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Summary: Unbeknown to Batman, Robin is secretly in love with him, unfortunately, for Robin, Two Face has found out about Robin's interest in Batman and decides to exploit it.

Main Warnings: AU, Violence, Torture, Slave, Slash, H/C

Chapter Warnings: Violence, Slave

Character Pairings: Batman + Robin, Two Face/Robin, Bane/Robin

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Gay for Batman

Chapter Two:

The Lessons Begin

Two Face listened as Robin screamed until his throat was raw; Two Face enjoyed the curses and promises of a slow death that poured out of Robin's mouth. 'What a filthy mouth he has, I can't wait until we begin the sexual lessons!' 'Is that all you think about? What about the double don't tell me you're getting close to him… You disgust me, if I had my choice-' 'If you had your way, I'd be dead and the bat would be a spewed on some giant stick in front of Gotham city! But where is the planning? The creativity? Using a double to distract Batman is the perfect plan!' Two Face rolled his eyes at himself, 'Yeah, if your gay, which I'm clearly not!' 'Whatever you got to tell yourself,' "Um… Boss, you alright?" Robin's double asked as he leaned into Two Face's personal space, Two Face was sitting in a chair and enjoying the young man's dancing. Two Face snarled at the man, "I thought I told you, never to get too close to me, unless I tell you so!" The man looked shocked at Two Face, in the past, Two Face use to enjoy the young man's boldness but ever since Two Face got the Batman's sidekick, the young man had become second best, literally over night, "Whatever, I'm going out, Ill see you later, Two Face." 'Did you see that? We can't be trusting the double to keep up his part of the deal, I say, we change plans a bit.'

The young man went out of the expensive, rundown house, how Batman hadn't caught Two Face by now, was unbelievable, "For once, I'd like to be called by my real name and not by a code name, is it too much to ask for?" Asked the man, before he was blinded by a black cape and a strong body that swept him up into a pair of strong arms. "Robin! I've found you! I couldn't believe my luck, are you alright? Did Two Face do anything to you?" Batman asked as a wave of panic set in, the man grinned inwardly to himself, 'If you don't want me, then someone else will.'

Batman had been wandering the streets within the last twenty-four hours, actively seeking out Robin, when he accidentally, stumbled across him, outside of a large abandon house. Without so much as a warning, Batman summoned his bat mobile and pushed Robin into his usual seat, before Batman hopped into his own seat. Batman took off for the bat cave, not wanting to leave Robin out in the open for very long. Once at the bat cave, Batman took Robin upstairs and into Robin's room, "I know you haven't been gone for long but nothing has been touched and if you need me, I'll be down the hall. Goodnight, Dick, its good to have you back at Wayne Manor, I hope whatever has happened, we can work through it together," with that said, Batman left his supposedly Robin behind.

Two Face let out a chuckle at the video of the young man, that was suppose to be Robin, fooling Batman into thinking it was the real Robin. As if things couldn't get any better, Robin went with the bat and now, the young man was within the bat cave. All that Two Face had to do now was to move the real Robin, train him, and sell him; Two Face also knew he had to kill the copy of Robin, before Batman found out the truth.

Bane gave a sigh of boredom as he read over Two Face's email, it didn't matter to Bane that the lines of communication were secure; it was the fact that nearly for a year. Two Face had been bugging Bane about Batman's identity as if Bane was willing to sell out Batman, Bane was a bit more loyal then most would've thought.

The email read:

Bane, I think I have something for you, if you're willing, let's meet at the tower in one week. I think you'll like what I'm offering to you for trade.

Like yours truly,


Bane didn't have an idea as to what Two Face was offering but Bane was willing to play along for now and see how things turned out. Bane gave another sigh as he looked over the picture of Robin standing with Batman, Robin's tight clothing had an unusual affect on Bane, then he'd have liked to admit to.

Robin curled up in a sitting position as much as he could, exhaustion over took his body a few hours ago but his mind refused to stop working, even if it meant not getting a few hours of blissful sleep. Eventually, noises came from the doorway, signaling someone was coming, Robin was startled out of thought at the sound of the voices talking to one another, "Boss said to grab Batman's pretty boy and bring him upstairs for entertainment," said one of the mindless henchmen. "Can't we have a bit of fun before hand?" While the second query about having a bit more of a pay off, then what they normally got, "But won't boss man be angry?" The second henchmen smiled at the first henchman's question, "Not unless he finds out about it!" Was the only warning that Robin got before two large henchmen entered into the small cell, the henchmen's stink reached Robin's nose and he wanted nothing more then to vomit all over himself, to mask the scent.

The henchmen rarely bothered to bathe as they found that most people would run off from them, which made their jobs a bit easier. Once standing in front of Robin, one henchman grabbed Robin's skull and smashed it against the stone wall, Robin's head spin before he passed out. "Now the fun bits, George, come over here and take off his pants, so I can get to work." The one called George looked angry at the other henchman, "Why do you get all of the fun, first?" The henchman smiled at George like he was an idiot, which was rather true as George rarely thought on his own, let alone did anything without orders.

When Robin's little shorts were off, George stepped back as he watched the other henchman get to work. The henchman removed his erection from his pants, before spitting into his palms and giving his dick a quick swipe with spit slicked palms, before aligning himself up with Robin's virgin hole. When a large blunt object came crashing into George's skull, before the same action was repeated on the second henchman, affectively stopping either henchman from raping Robin.

