me?" The Joker asked at last, "Well, I know how your little girlfriend has wanted a change of scenery and I figured the money could be your little pay off to leave Gotham for a while."

Batman shook the grateful officer's hand, "Well, my job here is done for tonight, good luck with protecting the city tomorrow," Batman said before leaving for the bat mobile. Robin followed quietly, secretly watching Batman's ass move in his extremely tight uniform, Batman felt eyes on his person but when he turn around, all that Batman saw was Robin and for some unusual reason, Robin was being rather quiet and behind the scenes in their crime fighting.

Once inside of the bat mobile, Batman turned towards Robin; about to ask Robin what was going on, when Batman got the call about the Joker robbing Gotham's First National Bank. Instead of saying anything, Batman gave a sigh and drove the bat mobile towards Gotham's First National Bank. Once at Gotham's First National Bank, Batman and Robin hopped out of the bat mobile, ready for a long morning of a fight with the Joker and his henchmen.

The Joker kept up his part of the deal with Two-Face, having robbed the bank of Gotham of their precious money, the Joker silently hoped that Two-Face would follow through with his side of the deal but it didn't matter to the Joker as he already had a back up plan. The Joker grinned insanely at the sight of the Bat and his little pet Robin, things would be heating up rather quickly, and the Joker sent his expendable henchmen after Robin, while the Joker took care of Batman himself.

Two-Face watched excitedly as Robin took care of the henchmen, while Batman was distracted, once Robin had finished with the Joker's henchmen, Two-Face made his move. Robin was about to go and help Batman with the Joker when Two-Face appeared out of nowhere and in front of Robin, Robin was taken back by the sight of Two-Face but quickly recovered.

Batman was too busy with fighting with the Joker to have noticed that Two-Face had come out of nowhere or even to realize that Two-Face was stronger and more powerful then Robin to take on alone. Two-Face used the element of surprise to get in the first shot at Robin; Robin went down rather easily and quickly, 'Must be from Batman… I'll soon enough take care of that,' Two-Face thought as he quickly advanced on Robin. Robin didn't have time to react as Two-Face stabbed Robin's arm with a needle filled with clear liquid.

Just as Robin was stumbling around, Batman noticed something out of the corner of his eye, Batman turned in complete shock at seeing Robin staggering around, while Two-Face gave a half smile. The Joker took the chance to flee with his money, leaving Two-Face to deal with the bat and his sidekick, Two-Face quickly grabbed Robin and held him close. "We'll be seeing you around, Batman," was the only warning that Batman got, before Two-Face fled with Robin passed out besides him, Batman cursed loudly when he saw that the Joker got away as well.

After leaving the bat to stew, Two Face made his way back to this lair, where he left Robin in a holding cell, Two Face made sure Robin was chained to the wall, before heading upstairs and into a room, nearest to the staircase. "What is it, Two Face?" Asked a young man, that looked similar to Robin, Two Face allowed a half smirk to show on his face, "Why don't we flip a coin?" The young man rolled his eyes at Two Face, "Mhmm, I can think of a better thing to do then to flip a coin," at the young man's words, Two Face perked up a bit, "Really now?"

Batman smashed a chair against the large screen in the bat lair, anger rolled off of Batman in waves, while Batman destroyed different things in his bat cave, Alfred stood in the entrance way, "Master Bruce, you'll regret this in the morning, you should be resting then trying to find Master Dick." Batman took off his mask to stare at Alfred, "How can you say that? Two Face kidnapped Robin! Two Face is most likely doing unspeakable things to Robin and I couldn't save him!" Bruce screamed at Alfred before pushing his loyal butler aside and storming up into the mansion, where Bruce went to his room, disrobing and getting into the shower.

Meanwhile, Two Face enjoyed the young man's company, "I'm afraid I'm going to miss this, especially, when you're at Batman's side." The young man laughed at Two Faces' words, "Not as much as I'll miss that massive cock of yours," Two face smiled at the words. Silently inside of Two Face's mind a battle raged, 'It'll be a shame to kill him…' 'Ah but we agreed that no one shall know about our little secret, did we not?' 'But the Joker-' 'The Joker knows nothing!' "Two Face, what are you thinking about?" Two Face smiled, "Nothing for you to worry about, now remember what I told you?" At the nod, Two Face continued, "Good after a week, I'll send you to Batman and he'll think I got tired of you or that you escaped, then you'll pretend to be Robin and keep the bat distracted."

Robin screamed as he looked around the cell, his arms bound to metal shackles that hung from the wall, while his body rested on a bug infested mattress. Robin screamed again, hoping in vain that someone would hear his scream for help and come rescue him, but the only person that came was Two Face. Two Face smirked at his captive, "You'll enjoy our time together, I promise," Robin snarled at Two Face, while Robin's body consorted in an attempt to get further away from the madman. "I'll never enjoy our time together!" Robin yelled, only to hear Two Face laughing at Robin, "What would Batman think, knowing that his precious Robin was lusting after Batman's body!" Robin blushed deeply at the words, that Two Face spoke, Robin didn't know how Two Face found out but he had and now Robin was willing to do anything to keep Two Face quiet, even if that meant enjoying Two Face's company.

"You do realize, that Batman will never love you, not when your new to the world of gay sex," if possible, Robin's blush deepen further then it was already, "He'll love me, he'll love me even more, because he'll be my first…" Two Face gave deep belly laughs at Robin's confession, "Batman won't, not when he's able to get so much more experience lovers then some pathetic runt like you, if you'd like, I can offer my services to you," Two face said with a slow glance over Robin's body. Robin screamed, "No," only to have Two Face interrupt with a "Yes!" Two Face turned his back to Robin, "I'll let you think about it," with that said, Two Face walked out of the holding cell and upstairs towards the house part of the lair.

Two Face left Robin to sulk and think about what Two Face had offered, never in Robin's life, would he had imagine that he had to decide between either giving up his virginity to a villain willingly or most likely unwillingly. Robin sighed as he thought about what would happen if he did in fact agreed to letting Two Face teach him, Robin was mildly curious about what would happen as the closest thing Robin got to gay sex was having watched different movies and reading about it. But at the same time, Robin was extremely nervous about letting Two Face so close to his person, Robin also wondered what would happen during Two Face and Robin's time together.

Robin mentally slapped himself, 'No, Robin, you can't let Two Face get to you, you need to hold out, until Batman comes and rescue you, in the meantime, you need to try to figure out how to escape.' Robin said mentally to himself while he looked around the cell, trying to find something to help him escape, unfortunately, the cell was bare, except for the moldy mattress and the shackles that hung from the wall. Nothing that would help him escape, the shackles themselves felt impossibly tight around Robin's wrists, with a deep sigh, Robin settled down and fell asleep sometime during the early hours of the next day.

Bruce awoke the next day and looked in on Dick's rooms, hoping to see Dick but coming to an empty bed, that didn't looked sleep in, Bruce felt a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he made his way downstairs and into the dining room for his usual breakfast. Alfred came and served Master Bruce his breakfast like he did every morning but this morning, Alfred wasn't able to serve Master Dick his breakfast as well as Master Bruce, "Master Bruce, you have no appointments today." Bruce gave a nod at Alfred's words, while Bruce slowly ate his breakfast, glancing over the newspaper, looking for any signs that the public would know, that Robin was missing but there was no signs that Two Face had sent a note or any indication that he was holding Robin as a prisoner.

Once breakfast was over, Bruce made phone calls to replace his large computer screen, that he had destroyed the night before, while he went over documents about Two Face, to try and figure out a clue as to where Robin was being held for the time being. After hours of endless searching, Bruce gave up for the time being, secretly, Bruce was hoping that Two Face tried to contact Batman or at least left a calling card as to where to get in touch with Two Face. Bruce went down to the bat cave and changed into his Batman suite, before hoping into the Bat mobile and taking off for the city, hoping that maybe he'd be able to find some wrong doers or that he'd be able to find Two Face.

Two Face had spent the entire day, between the original Robin and the little copycat Robin, with the original Robin, Two Face continue to try to convince Robin to let Two Face teach him the art of gay sex, while with the copycat Robin, Two Face spent nailing him to the bed and getting him ready for Batman. When night rolled around, Two Face went down to the holding cell with some dinner, that one of Two Face's henchmen had picked up for this scarred leader, once at the holding cell, Two Face brought the food in but didn't leave it for Robin.

Two Face had a chair placed in front of the door, earlier that day, so that Two Face could mockingly eat a delicious dinner in front of Robin, partly for Two Face to get a few kicks out of it and partly to entice Robin into giving into Two Face. The smell of roasted beef, mashed potatoes, and steamed carrots floated in the air, Robin lifted his head up, looking at Two Face, "What can I do for you?" Two Face smirked at Robin, "Well, considering that you haven't eaten all day, I figured I'd give you an offer, come and kneel besides me, let me feed you, what I decide you deserve and see if you enjoy it enough, to continue with our little lessons."

Robin's stomach growled at the prospect of food, "How do I know, that you won't keep me starved?" Two Face smiled at Robin's words, "You don't," Robin weighted his choices but in the end, Robin wanted some of that food and hunger out won pride, "I'll kneel besides you." Two Face smiled happily at the idea of a kneeling Robin, Two Face placed the food onto the chair that he had originally been in, before making his way over towards Robin, Two Face pulled out a metal collar that had a metal chain attached to it. Two Face placed the metal collar around Robin's neck before clicking a padlock onto the collar, Robin looked angry at having to wear a collar but said nothing as he thought about some food, once the collar was on, and Two Face unlocked the shackles.

"First lesson, I want you to crawl to the chair, before kneeling besides it," Robin was about to say something to the idea of him crawling towards the chair, when a sharp tug on the collar, told Robin to keep quiet. Robin wisely kept quiet as he crawled towards the chair and kneeled beside it, while Two Face sat down with the plate in his lap, Two Face started to eat the meat and every once in a while, would tell Robin to open his mouth, before popping in a piece of meat. Before long, the food was gone and Robin was asleep with his head resting on Two Face's lap, Two Face roughly pushed Robin's head from his lap, "Get up, we'll be moving upstairs," Robin barely had time to react as he was being dragged out of the cell and up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs, Two Face turned towards Robin, "Now, you have a choice, agree willingly to my lessons or be forced to endure them, what do you decide?" Robin choose to spit in Two Face's face, Two Face felt the spit drip down his fleshy part of the face, in outwards anger, Two Face pushed Robin down the stairs, choosing not to let go of the chain, Robin choked on the collar as he laid on the stairs. "Be it your way, you'll be begging me to teach you lessons, this will be your punishment," was the only warning, that Robin got, before being pushed down by a foot as Two Face let go of the chain, that held Robin's collar.

Robin slid down the stairs, the chain clanking away, once at the bottom, Robin was in a heap of limbs and chains, different parts of Robin ached from the fall, what made it worse was Two Face coming down. Two Face kicked Robin in the stomach, then grabbed the chain and literally dragged Robin into the cell once more and threw him into it, Two Face dragged Robin the rest of the way, enjoying the choking sounds that Robin made as he was dragged. Once at the opposite wall, Two Face shackled Robin, before removing the collar and chain, after making sure Robin was secured, Two Face left Robin to think about his choices and what could happen to him next.