Two Face's face distorted into a look of disgust at the men that laid between Two Face's and Robin's feet as Two Face made his way to Robin and started to unlock him. Two Face was secretly; glad that his planned worked out but disappointed that Robin got injured so badly as there was blood dripping out of the back of Robin's head. Two Face picked up Robin and stepped over the remaining men on the floor as he made his way up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Two Face laid Robin down gently on his side, Two Face looked Robin over, seeing how badly the damage was done, Robin's head looked as thought it would need a few stitches. Which just angered Two Face as he'd need to make an appearance at the hospital to get Robin fixed up, Two Face was silently glad at that moment, that he had a face mask designed for himself.

Alfred came to the young Master's bedroom door, after having heard that the young man was found alive and well, "Master Dick, I came as soon as Master Bruce told me, you were alright. Is there anything I can do for you?" Dick, ironically the name of Robin's double looked startled out of his thoughts, "I'm fine, Alfred," and then trailed off on the last part, part of Alfred was rather suspicious of Master Dick but the more logical part of Alfred told himself, there was nothing to be worried about. "Well, goodnight Master Dick and I'll see you in the morning, it is good to have you back again," at Dick's nod, Alfred left and headed towards his own rooms on the other side of the mansion.

Bruce sighed softly as he slid underneath cool sheets, thoughts of Dick's quick rescue kept replaying in Bruce's mind, Bruce felt as thought he was missing something but he didn't know what. It was in the middle of the night that Bruce awoke to the sounds of screaming coming from Dick's room; Bruce rushed to the room, expecting to find Two Face or some other villain, attacking but only found Dick thrashing around on the bed with the bed sheets tangled up with Dick's feet. Bruce softly called Dick's name and slowly raised his voice in order to wake up Dick, without having to physically touch Dick.

Dick awoke with a start, looking around bewilder and spotting Bruce Wayne, shocked Dick to the core as part of Dick's mind reminded him of his old life as a call boy, while another part chimed in with dick's new role as playing the boy wonder in order to tell Two Face of Batman's real identity.

Meanwhile, Two Face sat quietly in the waiting room; earlier Two Face had stripped Robin of his costume and put him in regular street clothing. A nurse came quickly to stand in front of Two Face, who looked like an average person, "The patient is done getting stitches, and we'd like to ask you some questions, if you'd be so kind as to follow these two officers to an empty room, they'll ask you some questions. We'll also be asking some questions of the young man, so for the mean time, please follow the officers, while we wait for the patient to wake up."

Two Face was seething inside as he followed the officers, 'See, what the brat gets you into?' A mental sigh from the opposite voice, 'A minor accident, thanks to those henchmen, its not like I came up with the idea or anything,' snapped the voice mentally as Two Face followed the policemen into an empty room, "Now, we'd like to ask you how the injuries had occurred?" Two Face thought about his opinions, he could kill the police officers and get Robin out of here or he could hope that Robin didn't wake up. Not liking the odds, Two Face decided to flip a coin, "Shall we flip a coin?" The police looked confused and in the split second, they shared a confused glance, Two Face flipped the coin, the coin landed, "You die." Was the last thing the officers head as they were both quickly murdered, Two Face gave a shake of his head as he got up and went to find Robin.

Robin lay on his back as an IV line connected to his hand and restraints held Robin down, despite having injured wrists that were bandaged up. "Doctor, are you sure it's necessary to keep him restrained?" The nurse that had talk to Two Face before asked, the Doctor as the Doctor gave a nod and said something to the nurse, too low for Robin to be able to hear him. Robin didn't know how long he lay there, until some average looking man, came into his room, Robin felt a swell of panic as he watched the man start to remove his face. Without realizing it, Robin started to scream at the top of his lungs, only to have the man that turned out to be Two Face place his hand over Robin's mouth, effectively silencing him. "Robin, I'll be getting you out, now can you stay quiet or do I have to gag you?" Robin nodded as Two Face slowly removed his restraints, once Two Face was done; he picked up Robin, only to have Robin willingly hold onto Two Face, Two Face filed that information away for later. Two Face decided to go out the window and onto the roof, before fleeing rather quickly.

A few blocks away, Two Face hopped into a limo and told the driver to go, Two Face attempted to set Robin down on his own seat but Robin refused to be let go. A soft "Please," came from Robin, Two Face softly sighed at the frustration of the situation, 'Alright! I gave you, your chance to take over and show me, how I should be doing things but so far, I don't see the point!' The other voice let out a deep mental chuckle, 'Ah but you'll soon see why, Robin's been faced with coming extremely close to being raped. From the looks of it, he freaked out, back at the hospital and to me, he seems rather grateful at being rescued from the hospital. While it seems a bit far fetch at him being so clingy, I still say this is a victory for us.'

When Two Face came out of his mini-conversation only to find Robin curled up in Two Face's lap, the grip that Robin held earlier had gotten rather weak and part of Two Face didn't want to give up Robin. But the other part of Two Face forced Two Face to shove Robin unkindly into the seat next to him, Two Face moved Robin over one more seat, to make sure there was more then enough space between the villain and the superhero.